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March 12, 2018
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IJOY Diamond PD270 Review: Performance Test Results

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Anthony Victor
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IJOY Diamond PD270

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IJOY Diamond PD270 intro

The IJOY Diamond PD270 is the latest mod from Ijoy, and whether it's right for you depends on what you'e looking for — as I'll explain. This dual-20700 device gets its name thanks to the design of the front and back plates which protrude and give the mod the shape of a diamond. It really looks very nice.

The Diamond has all the standard features of the IJOY IWEPAL chip, including temperature control, customizable preheats (in half-second increments for three seconds), temp control for SS, Ni, and Ti wire, and two TCR memory settings. It’s available a plethora of colors including some not seen very often like mirror gold, mirror blue, and matte pink.

The kit includes the IJOY Captain sub-ohm tank. Since it's not a new model, and has been previously reviewed on Vaping360, I'm not including any comments on the Captain in this review.

Price: $59.95

Colors: Matte white, matte black, matte pink, matte red, matte green, mirror blue, mirror purple, mirror rainbow, mirror gun metal, mirror silver, mirror gold, champagne gold.

Buy at: DirectVapor

IJOY Diamond PD270 gallery

IJOY Diamond PD270 specs and features

Kit Content

  • IJOY Diamond PD270 234W box mod
  • IJOY Captain X3S sub-ohm tank
  • 810 delrin drip tip
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • X3-C1 0.4 ohm coil head
  • X3-C2 0.3 ohm coil head
  • Spare glass tank section
  • Spare parts pack
  • 18650 battery inserts
  • Quick charge micro USB Ccble
  • User manual
  • Warning card


Notable Remarks

Initial impressions and features

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I'm pretty impressed with its solid feel. It’s a little heavy but not too heavy, and just feels really well built. The size isn’t much bigger than most dual-18650 mods. It uses a standard magnetic backplate for the battery door that fits great with no play. The notch to take the door off is on the bottom right corner of the door itself, much like the Vaporesso Revenger series. IJOY uses a centered 510, and the mod is wide enough to easily accommodate a 30 mm atomizer with room to spare. They claim 33.5 mm as the max without overhang. Overall a good start.

Wattage mode performance

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I tested the mod using an oscilloscope to find out if it is accurately rated, how accurate the mod itself is, and how consistently it performs. For this mod, I tested using the Ijoy five-leg 20700 batteries.

I found this to be a very accurate mod. It’s usually within a few watts of the displayed settings. The output is always smooth and consistent. The mod never gets hot or warm during stress testing.

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The Ijoy Diamond PD270 also features pre-heat settings of soft, normal, hard, and custom (six settings for 0.5 seconds each). In wattage mode, I noticed that the "normal" pre-heat acts more like a "hard" preheat, so the mod may feel like it’s hitting harder than it actually is. I’ve noticed a few mods that do that, giving the illusion that they fire faster. As a result, there is no noticeable fire delay in this mod.

The Diamond PD270 is listed as having 234-watt max output. They don’t list maximum amp or volt outputs. My test results showed the watt output pretty much reached the advertised amount and maxed out at 232 — more than close enough for me to consider it accurately rated. Oddly enough, it actually had the highest output with the 0.11 ohm coil, while most dual-battery mods max out between 0.15 and 0.20 ohms.

At 0.15 ohms, I was able to get 215 watts. The maximum voltage output I got was 6.732 with a 0.51-ohm coil, which is right in line with most dual-battery mods that have boost circuits like this one, but a little lower than I usually get with Sony VTC5a batteries during testing, likely due to the larger battery sag in these 20700 batteries. The amp output I measured at 46 which is above average for a dual battery mod. The average these days is 40.

Temperature control performance

Using SS316 wire with the default SS mode and TCR mode set at 00092, I tested four builds ranging from spaced round wire in single and dual coils to multi-strand single-coil and dual-coil builds.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. It doesn't work. Even going as low as 320 F the Diamond still produces dry hits. Sometimes it barely fires, but mostly it just never cut off. My testing revealed a hard fail for TC mode.

Other usage info and features

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  • I’ve used 10 atomizers on this mod with no issues at all. I’ve also pulled at the 510 and wiggled it and saw no issues or drop in performance. This vape mod has some button rattle with the up and down buttons, but the fire button is solid with no rattle.
  • The fire button is large and clicky, and has the same diamond design as the mod. That's a really nice touch. The screen is large and bright — however, because it's covered with the tinted plastic outside, it appears dimmer than it actually is. Even during normal usage the screen looks dim. I wish they hadn’t tinted the plastic.
  • The screen is packed with all the info you’d want, including resistance, power setting, temperature setting, amp output, volt output, puff counter, mode, preheat setting, and puff timer. And it has individual battery monitors.
  • The battery door is a standard magnetic back plate and locks into place without any gaps. The battery tray is easy to get batteries in and out of, and should not damage your wraps. It comes with adapters so you can use your 18650 batteries in it as well as 20700's.
  • IJOY lists USB charging as a feature but doesn’t list the rate of charge. I didn’t test that, since I don’t recommend charging batteries internally anyway.



    • Power performance works accurately
    • Preheat options work well
    • Easy-to-use menu system
    • Design and aesthetics are high-quality
    • Color options are plentiful
    • Centered 510 pin good for 30 mm atomizers
    • Large fire button
    • TCR adjustments



    • Temperature control doesn't work
    • Screen looks dim
    • Button rattle
    • Normal preheat acts like a hard preheat


    Whether the IJOY Diamond PD270 is a good mod really depends on what you want from it. If you're looking for a good temperature control mod, this isn’t it. For power mode users who don’t care about temp control, the IJOY Diamond PD270 is a great performer with good preheat options. It's up to you!
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    IJOY Diamond PD270

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