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November 20, 2017
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Innokin EZ Watt Review: Simplified for Beginners

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Robin Bartels
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Innokin EZ Watt

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Innokin EZ Watt kit intro

Innokin is known for taking care of the MTL-Vapers. The EZ Watt kit is one of their newest additions to the mouth-to-lung market. It’s a small box mod with only a few settings accompanied by the Prism T20S tank. The Prism-family should be well-known for those who have been vaping for a while already.

You can also use the Slipstream tank on the EZ Watt mod, but it doesn’t come in the kit.

Colors: Black, blue, red, purple, grey, red & black crackle
Price: ~$40


Note: The product was sent to us by Innokin for the purpose of this review.

Innokin EZ Watt kit gallery

Innokin EZ Watt kit specs and features

Kit Content

  • 1x EZ Watt Mod
  • 1x Prism T20S Tank (0.8 Ohm)
  • 1x Spare Prism S Coil (1.5 Ohm)
  • 1x Spare Drip Tip
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1x User Packet


Notable Remarks

Unboxing and aesthetics

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The kit is delivered in the typical Innokin packaging. White cover with the product in front, and all the information on the back. Box with product inside. Taking the EZ watt kit out of the package, I noticed the smooth, rubberized finish. It also comes with two different drip tips / top caps. The top cap that’s pre-installed is a “normal” top cap with a 510-drip tip. That means you can use whatever 510 suits you best. The other top cap is one piece with a drip tip. It’s shaped like a cone instead of the more ergonomic-styled drip tip, and it uses a different material as well.

The T20S tanks also have the rubberized finish, if they are colored. The black and black/red crackle mods come with a tank that’s not rubberized.

The EZ Watt mod itself is kind of small. It fits easily into the palm and all the edges are rounded. You have only two buttons to deal with. No screen needed. The wattage you vape on is shown with 3 different lit up chevrons next to the “select button”. Green for 13 or 14 W, blue for 16 or 18 W, and white for 30 or 35 W. The two highest settings are meant to be used with the Slipstream tank.


Two button navigations

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The EZ Watt kit only supplies you with very few options for setting up the wattage. What might be a plus for beginners, is probably a minus for more experienced vapers. To be very exact; you can choose from six different power options. Like I mentioned earlier, you have two settings within one color. Pressing only the “select button”, turns the color brighter, or back to normal (i.e. 13 W dull, 14 W bright). Now, if you want to switch between the larger settings you need to press the power and select button at the same time.

What is the difference between the T20 and the T20S?

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The T20S is just a minimal upgrade to the Prism T20. First thing, you don’t have that silly top cap anymore that’s supposed to keep your drip tip more hygienic. (Thanks for that.) The second thing they changed is basically the coil and airflow, but just slightly. The airflow is now a little bit less restricted and doesn’t come through the 510 pin anymore. That also means that older versions of the coils, like the T18 or T20, are sadly not compatible.

One thing I hoped Innokin would change is the top-fill design. The problem is, like with the T20 before, that you’re not able to change the coil with liquid inside the tank. If you do so, the e-liquid will just run out through the mouth piece. So, make sure your tank is empty before you change the coil!


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I started off using the 0.8-Ohm coil. Using one of my favorite 50/50 juices I started vaping at the dull blue 16 W. Nice flavor, slightly warm vapor, and a decent amount of clouds. Playing around with the wattage settings, I found that the coil will even handle 30 W. Although, I wouldn’t recommend doing it for a longer period. It will decrease the lifespan of the coil. My personal preference with the 0.8-Ohm coil is 18 W.

The 1.5-Ohm coil is rated for 13-14 W but in my opinion, you can easily go with 16 W as well. At least Innokin isn’t overrating their coils like other companies. Going higher doesn’t feel right, it gets too warm. At 16 W I get way more flavor than on the lower settings. I changed my liquid to Dinner Lady Apple Pie and it’s working very well even with a higher viscosity.

The airflow is almost perfect for MTL vaping. It’s a little bit airier than the T20 tank. I would really like to have an adjustable airflow in the future though.

The 1500 mAh battery lasts me for about a day. Charging it at night, vaping throughout the day. I noticed that the battery indicator that’s implemented in the power button could be brighter. It’s hard to tell where the battery life is at without specifically looking for it.

The Prism T20S doesn’t leak at all. Its predecessor sometimes had the problem that it leaked through the 510-pin. This problem is now resolved by changing the airflow.




  • Looks good
  • Small
  • Easy to use
  • Two different drip tips included
  • Almost perfect airflow
  • Easy to clean
  • Coils last forever
  • Variety of colors
  • Rubberized finish
  • Good build quality



  • Not compatible with older Prism coils
  • Non-adjustable airflow
  • Can’t change coil with liquid in tank
  • Battery life indicator could be brighter
  • Slipstream tank not included


Calling it the EZ Watt kit makes perfect sense. It’s an easy to use VW box mod with a nice MTL tank on top of it. The power options are easy to navigate. It’s a fool-proof device. Even if you lose the wattage guide from the kit, you can still see it printed on the bottom of the mod.

The tank can handle pretty much every blend without wicking issues or dry hits.

I think Innokin did a good job designing the EZ Watt kit. I can recommend this device for every beginner who wants to get into vaping, as well as every “experienced” vaper who wants to have an easy back-up setup.

I would have wished that Innokin included the Slipstream tank as well. It would be a great thing for a new vaper to also gain experience with DL vaping.

Innokin EZ Watt

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Robin Bartels

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Robin Bartels

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