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Geekvape Aegis Boost: Lightweight, Rugged and Versatile

Anthony Victor
December 3, 2019

Product intro and specs

The Geekvape Aegis Boost is the first AIO by popular manufacturer Geekvape, and the second pod style vape after the Bident. Geekvape started by making some of the best rebuildables out there, and then went on to make mods and made some of the best ones as well. They also produced one of the best sub ohm tanks in the Alpha so, in short, yeah… Geekvape has been killing it. Now they have not only started doing pod-based devices, but they are using the popular Aegis line in the design which is a nice move. I’ve always loved the looks and ruggedness of the Aegis line.

The Geekvape Aegis Boost is a fully adjustable AIO rated for 40 watts, and uses a built-in battery rated at 1500 mAh. The pods hold a solid 3.7 mL of juice and take three types of coils; a 0.6-ohm coil, a 0.4-ohm coil, and an RBA deck that’s sold separately. The pods are obviously refillable and the coils are replaceable, so there’s less waste and lower costs for the user.

MyVpro sent me this device free of charge for the purpose of this review.

Price: $36.95 (at MyVpro)
Colors: Space Black, Devil Red, Almighty Blue, Aura Glow, Gunmetal


  • Dimensions 106.8 mm x 27.7 mm x 39.2 mm
  • Tank capacity: 3.7 mL
  • Input voltage: 3.0-4.25 volts
  • Output voltage: 1.0-6.0 volts
  • Battery:1500 mAh
  • Micro-USB cable: Supports 5V/1.5A
  • Output power: 5-40 watts
  • Resistance range: 0.2-3 ohms

Kit contents

  • 1 x Aegis Boost (Pre-installed: GV Boost Coil 0.4 ohm / 25-33 watts / capacity 3.7 mL)
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x GV Boost coil (0.6 ohm / 15-25 watts)
  • 1 x Micro-USB cable
  • 1 x Promotion card & warranty card
  • 1 x Coil tool
  • 1 x Drip tip

Build quality and design

The Geekvape Aegis Boost is pretty large for a pod style vape. It’s only a little smaller than the Aegis Mini but I was surprised by how little it weighs. They list it at 120 grams, but I weighed it full of juice with a coil installed and got 113.4 grams. The device itself without a pod in it is only 93.7 grams. It stands approximately 106.8 mm x 27.7 mm x 39.2 mm.

The Boost feels great in the hand with its ergonomic shape and rubberized finish and, same as the rest of the Aegis line, it is rugged and IP67 rated for dust and water-resistance. You won’t find a tougher pod system out there. It features the standard Aegis color frame accent and the leather backing. Build quality is top notch but that’s not surprising. If you haven’t used an Aegis device before, you are missing out quite a bit.

Features and usage

The Aegis Boost isn’t your typical AIO. It’s closer to a full-fledged mod. On the front, there is a small black and white screen that is bright and easy to see. Two adjustment buttons allow you to set your wattage from 5 to 40 watts in 0.5-watt increments. It’s a button-activated device, and five clicks of the fire button will turn it on and off.

The pod itself uses a replaceable drip tip. It’s smaller than a 510 so you can’t use your own, but they include two for you; a wide bore DL one and a round MTL one. I prefer the MTL one because the DL one rotates too easily. It never really stays in place and has to be adjusted often. There is also an airflow dial on the front of the pod that is easily adjustable and allows from a DL vape to a solid MTL vape. Not super tight, but good enough when turned all the way down. I wish it was a touch tighter though.

There is the rubber fill plug on the top, so you don’t need to remove the pod to refill. Unfortunately, the plug is very hard to remove. I couldn’t do it by hand and had to use a pen or tweezers to open it—but I also have no fingernails which doesn’t help. Still, I’ve never had that issue with other pods before. The pod is also tinted dark which makes the juice levels hard to see. I wish companies would use clear pods so you can actually tell when you are running low without having to hold it up to a light source.

To remove the pod, there is a release button on the back. Just push it in and the pod will pop out. To put it back in, just push and let it click into place. Really easy. The coils pop in and out from under the pod and Geekvape includes a tool to remove them, but I had no trouble just pulling them out. You do need to empty the pod before replacing the coil though.

Aegis Boost coil heads

The most important part of any pod-based device is going to be the coils. A great device is not much use if the coils are bad, and that seems to be the case more often than not. Lots of nice systems have been ruined by poor coils, so let’s see how the Aegis Boost coils perform.

As mentioned earlier, the Boost comes with two coil options in the box. The 0.6-ohm coil is rated for 15-25 watts and the 0.4-ohm one is rated for 25-33 watts. There’s also an RBA deck available for the Boost, but I didn’t receive it so can’t say much about it. It looks good, seems to be able to accommodate small exotic coils, and would be a nice option for those who are not interested in buying coils in the long run.

Let me start by saying that the wattage recommendations for the included coils are too high. I found the 0.6-ohm best around 12 watts and the 0.4-ohm best around 25 watts. I used 70/30 3 mg juice in the 0.4-ohm coil and the flavor was good, but the nicotine was low for my tolerance as I’m used to vaping 3 mg at 100+ watts. But that’s a personal thing, and the flavor was good for a 25-watt coil. It lasted for a long time as well. I used it with the DL drip tip and air fully open.

With the 0.6-ohm coil, I used 50/50 20 mg nic salts and flavor was good and life was good as well. A really good coil. I used the MTL drip tip and the air turned way down. Overall, both coils were good and it’s a versatile device for MTL vaping as well as really low-wattage DL vaping.

Battery life and charging

Battery life is really good on this device especially if using the 0.6-ohm coil at 12 watts like I did. They list the battery at 1500 mAh. I tested this and got 1363 mAh from the battery, so their rating is ok, but 1400 would have been more accurate. Still, it’s closer than most ratings given to internal battery devices. While many similar vapes have a LED light color for battery meter, the Aegis Boost has a full meter on the screen like a typical mod.

The charging port is placed at the side behind a rubber plug. They list a 1.5-amp charge rate. I tested this and got a max of 1.42 amps, so great rating there. A full charge takes 75 minutes, which is pretty fast. It also features pass-thru vaping, so you can vape it while it charges. It pauses charging when in use and resumes when you stop firing it.

Pros / Cons

  • Solid build quality
  • Nice hand-feel
  • Pods are held in firmly
  • Two coil options included
  • Reusable and refillable pods
  • Adjustable airflow
  • IP67 rated
  • Good flavor from coils
  • Good coil life
  • Fast charging
  • Large battery
  • Five color options
  • Full screen for wattage and battery meter
  • Fully adjustable output
  • Pass-thru vaping
  • Good rating for charge rate
  • Dark tinted pod makes juice level hard to see
  • Fill plug is hard to grip
  • Airflow control feels a little loose
  • DTL drip tip rotates freely and easily
  • Slightly overstated battery size (closer to 1400 mAh than 1500 mAh)


Geekvape really brought their A game with this device. Sure, there are a few nagging cons I’d like addressed, but none of them is a real dealbreaker. What you have is a rugged, light, and versatile pod style AIO with good coils that just works and looks great. Really impressed overall with this device and it’s well worth a look if you want an AIO that isn’t basic.

We’d like to hear from you. Have you tried the Geekvape Boost? How was your experience with the device? Let us know in the comments below.

I started doing reviews at the end of 2016 bringing a unique amount of data and fair points that has made them grow in popularity. I’m an avid temp control vaper but will vape pretty much any style of vaping. My goal is to bring as much good, fair, and unbiased information to the forefront as I can to aid vapers in making informed decisions to get the best vape for their style. I enjoy helping people really get the most out of their vape and finding their “aha” moment when it all clicks into place.
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4 years ago

“I’m digging it”. Usually I’m not big on Pod systems. I have an Ally that was ok, but not enough bang for your buck. The nord. Leaked.. Constantly. Aurora play was a great system. Awesome flavor, but alas no sub ohm, and so on. I’ve had my Boost for almost a month now. I like it. I was skeptical, but it won me over on all aspects except for the fill port. Hard to open, and filling can be tricky. Other than that…Go Geek Vape!

4 years ago

Cons: aside from the cartridge leaking, there is also mesh coil leaking.

S Tag
S Tag
4 years ago

I am very interested in this, but, my main concern is leaking. Are the coils a tight fit? Is it less likely to leak with a higher vg?

3 years ago
Reply to  S Tag

I am now using 80VG in mine. There doesnt seem to be any problem with wicking. But it still leaks just as badly as it did with lower VG mixes (50 and 70%).

Anthony Victor
Anthony Victor
4 years ago
Reply to  S Tag

I didn’t get any leaking on it. Coils fit great. If i had those issues it would be in the cons. With that said, a higher VG may not wick well and lead to dry hits and cause a coil to burn out quicker.

3 years ago

Hi! What’s best occ for low nic juice?

Spyros Papamichail
Spyros Papamichail
3 years ago
Reply to  angela

Hi Angela,
The Aegis Boost takes the GV coils and the best one for low nic is the 0.4-ohm coil.
Hope that helps!

Michael Dacre
Michael Dacre
3 years ago

The mouthpiece melts, both mouthpieces seemed blocked , when I went to clean, both was black melted plastic