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Hemp Cloudz CBD E-Liquid Review: All Day Vapes for Every Taste

Dave Kriegel
May 31, 2019


Hemp Cloudz is a new CBD brand out of San Francisco, California. They recently released a full line of CBD vape juice. It features six different flavors spanning over a range of flavor profiles including dessert, fruit, candy and menthol. On the official Hemp Cloudz website, it states that their vape juice is made in an ISO-certified lab by a PhD chemist. They also state that they have worked extremely hard to ensure clean-tasting flavors that satisfy a wide range of flavor preferences.

Their vape juice is made using pure CBD isolate. They publish the lab test results on their website of a recent batch and it appears to be verified as THC free. In other words, their CBD will not get you high. The results also show that their e-liquid is free of contaminents and solvents. Learn more about why independent lab testing is so important and everything you should know before vaping CBD.

This e-juice was sent to me free of charge by Hemp Cloudz for the purpose of this review

Price: $30, $40, $50 per 30 mL bottle
Strengths: 100, 250, 500 mg CBD

Hemp Cloudz CBD Review

Hemp Cloudz CBD vape juice

Their entire line of CBD vape juice comes in 30 mL unicorn bottles featuring a classy black label and a white hemp leaf on the side. Each one has a different color which represents their flavor profile. The e-juice contains 70% VG, which is very common for CBD vape juice these days. I’ll be testing them out on the Bonza 1.5 RDA with a dual coil fused clapton build, and a variety of CBD vape pens and pod vapes. I’ll also be testing them out sublingually to see how they taste, for people who want to reap the benefits of CBD oil without vaping it. To learn how to vape CBD effectively, see our full guide.

Vanilla Delight

Hemp Cloudz CBD Review

Vanilla delight was my favorite flavor of the entire line-up. It’s supposed to be a vanilla milkshake but it smells exactly like vanilla pudding! Vaping it was incredibly smooth and the flavor seems well crafted. It isn’t overly sweet, which is often an issue with a lot of creamy e-liquids. It actually tastes more like vanilla pudding to me. If you’re looking for a nice custardy vanilla flavor infused with CBD, I think you’re going to enjoy Vanilla Delight.

Monkey Biz

Hemp Cloudz CBD Review

I was expecting this one to be a straight banana flavor based on the yellow label. It smells like a sweet banana, but mixed with some other fruits too. It’s sweeter than Vanilla Delight, but still not too sweet for me. I’m tasting a blend between candy and fresh banana, with notes of strawberry and kiwi. It’s tangy and sweet, the strawberry kiwi gives it a little bit more complexity than a straight banana flavor. I mixed it together with Vanilla Delight and Strawberry Dream it tastes like a creamy strawberry banana treat. If you’re into fruity and tangy vape juice, you should give Monkey Biz a shot.

Strawberry Dream

Hemp Cloudz CBD Review

As soon as I caught a whiff of this flavor, I knew I was going to like it. It has a pleasant tart strawberry candy taste with the right amount of sweet. It also has a slight hint of raspberry which compliments it really well. Strawberry Dream reminds me of Juice Rollupz, a popular brand of e-juice. It mixes really well with Vanilla Delight if you’re into strawberry creams. Highly recommended to candy lovers who enjoy sweet berry blends.

Apples and Stuff

Hemp Cloudz CBD Review

This flavor was somewhat of a cross between a realistic Fuji apple blended with apple candy, but with a twist. It’s not menthol, but it has a slight cooling effect. It’s rather subtle, but it gives it a refreshing taste. I’m not big on these types of flavors but they are nice once in a while, especially on a hot day. If you’re looking for a cool CBD-infused apple treat with a slight kick to it, Apples and Stuff will be your favorite out of the bunch.

Pineapple Bob

Hemp Cloudz CBD Review

Pineapple Bob is a tangy flavor for tropical lovers. It has a very convincing Pineapple flavor that reminds me of JustCBD’s Pineapple Express. It has a prominent fresh pineapple taste combined with a hint of fresh strawberry and mango. I really enjoy these types of tangy tropical flavors. It tastes more like natural fruit than candy, and it isn’t too sweet. If you enjoy tropical e-juice brands like Naked 100, give Pinnapple Bob a try.

Cold as Ice

Hemp Cloudz CBD Review

If you’re into menthol flavors, this is going to be your best bet. It has a pure menthol taste with a hint of spearmint. It also has a strong cooling sensation that reminds me of Sub Zero by Halo. It would be perfect for adding an icy kick to any of their other flavors, if that’s your thing. This was the only flavor that I didn’t enjoy taking orally, the rest of them were a lot more enjoyable to take that way. If you’re looking for a fresh and cool menthol flavor, Cold as Ice is going to be your favorite flavor from Hemp Cloudz.


All in all, I enjoyed the entire line from Hemp Cloudz. It seems to be professionally crafted overall and the taste of hemp is virtually nonexistent since they use pure CBD isolate. I also noticed that they blend together really well. I would suggest grabbing a few of their flavors so you can create your own unique combinations. They provide a delicious way to get your daily dose of CBD oil.

Hemp Cloudz offers a solid line-up of flavors, many of which have all day vape potential. My personal favorites were Vanilla Delight, Strawberry Dream and Pineapple Bob. It seems like they put a lot of thought into crafting a well-rounded line-up. If you’re looking to try some new CBD vape juice flavors, I’d suggest trying Hemp Cloudz CBD e-liquid.

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