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December 20, 2021
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HorizonTech Sakerz Master Review: Another Great Tank by Horizon!

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Horizon Sakerz Master

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Product intro and specs

The Sakerz Master sub ohm tank is the latest tank from manufacturer HorizonTech. They aren’t a huge name in vaping but mostly because they don't’ pump out a crazy number of products like most companies. They are quality over quantity and their products have been really good. Their original Falcon tank was one of the best when it was released and has been updated a few times with the Falcon 2 and Falcon King. This is still to this day is one of my favorite lines of tanks due to Horizon's excellent coils.


The Sakerz Master tank is a top-airflow sub ohm tank made for direct lung (DL) vaping at medium to high watts using the Sakerz line of coils. It is a sequel to the original Sakerz, which I haven’t tried but heard good things about. The Masters is 27 mm at the base, holds up to 5 mL of juice, and it’s also available in a Christmas design.


Will the Sakerz Master continue Horizon’s tradition of producing great sub ohm tanks? Keep reading to find out.


Price: $28.99 (at Element Vape)

Colors: Gunmetal, stainless steel, carbon black, blue, rainbow, and Silkflake (Xmas edition).


  • Diameter: 27 mm (base) / 30 mm (bubble tank)
  • Height: 56 mm
  • Capacity: 5 mL (bubble tank) / 3.5 mm (straight glass)
  • Weight: 68 grams

Kit contents

Build quality and design

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The Sakerz Master tank is available in five color options (six if you count the limited Christmas edition). Horizon sent me one of every color and they all look really great, but the blue and rainbow stand out. My one complaint about the colors is they all come with the same black top cap which is a little distracting. I wish the top cap matched the rest of the tank. The exclusive Xmas edition is a black tank but comes with glass that has snowflakes printed on it which is pretty nice looking and unique. The tank has a capacity of 5 mL with the bubble glass but also includes a 3.5 mL regular glass. It has a 27 mm diameter at the bottom (goes up to 30 mm at the bubble glass,) and it’s about 56 mm tall.

The “diamond cut” texture of the top and bottom provides a nice grip. It looks really sleek too, almost like a snakeskin. The tank uses a standard black Delrin friction-fit 810 drip tip, with the O-ring being inside of the tank, so any 810 tip you have should pretty much work. I would like to have seen a nicer drip tip than a basic black Delrin one though. There was a time when tanks were coming with nice resin matching tips, but for some reason, that seems to have gone away. A nice matching resin tip would really make this great-looking tank look even better.

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As far as build quality goes, as expected, it’s excellent. All the threading is nice and smooth. The tank is easy to disassemble, and the airflow control is smooth and easy to adjust and on a stopper. There are two airflow inlets equally spaced apart. The tank uses the quarter-turn style to slide open, which is my favorite. When removed, you expose the large fill hole which also has a smaller airhole on the other side. It’s easy to fill with any bottle type.

The bottom cap is easy to unscrew and exposes the plug-n-play coil. It is exposed enough that you could grip it with your fingers if you have fingernails, but it’s much easier to do with the included tool or any flat head screwdriver. That said, it’s one of the few I can remove somewhat easily by hand compared to some other tanks in this style. Overall, it's a really nicely made tank. All the metal parts feel heavy and substantial, and the coloring is shiny with no chipping or fading. A nice design and good quality for what they intended.



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The airflow on the Sakerz Master tank is made for DL vaping to match the coil. It’s not extremely airy but not restricted either. You can adjust it down for a restricted DL vape but overall, it’s a good amount without being too airy. It’s got a really smooth draw that's pretty quiet, more so than your typical top-airflow tank—it doesn’t whistle at all.

The tank has a pretty interesting airflow design. It’s a top-airflow tank with the airflow entering from above the coil, however, it’s routed down to under the coil. Top airflow designs will never be “flavor kings,” however, by routing it under the coil you do get better flavor than straight top-airflow tanks.

There is a lot of distance for air to travel in this device: from the input in the middle to down below the coil to through the coil, past the chimney and drip tip, and then finally in your mouth. The goal of an airflow design like this is to minimize leaking which some people have issues with, but quite honestly, unless the tank was just bad, I’ve never had any issues with leaks on a bottom airflow. But if you are one of those who do, this design will prevent that.

Sakerz Master performance

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The Sakerz Master tank uses their Sakerz series coils and comes with two options in the package: a 0.16-ohm coil rated at 70 watts and a 0.4-ohm coil rated at 40 watts. There is also the option of a 0.17ohm 70 watt 2-in-1 mesh coil available separately. Their original Sakerz came with two 70-watt coils, while this one includes a lower-wattage option so you get some variety—but all three coils can be used in either tank. That gives a range of about 40-70 watts, so the tank is officially made for medium to high wattage DL vaping.

Let's get to the performance of the coils. I started with the 0.17-ohm coil and found it best around 75 watts. I have to say this coil was great. The flavor was the best I've had from a top-airflow tank, so much that it can compete with some bottom-airflow tanks and even beat out some of the average ones. I was also able to go through 100 mL of juice and it was still good. Really just a top-tier coil overall. With the 0.4-ohm coil, I got good but not great flavor. It was good for the wattage range, but you do have to turn the air down to about half to get it dialed in. It’s best around 45 watts. I was able to get about 70 mL of juice so really good life as well.

Overall, the coils are really good, but the star of the show is the 0.17-ohm one.

Pros / Cons


  • Very nicely built
  • Six color options
  • Easy to adjust airflow
  • Easy to fill
  • Top cap is easy to remove and put on
  • Uses standard 810 drip tips
  • Coloring looks great and no chipping
  • No leaking
  • Uses the same coils as existing tanks so should be easy to find
  • Coil is easy to remove by hand (but easier with the tool)
  • Excellent flavor for a top-airflow tank
  • Great coil life
  • Quiet and smooth airflow


  • A nicer drip tip would have looked better
  • The top cap being black on all color options throws me off a little



Overall, HorizonTech made a really nice-looking and well-built tank that performs excellently and really holds up to the standard they set for themselves since the original Falcon. It’s definitely the best top airflow tank I've reviewed and even beats out some bottom-airflow tanks too.

If you are in the market for a top-airflow DL tank, this is the one to get. If you are dead set on flavor being the top priority though, I’d opt for their Falcon King. Can’t really go wrong with any HorizonTech tank, and I’m happy they do quality over quantity as a whole.

If you used the Sakerz Master tank, let me know how you feel in the comments below!

Horizon Sakerz Master

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