What Happened to MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) Vaping?

I take a look at the current state of the MTL market and what has been happening over the past 2 years. If you are waiting for a new mouth-to-lung product like I am then this is the article for you.



Just to sum up what people have been asking me on a daily basis: “Do you even sub ohm bro? “Or “Why don’t you go low, that thing doesn’t chuck at all”. Yes I know I am using an MTL (mouth-to-lung) device, so what? Not everyone vapes on sub ohm tanks or RDAs/RTAs. It has gotten to a stage where nearly every vaper needs to have the newest and lowest build with the highest wattage box mod.

In my opinion this isn’t what vaping is meant to be. It doesn’t matter what vape setup you have, as long as you are not smoking!

That is why we at Vaping360 try to avoid any form of vape snobbery. We want people to vape and if they are happy with a cig-a-like or ego, then that’s fantastic. Let’s not make fun of people who are happy vaping something that isn’t a cloud chucking device. That is not how we operate here at Vaping360 and the website was set-up with the intention to help beginner vapers, so we need to make sure we carry on doing so.

If you are a MTL vaper like me, you’re probably in the same situation as I am. You see these fancy new sub ohm tanks flying out of China every week, and yet there is nothing new on the MTL front.

I am beginning to ask myself, “Has the market forgotten us? Why didn’t Aspire release the Nautilus 2? Why are all of the companies concentrating on sub ohm tanks and RTAs?”. Well that is what I am going to talk about in this article.

My Vaping Roots

Vision Vivi Nova on an eGo Battery
Vision Vivi Nova on an eGo Battery

When I started vaping back in the good old Vivi Nova/CE4 days, there wasn’t much else on the market apart from a few cartos, clearos and RDAs. I started off using a trusty eGo battery from Joyetech (didn’t we all?), with a whopping 450mAh battery capacity that could even fire up to 3V!! On that bad boy I was firing the (at the time) brand new Vivi Nova from Vision (the one where you had to tip it upside down every 3-4 puffs).

I thought to myself wow, this thing is good. The flavor, the clouds, the capacity and of course the leaking…but man was I in love with that beauty. I had used a few cartomizers before and they were not for me. It was all about these brand spanking new “clearomizers”. From that point on I was in a relationship with MTL devices, and I have not stopped since. However, I have been slightly disappointed as of late. After Aspire brought out the Nautilus Mini and HorizonTech the Spartan BTC, the MTL market just vanished into thin air. Nothing, literally nothing came out that is easy to use and that provides a great MTL vape. For the past year it has been all about the sub ohm tanks. Whilst I enjoy vaping on sub ohm tanks from time to time, I am more than happy with my MTL vape. It keeps the amount of e-liquid I vape to a minimum and gives me the nicotine hit I crave.

Rise of the Sub Ohm Tank

Horizontech Arctic V8 Mini Airflow
Horizontech Arctic V8 Mini Airflow

I have probably seen about 50 new sub ohm tanks released over the last few months and have tested with my brother over 45 different tanks in the past year. Since Aspire brought out the Atlantis back in 2014, the market has been making nothing else but sub ohm tanks. I am not even joking by saying that companies started to bring out a new sub ohm tank every few weeks. As a consumer this starts to get very frustrating. You purchase the first version of a tank only to find that a few weeks later a version 2 is released. Your tank is literally outdated as soon as you purchase it.

In my opinion this is mainly down to the vaping manufacturers in China not testing their products properly. I tested a few tanks that still had massive flaws that shouldn’t have been on the market. I get the feeling that we as customers are being used as product testers. We are test-dummies for companies that won’t take the time to properly test their products. They read the complaints and reviews on Reddit, Youtube and Facebook and then promptly release the version 2 a few weeks later. It’s a convenient solution for them and a way to generate more revenue. This was not the case a few years ago when standard MTL clearomizers were being released. The market back then moved at a much slower pace. In the end it is all about the money and generating more revenue.  I mean its business right? As Chinese manufacturers saw how lucrative the vaping industry was, more and more manufacturers began entering the market and flooding the shelves with new products. For consumers this has some major benefits. The competition has led to lower prices and a far greater choice for vapers, especially if you enjoy sub ohm tanks, RTAs and RDAs. The market moves so quickly these days. Last year it was the year of the sub ohm tank and this year looks like it’s going to be the year of the RTA.

Everything is moving so quickly, but what happened to MTL devices? Are beginners meant to be starting on sub ohm tanks? I don’t think they should be and it irks me when people recommend beginners start with a high powered box mod and sub ohm tank set-up.  Most smokers are looking for something that replicates the feeling you get from smoking and this is why I think MTL tanks are a good place for them to start.

Note: I have tried many sub ohm tanks and I enjoy vaping them. I have nothing against them at all and I too enjoy the clouds and the amazing flavor they produce. I just prefer using MTL devices on a day-to-day basis. It seems I may well be in the minority with my preferences.

Sub Ohm Tanks Capable of MTL?

Aspire Triton
Aspire Triton

I have tried the Joyetech eGo One MTL coils and the Kanger Subtank Nano on the 1.5 ohm coil, but the air flow for me doesn’t quite cut it. I get that they are sub ohm tanks that are meant to do both MTL and direct lung, but let’s be honest they are more geared towards direct lung vaping than anything else. These dual function sub ohm tanks often have too much airflow, even on the lowest airflow setting. The eGo One 1 ohm and Aspire Triton 1.8 ohm coils probably came closest to what I enjoy from a MTL device. Just because a sub ohm tank also fits a 1-2 ohm coil doesn’t mean that the tank is automatically a MTL device. The majority of the time you still have way too much airflow as the coils are not restrictive enough. I personally want something that is created purely to be a MTL beast that has the flavor of a sub ohm tank with a nice restrictive airflow like on the Aspire Nautilus.

Update: After reading through some of the comments on Facebook and on the article itself I would like to ad something that is based on the comments I have read. The Joyetech Cubis is meant to be a great MTL tank, I sadly cannot comment on this due to the fact that I have not tried it yet. I shall be ordering one today.

Aspire Nautilus 2?

Aspire Nautlius Mini
Aspire Nautlius Mini

The Nautilus and Nautilus Mini tanks from Aspire were for many people the ultimate MTL clearomizers and a lot of vapers started off on these tanks. I have personally been eagerly awaiting a Nautilus 2. From what I knew at the time, Aspire were actually working on a Nautilus 2 concept until they put it on hold because of the Atlantis 2. Why? Well because they knew the Atlantis 2 would make more money than the Nautilus 2. What have they done with the plans for the Nautilus 2? I wrote to Aspire asking this exact question and I got this reply: ”Yes we are working on the Nautilus 2 now. I am not sure about the release date“– Kiki from Aspire. I am sure we will see it soon, as they just released the Aspire K2 and K3 kit, which is definitely a step in the right direction for us MTL vapers. Fingers crossed we see something soon!


Is the MTL Market Making a Comeback?

Innokin Endura T18 Aesthetics
Innokin Endura T18 Aesthetics

To a certain extent yes, the MTL market is back. I am starting to see a slow but steady move back to MTL devices. Perhaps people are tired of draining through 30ml a day on their SMOK TFV4?! Innokin recently released a really nice and well-built MTL device: The Innokin Endura T18 /T22 with its Prism Tank. It is one hell of a MTL device and exactly what I enjoy vaping on a daily basis. I can now happily recommend this device to friends and family who are looking for a small vape set-up that mimics the experience you would get from smoking. Other smaller companies are also attempting to capture the MTL market. Manufacturers such as Fumytech with their “Kit Purely” and Freemax with their eGo tank called the “iFree 20”. Some of the bigger companies also seem to be re-focusing their efforts on MTL devices. Aspire have released a flurry of MTL devices in the past few weeks. There is the new AIO Plato kit for instance, that comes with a great MTL function (using the Nautilus BVCs). There is also Aspire’s new K2 and K3 MTL kits, which look promising (reviews coming soon). Joyetech have also released their AIO kit which focuses both on a direct lung and MTL draw. It seems like the AIO is the new big thing right now, which is great for us MTL vapers. I hope to see more MTL devices being manufactured soon as these are the devices most smokers will be turning to when they try vaping for the first time.

Current MTL Devices We Recommend

Aspire Plato Front
Aspire Plato Front

There are a few MTL devices that I have mentioned above, but I have a sneaky suspicion that there are going to be a few great devices coming out soon. Here are a few MTL devices that are worth looking at right now:


Not everyone needs the highest wattage devices with the lowest cloud chucking builds. For me personally that is not what vaping is about, but I understand many enjoy this, which is absolutely fine. For me vaping is about one thing and one thing only: to quit smoking. Use whatever device you need to accomplish that, but let’s make sure not be vape snobs and look down at anyone because they are not using a sub ohm or high-end set up. I also would like to mention Phil Busardos rant on Facebook. He literally took the words right out of my mouth. I could not have said it any better, well done Phil!

For us forgotten MTL vapers, I hope we see more great MTL devices coming to the market this year. We too need awesome new devices, so China please don’t forget us!

Alex Kendell
Hi I am Alex, vaping enthusiast and co-founder of Vaping360. I started smoking 8 years ago and have quit the analogs since 2011, and have been a vaper since. I had problems trying to find the device that suited me the best. This is something we at Vaping360 wanted to change and make it easier for beginners and enthusiasts to find the best device on the market. My hobbies are vaping, traveling, cars and the casual gaming session. Vape on!

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Thank you for the very informative article about MTL vaping. I finally understood what was going on. I was out of the vaping loop for years and now I’m back, but couldn’t understand why there are so few MTL devices.

My question is: I have a ProVari V2 and looking for a MTL tank. Price doesn’t really matter, if it’s a quality product. What would you recommend? Also, if there’s a great MTL box mod or any other setup that allows the use of the juice of my choice, except dripping, I would go with that. I would appreciate if you could give me some options/recommendation. I don’t know if it matters, but I’m planning to use Alien Visions e-juice and try new brands, too.

Thank you.

Sakuraba Ryuichiro

I was a smoker that switched to vaping and with mostly DTL tanks and stuff in our area, MTL tanks are kinda rare. DTL doesn’t feel the same so I’d still use my ages-old EVOD pen often. I’m a starter though (around 2 months into vaping) and looking for a good beginner tank that has a tight draw. T.T


Great article, Alex!
I see that I’m late to the discussion, but your thoughts hit the nail on the head, for me, so I wanted to comment even though I only now ran across this article.
I too started with eGo batteries and vivi nova tanks. The heavens opened up when they started with glass tanks!
I never moved away, into the sub ohm craze, and am a dyed in the wool MTL vaper.
Wonderful to see you start a discussion about vaping MTL and mentioning that it would be great for folks to cut out the cloud snobbery.
This article is up my alley also because I’m not interested in rebuilding coils or anything. I’m aware that it is an interesting and satisfying aspect of vaping for many people, but it’s just not something I want to spend my time on. I just want to charge a battery, fill a tank, and go.
Thanks for mentioning the ‘Endura T 18’, as this seems to be something I’d like to try. I’m used to 3.5 ml glass tanks, but this looks good for out-and-about.
Thanks for all the info in the article, and from the posters, as this has given me many ideas for gear to try as I continue along my non-sub route 🙂


Hi Alex, just came across your article now. I have to say it’s a fantastic article, very informative to a noob like me. Well I have to admit I used to be a smoker and completely quit in 2006 but a year ago I decided to take up vaping because I always enjoyed smoking and I guess it was something I missed, the nic hit. So I guess quite unusual being an ex smoker for yrs and re-starting a nicotine habit. I started using green smoke and their cartomizers but without much notice they stopped selling them here in the UK. I then bought a Blu pen and was using that for abt 4months. I’ve now just bought the Aspire premium kit which uses the nautilus mini tank and have not looked back. I know its quite old now but the numerous reviews on youtube persuaded me. I didn’t (until very recently) understand what sub ohming and DL was and tbh it’s not something I think would be for me. I love tobacco flavoured juices and I’m using Blacknote e liquids, I must say they are amazing. But if you can recommend a better set up from the nautilus mini for MTL I’d be keen to hear. How does this compare to the Nautilus X tank?


I’m the same nether quite adapted my vape style to wide mouth sub-ohm tanks and I have tried now I settle using a Beyond vape silo which is a naultilus tank which takes same coil type, but has slightly wider stem and air flow hole and with the mini triton ni coils really works well for me, there does not seem much in between at moment?


Hi Alex,

I know this is a year late… but your article replicates exactly what goies on my mind. I am a pure MTL vaper, and none of the market products in the past year has interested me at all.

I would like to ask you please revist the article in light of the latest developments. Ther are some new MTL products or products with dual mode that may be worth an update.

Best regards for a great article.


Dear @akendell:disqus,
I started vaping years ago (without wattage control, without anything but a battery and a button to push) but without success. My target was to stop smoking. I failed.
Recently I bought an iStick Pico. Great product but after some time of use he did not gave me the right satisfaction. So I decided that I wanted something more powerful.
I ordered a WISMEC Reuleaux RX200S + Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank Atomizer. I started to cough on the minute the setup was ready. I realized my error after reading your article about MTL vaping. What a great error I did.
I need to stop smoking, not competing on the big cloud championship 😉
So I’m here to ask you to help me find the right setup for me. Help me stop smoking! Please 🙁
I like big clouds but I need MTL vaping, I like VG and I need a mod with enough battery to go all day long (the Wismec Reuleaux will stay at home, it’s too big!). At this point I’ll buy anything you will suggest me… I’m desperate and confused 😉 Thank you if you have time to help me. Diego


Cloud chasers spend a lot of money, buy a lot of gear. They are getting all the attention. It will probably stay that way for some years to come.

I’m an MTL vaper who rebuilds and mixes. I don’t use tanks, too tall, too many parts, and I don’t want glass. Redripping 15 or 20 times a day takes seconds through the drip tip. It helps that I only consume 5-7 ml per day. Temp control means no dry hits so there is little or no inconvenience. Rewicking an rda, which I do every couple of days, is easier than any tank.

I’ve settled on the SV rda clone from Fasttech. I use a tall silicone slip ring from FT to control leaking for pocket carry and build single 1.4 ohm stainless coils for running at 30 max watts and 400 degrees. The SV is the only atomizer I use. It’s a bit fiddly to build horizontal coils but I only rebuild every 2-4 weeks and you learn how eventually. I can’t find another rda that does everything I’m looking for. It doesn’t hurt that FT charges $7 so there will be 10 of them in my FDA stockpile.

Because of the FDA I’m inclined to figure out what I can live with for years to come and get used to that. I look for other rda’s but haven’t seen anything yet that might work better than the SV for me.


What about a mtl tank that can handle 100% Vg!? I need one of those. I quit smoking twice with vaping, but kept going back to smoking because of problems. Just got a nautilus mini to try with all Vg, but so far not the best imo


I personally enjoy MTL, especially now with my T18 and T22 (the latter I got a couple of days ago). Not so much when I was using the CE4. I am also trying to quit smoking completely. Vaping certainly helps, a lot, but sometimes I crave a cigarette like a crazy person no matter how much I vape, especially in the morning.

Sub ohm I’m sort of looking at for one reason only; More flavor. Because you inhale so much vape that you don’t need high nic juice anymore to get the job done and that will result in much more flavor. I currently vape 12mg and it’s so much more tastier than 18mg, so I’m just wondering what 6 or even 3mg will taste like 😮

But anyway, if anyone is reading this and trying to quit cigarettes, the T18 is absolutely fantastic. When I started it would last me pretty much all day – However now that I’m vaping more, I needed a bigger battery – That’s where the T22 comes in. Double the power and (almost) double the tank capacity. Plus I have T18 as backup when the T22 is charging 🙂


I am so glad I found this! I have tried the Cubis Pro and while it is a good tank and SO easy to use, I find the flavor, while great, doesn’t last very long. I wish Aspire would come out with a top fill Nautilus! I have tried SO many tanks and always go back to my Nautilus bc of the flavor, but I get tired of cleaning up the mess of this leaky tank! I’ve been vaping nearly 3 years and still like my MTL, low wattage vape. I CAN’T subohm, I’ve tried several times and I get really bad chest pain and kills my throat every time. I’ve been told I just need to get used to it, but for how long? How long do I deal with chest pain and a sore throat when I already have a tank that gives me the flavor I want! It’s been really frustrating!


With subohm you need to use a much lower nicotine level like 6mg or lower otherwise it’s too harsh ?


I know, I found out the hard way, back when I was vaping 18! I was using 3mg nic. It’s just too harsh, and too hot, no matter what I’ve tried.


I dont even know why MTL exist, people who MTL is because they never learnt how to smoke :X


I am sure there is no right or wrong way of vaping. As long as you vape and don’t smoke it doesn’t really matter! 🙂


MTL is for new vapers who used to smoke, it mimics the same draw as a real cigarette. For many that is enough but not everyone wants battery draining, eliquid draining DL tanks.


I’ve vaped for nearly 4 years, and I prefer MTL. I think a lot more people do than you know.


i always DL’ed cigarrettes.. xD i don’t feel like filling my mouth with vapor/smoke..


Guess what. I just bumped into this thread since I was searching about MTL tanks. I started vaping almost 2-3 years back with Ego 850mah battery & CE3 disposable tank. In a weeks time I bought myself a BVC dual coils with CE4 and that practically made me quit smoking. I vaped on it for a year and for odd reason returned to analogue cigs. Very recently, I decided to move back and I hit the market and all I see is sub ohm crap and every mod / tank I try it hits my lungs and I don’t get the same MTL experience but yes a lot of cloud. so I started doing the research to what went wrong. I met people and took their advise but seems like all junkies who carry fancy mod do not even know about MTL and eventually they brag more than they actually know. Anyway. I am thinking to get Ipower 80w mod but really confused on the tank due to MTL and DL dilemma. My choices so far are: Cubis pro, I just 2 and aspire triton. Any recommendation which one will give me clouds yet provide close to experience of MTL?


every vape i have used, has the gurgly spit back! and i truly hate it. but i gave up cigarettes thanks to the ego one. I really like the T18 and the T22 but again, gurgling, flooding and spit back. then the joyetech AIO d22, it’s great until the juice starts getting low and then you get that nasty burnt taste. i have just purchased the cupti and i am praying that it’s all they claim it is because i’m truly sick of all the wasted juice because it’s spitting it all out the drip tip and into my mouth. i have to use high vg juices because i’m severely sensitive to the pg. could this be part of the problem with the flooding and spitting??


@ Alex Kendell… could use your help (or anyone else that wants to chime in). I’ve done a little searching and have read through this article and most of the comments below. I have been a smoker for years and tried a vape pen a couple years ago…needless to say I’m still a smoker today. Although, I think it would’ve been easier if my husband would’ve joined the ban wagon then, but he didn’t. HOWEVER, all of a sudden he decided he wanted to quite smoking a couple months ago; he was a very heavy smoker (cigars and mini’s “cigar-ettes” if you will). My son has been a vapor for a while now, but he’s all about the cloud. He does have a Kanger mini and had suggested I get the starter kit. My husband got the Kanger topbox nano starter kit and seems very happy…sold all his cigars & humidor! So they’ve now both insist that I should get one of these…mini or nano, but I’ve tried hitting them and continually choke; they laugh and say I don’t know what I’m doing and it’ll take getting used to. Although after reading the article, I think I realized that they must be ok with the DL and I like MTL (lol, trying to get the lingo down). So now, I’m going beyond their advice and reaching out to MTL vapers. Can you help me figure out what to get started with? I don’t know if I’ll ever want to go to DL. I don’t care about a big cloud of smoke, but want flavor and some cloud so I feel like I’m actually smoking. I have no interest in ever building my own…just want to purchase like I do cigarettes…haven’t come to understand differences in wattages, coil differences or have no idea what Ohm even stands for. Yes, I’m definitely a newbie…Help a gal out, lol. THANKS!!


Hey, that seems to be the main issue at the moment. People that are not as fortunate as you and who do not know the difference between DL and MTL are sometimes disappointed by what they get. Good thing you checked and did some research! At the moment I am using the Eleaf iCare and the ePuffer Titan (using the 1.5 ohm coils). They are fantastic devices and do exactly what you want. The Titan also has the option to use sub ohm coils if you do in the future want to use sub ohm coils. Good luck with your search I am just going to add a few pages of ours to help you out:


Thanks. I will look these up and check the links provided.
2 other questions:
What are “sub” ohm coils you mentioned? And
Someone also recommended the eGo AIO by Joyetech. Know anything about it?


Good article. There is definitely a sub ohm snobbery going on, we have a lot of vapers at work and it’s like you’re not cool if you’re not sub’ing. I’m 10 weeks off the cigs, started with a V2 EX with cartomizers and then a mini tank. Now using the Endura T22 and just ordered the Wismec Venti so I’ll have the choice to try sub ohm at some point if the mood takes me. But as a smoking veteran of 34 years, lung vaping just doesn’t appeal to me and seems unnatural in some way.


The Triton 2 and Nautluis X are two very good MTL tanks, just wish there were more out there…


Hey Gareth, I totally agree. Triton 2 is still on my list but the Nautilus X has been my ADV since it came out. You should check out the ePuffer Titan. It is probably the first ever hybrid that actually does MTL and DL perfectly. Definitely worth looking at!


I too have been and remain to be a MTL paper. I started with a mech mod and dripper for a few months…got tired of that easily. Then switched to a Nautilus Mini tank paired with an eLeaf iStick 30w. I was very satisfied with that setup, so much so that I bought 2 more tanks and one extra mod as a spare.

When most of my friends who quit smoking and started vaping around the same time as me, moved on to different mods and tanks, I still stuck it out with my Nautilus Mini setup and just stocked up like crazy on the BVC coils. Alas, the draw of the newer kits proved to be too much, so I got myself a Kanger Toptank Mini Kit. It was horrible. No matter what the build was, no matter what coil I use, the tank itself, regardless of how you restrict the airflow, it’s just clearly not designed from the start to be a MTL device. I agree with the article wholeheartedly that a tank is either designed as a MTL tank or it’s not. It’s everything to do with the airflow and draw restriction. You can’t just restrict airflow to the lowest setting on a tank that’s clearly designed for sub-ohm vaping and call it a day. It just doesn’t work that way in my observation.

So quickly after the Kanger Toptank Mini fiasco, I was back on my Nautilus Mini setup…


Curiosity got the better of me and on a whim I decided to try out the Vaporesso Target Mini kit. The Vaporesso Guardian tank that comes with it was really the first tank that I’ve tried that is set up to give both a sub-ohm DTL, as well as a good above-ohm MTL experience. The MTL tanks they have are using their Ccell ceramic coils @ 1.5 ohms. From past experiences with other tanks I was not very hopeful but my god I was so wrong. The tank, when set up using the MTL coils, coupled with the included long, narrow bore MTL drip tip was phenomenal. Also, the flavour from the Ccell coils were astounding, to the point that I’ve learned to appreciate some of my older juices. The flavors are sharp, clean and crisp. No spit back or gurgling from the tanks whatsoever, and the coils last a heck of a long time. On Nautilus Mini BVC coils I find myself changing them out in 1.5 – 2 weeks or whenever I see the juice starting to get darker as you vape (whichever comes first). The Guardian Ccell ceramic coils, for me, lasts at least 3-5 weeks depending on the type of juice you use (with the darker, sweeter juices gunking up the coils faster).

So yeah, finally I’ve found a tank that can safely replace my Nautilus Mini tanks. The Vaporesso Guardian tanks are top-fill and top-airflow and the design is truly leak free. Ease of use is tops, and the build quality and machining of the tank is just superb. The only drawback is the rather small juice capacity (2ml – same as the Nautilus mini) and also the fact that when you’re down to about 1ml or less, it is highly recommended that you top up the tank again with more juice, as vaping the device horizontally with that amount of juice left in the tank leads to dry, ceramic-tasting hits. But really, other than this very minor con, this is a fantastic tank for MTL guys like us. I highly recommend you guys check it out. Getting it with as a kit paired with the Target Mini is great value too. The Target Mini is a bit of a novelty considering how tiny it is but you’ll quickly learn to love the size and stealth factor.

Like the author of this article I do hope manufacturers start looking into MTL kits again. I can’t for the life of me recommend a DTL set up for someone who’s quitting smoking but unfortunately, that’s what 99.9% of the shops here in my country sell. Hardly no one sells a good MTL setup, much less high nic juices (most shops only stock up to 6mg juices!).


I totally agree with you ands I’m a mtl vaper. I has the luck of buying a mini nautilus when a started vaping 1,5 years agora and I still use it every day. But my question is: why don’t u talked about the kayfun? I bought the kf5 I use it mtl and I think that was the best use of my money, I just love it. Thanks


Just stumbled onto this article. New to the scene, I recently bought an Aspire K2 starter kit. No tobacco for 3 weeks, after 30 years of cigarettes and then pipes.
Of course, they keep pushing me to buy some huge mod, or at least the K4 sub ohm, but so far I’m tickled with the little K2. Have you tried any of the K2/K3/K4’s?


Hey, I have been using the K3 for quite a while. Love the coils, flavor and the vapor. Great little kit for a beginner and works like a dream. Be sure to buy extra coils!


TBH I don’t know what happened to MTL vaping. Direct lung hits are an absolutely no-no for me, I don’t even understand how people can vape like this. I like it VERY tight. The new Kayfun V5 is way too airy and needs a MTL airflow reducer kit (how silly is this?), even my Kayfun V3 Mini is too airy for me, I had to “hack” it for reduced airflow and cover three of the 4 air holes. When I vape I want noticeable resistance when I draw. Ironically, now after trying the Kayfun Mini V3 I am back again with my very old KFL+ which overall gives me the best experience. Good ol’ Nautilus Mini was good, if it wasn’t for the constant need for replacing the cartridges.

Fjóla Guðmundsdóttir

Aspire Triton mini is a fantastic MTL tank. I love my nautilus but am starting to use the triton more. It takes the good old bvc coils 😉


Tried the Evod Pro MTL today with 1,5 ohm clocc. Makes a great job and RBA is waiting to be released as i heared.


Looks interesting, I will check it out.

Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

Congrats on this article man! I’m feeling the same way like you.


Thanks, I am glad we share the same opinion! 🙂

Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

I want to add that the Kayfun V3 Mini is also excellent for MTL. Just add the additional 4.2ml bigger tank and you’re good to go for a whole day.


I just came across this thread and have enjoyed the read. I’ve smoked 1 1/2 pack a day Marlboro Reds for 27 years. Gave it up four months ago on my third attempt switching to vaping. Truly a life saver for me. Not one analog smoke since and no desire to have one, even when drinking. I tried a couple vape pens first, but got tired of refilling the tank too often. Using some high powered box mod and blowing huge cumulus clouds is not what I was after either. I discovered the Mini Volt made by Council and use an Aspire Nautilus tank. Perfect set up for MTL vaping. I’ve tried the Triton 2, but didn’t like the way you refill and the pull was too “airy” even on the tightest setting. I use the tank for a backup juice tank now. The Joyetech Cubis was nice, but still not a good as the Nautilus so I am done with experimenting. At the end of the day, my goal is to quit smoking and I believe I will since I enjoy vaping. If you are reading this post and are new to this vaping, find the set up that works for you and a flavor your enjoy.

David Arlinghaus

Know it’s a late comment, but after three years of blasting huge clouds… I’ve smoked like 10 cigarettes in the last two months. I broke out my aeolus rda, kayfun monster v2, and nautilus drip tip. Up to 9 mg from 1.5 mg, but the craving is gone. I’d forgotten how much like smoking vaping could be.

Barabás Attila

I visited the Vienna Vape Show two days ago. There was a huge crowd and yet, I counted ten mtl vapers like me, all of them were at my age, 40-50’s. I felt myself Oldschool. 🙂


That seems to be the case here in Germany as well. I think that the “younger” generation goes straight from analogs to direct lung devices or they have a small MTL transition into vaping either from EGOs or some cig-a-like device.


Started with a kanger evod mega. Switched to an ipv d2mini and a horizon tank. Now all I use are limitless mechs and different rdas. 3mm post hole minimum. I think that when it stops being a nicotine delivery system and turns into a real hobby you want to push harder and further MTL systems lose favor.


I completely agree, if you want flavor and clouds then MTL devices are not good. RDAs, RTAs and RBA sections are a lot better for flavor and clouds. Flavor on certain MTL devices is actually very very good. I use MTL devices not as a hobby but as a way to stay off stinkies. They give me the nicotine hit I need and thus stopping me from using analogs.

Henrik Ringtved

Very good article Alex. As you said it’s not how you vape as long as it helps you quit the cigs
And I really don’t understand why one group is looking down on the other, we should join together to save vaping and lives, not using our time telling that ” my way of vaping is the only way ” …..
I think it’s good to see there’s beginnig to come more focus on the MTL because I think it’s the best way to switch to vaping from the cigs, i’m a DL vaper but started with MTL back when ego ruled.


Thanks Henrik!:)


Spot on article. I also started with an Ego battery and CE4s and Vivi Novas.

Began rebuilding with the Kayfun and fell in love and lived there for quite awhile.

When the sub-ohm craze began I went down the path and had the Kanger Subtank, Starre, TFV4, etc. but quickly decided that I MUCH preferred single coil, above ohm, MTL type vaping.

Significantly less juice consumption, battery life, less expensive mods and moderation were just some of the benefits that were important to me.

With that return I began to backtrack thru some atomizers that I missed out on. Squape, Hurricane, Rose, Gem, Erlkonigin, etc. I found which ones I really liked and have added those to my collection. The great thing about RTAs is no need for dependency on pre-built coils, I can always rebuild my own coils.

For clearos still have the Nauti and use the BVC coils. I’m going to try the Triton minis in there as they are compatible and I hear they are good.

I believe there is a return to MTL for the market, because of the articles I’ve seen on it, the threads created in forums dedicated to it and the products we are now beginning to see being released (Kayfun mini V3 for example, a great RTA).


Hey Roy, thanks for the kind words! I seem to have missed out big time on RTAs and I should have mentioned this more often in the article. I did not have the time and patience to work with RTAs at the time. I just find it awesome to buy pre-built coils without having to spend time working on one. I’m sure the flavor and vapor is a lot better on RTAs but it is not worth it seeming as I do not use any flavors in my juice. Thanks for the comment Roy!


The pros of RTAs – Coils are really easy to build once you begin, they last forever with only rewicking needed, super cheap compared to buying pre-built coils, you know exactly what is in your coil and wick.

Cons – Small learning curve (it really is small) in context of single coil, Kayfun style builds.

With pre-builts you are at the mercy of the manufacturer to continue building the coils you use and like. With RTA I can build my coils forever without dependency on anyone. If some new laws come down the road that would restrict my options from a pre-built standpoint I don’t have to be concerned about that.

All that said, I still use and love clearos, especially the Nautilus (#1) and Ego One (like it also with the .5 coils). Great for out and about, no fuss type of situations and always as a back up. Want to try the Innokin T18 also as that appears to be right in my sweet spot and Innokin products are always top notch.

Kim Carcassian

I used a nautilus with an eleaf istick for two years – just going to my local big shop and replacing them as they broke or got lost in taxis. I have several blister packs of coils. I would happily use that exact set-up indefinitely. I don’t even play around with different flavours: I always use dekang menthol, bought by the carton to save money. Then my ecig broke while I was out of town in the early evening and I had to get something fast. I walked into a very hip shop in Southern England and was confused! They told me they didn’t have anything like the Nautilus and sold me a sub-ohm setup. A very nice one, but totally new to me. I was told I had to use different juice, even. I was very confused and didn’t understand what they were on about but I was desperate – it was either what they were selling or a pack of Marlboros – and I didn’t even have the terminology to ask what this was all about. After I got home and googled what they’d given me I discovered this.

I’d noticed that my local shop was switching away from what I was used to. All this talk about higher wattage and big clouds. I was just there to buy more juice and coils and shrugged at their new shiny boxes. But I did discover that they no longer sell either the battery or the tank I was used to. It was a bit worrying and now I understand what is going on!

I have sourced a couple new nautilus tanks (including sleeves) and a new iStick. I can use the box mod they sold me for MTL, as well. But I hope that they don’t lose sight of us “boring folk” who don’t want to buy shiny new things every month. I just want to have interchangeable parts and plenty of backup coils. That’s how vaping is cheaper than smoking! Not buying every new thing that comes along or going through liters of fancy “gourmet” juice!


I started with evods back in 2014 and still am doing MTL. For the author let me just point out the ego one mega with the 1 ohm clr coil is a very good option but not in stock form. You will need a certain mod that will actually make it work like one of the best MTL devices you have ever used. The original drip tip with the ego one is meant for direct lung hits, first order of business is to replace it with something restrictive from the earlier times when MTL was common. For example I had a old un loved Kayfun, I took it’s drip tip and it works wonders. Now I can open the airflow to the max, sip on 12mg or 18mg juice at 20 watts all day long. And closing up the air flow gives a much tighter draw too, it’s all cuz of the drip tip. With these dildoish drip tips one naturally feels like doing a lung hit and mtl becomes hard because we are not used to such wide openings. Also to update they now have a mtl temperature controlled coil at 0.2 ohms can’t wait to try that!


Sounds interesting, I still need to update this article. There are quite a few new MTL devices on the market that are worth looking at. Thanks I will be sure to fiddle around with the eGo One Mega.


Someone needs to keep MTL alive. Vaping started with saving health and money, with 30ml’s going in one’s lung every day for the pursuit of clouds I doubt we’re becoming magically rich or healthy at the same time. Will look forward to your part 2 to this article. I wasn’t even aware of anything after the nautilus or ego one mega for MTL users.

Regan Rodricks

Hi Alex,
Would love to see a sequel to this piece, going into drippers for MTL. That’s a category in jeopardy.
I dread the day something happens to my Magma.


Hey Regan, thanks for the kind words. Sadly I have never properly used drippers for MTL and would not be capable of writing such an article. Jeremy might know more about this topic, let me ask him.


My Kangertech Subvod just quit on me a couple of days ago right out of the blue. No warning, just lights out. Thankfully I had my trusty old EVOD Glass still laying around. The tight draw and MTL nature of that device took a minute to get (re)used to but after a few hits I remembered why I loved my EVOD in the first place. Now I feel a bit guilty for having abandoned her for the latest craze in the first place.


I went into a vape shop to see if they had eroll batteries once. I left embarrassed and pissed off because they basically laughed in my face for having something so small and not being a real vaper. I’m trying to quit smoking, not imitate a dragon. Definitely not how you create a customer base… That shop is now out of business though, so that makes me feel better haha!


Absolutely true, I totally agree with you
Vaping is not about cloud chasing it is about giving up smoking
MTL is the closest thing to a cig.
Aspire Trinton is my favourite
Very nice article


I don’t know whether I agree that vaping is primarily “about giving up smoking”, I guess it it. But vaping in itself now for me is like a passion/past-time I simply love, that I (essentially) gave up smoking with it is a bonus 🙂 The thing is, vaping is something I enjoy, say when I work,surf the web, whatever. Direct lung hits don’t give me this experience, but with a very tight MTL I can vape and enjoy all day long, DL hits are just too “hardcore”, for lack of a better word.


Vaping CAN be about vaping… doesn’t necessarily we’re all quitting smoking, and while I switched from smoking to vaping, I have no intention to quit vaping. However, I am sick of the noobie stigma that is attached to MTL and pen-like devices. I have been using DL (direct lung) hit tanks and mods and while I don’t use particularly high wattages (approx 30-40w), I still burn through juice. I want to go back to MTL because I find that by inhaling into the mouth first, like a wine or a cigar you are getting a good taste of what is on offer before inhaling for a more effective nicotine hit. I find with DL there is so much rushing past the taste buds in the mouth that little taste is given unless you make crazy clouds and burn through extra juice. Also, the heat and the density of the clouds have a somewhat drying effect on my throat. MTL is where it is at, but I’m by no means a “newbie” or a person aiming to quit smoking.

I have mods, but I really wish I could find a tube mod that has removable batteries (maybe wattage control up to 40-50w?) so I can use my existing 18650s and some great high ohm coils to get some good flavour, some reasonable cloud production (for mouth feel) and save not only on juice but have a battery that lasts days, not just one. Is finding such a thing even possible? Everyone seems to busy burning through juice and following the silly sub-ohm trend.

I plan to use 70/30 juices mostly, so it has to be able to handle thicker stuff.

Does the OP have any suggestions?


Tube mod is possible. Aspire CF Maxx goes to 50w, and there are smaller versions. I think there are also some Apollo tube mods.


I ended up with a Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 and Nautilus X tank. Would be great, apart from the fact that the SVD 2.0 is unnecessarily huge.


Thanks Walid, that is what it is all about. Aspire Triton or the Triton Mini?


I’m using the Triton Mini with the 1.8 Clapton coil as I write. I see it as the natural successor to the Nautilus Mini.
However, the Triton 0.5 Clapton coil is really a lot better in terms of flavor & consistency. In the Triton v2 combined with the Triton v1 driptip (taller/narrower) I find it MTLs fine. You just have to ignore the conventional wisdom that subohm only means DTL.


I agree the Triton 0.5 Clapton vapes great for either MTL or DL. What is the trick to get it to last more than a couple of days? Power level, pg/vg, etc? I’d use them if I could get them not to burn their wicks. Also, these probably fit all the Atlantis compatible tanks…… Herakles, Starre, Tobeco Super Tank, Playboy, Melo, Silo Beast, etc.


Hello! No snobbery here…My husband and I quit both moved to vaping in 2014 and not one cigarette since! The many flavors offered were attractive to us since they tasted so much better than tobacco. We now are at the lowest nicotine level most of the time. I did MTL (my husband still does) for awhile but do like the subohm better. I had a doctor tell me once I was a very efficient smoker…I guess I like the big lung hits!

What I love best about vaping? I like it a lot but I rarely feel I need it. I don’t panic if I leave the house without it or the battery runs out. Sometimes I don’t use it all day long. How cool is that?

Now we enjoy trying new flavors and continue on the quest for an affordable unleaky tank. At the moment our favorites are mad vapes key lime, licorice, root beer and mad tea.

Currently using iPV D3 (since my Innokin box died) with an iSub coil and iSub polycarbonate tank. Husband’s got a Kanger stick.

Thanks Alex for your excellent articles!

Alex @ Vaping360

I feel the same way, It does not really matter what you vape on as long as its not a cigarette. Vape on and thank you for your kind words!


I have nearly the
same experience as you 😀 , it is amazing how now i do not panic when i forget my mod or not vape for few hours
back in that i would simply rush to the store to buy cigs =/


I feel you, I used to be exactly the same. I don’t need it now, I don’t really care if I leave my vape behind. I do love my nic hits though, in the mornings together with my coffee is probably one of the best parts of my day. Sorry for the late response, I only just saw this comment.


Hi there fellow mtlers..
I’ve smoked 17years and thought quiting was the must difficult thing I had to do eventually in life.
Been off cigs about 6 months now. Yeah! A big turn around for me comming from almost 2 pack a day. Still an mtl user, direct lung just doesn’t feel right for me and like me 99.99% of smokers out there who have an long term habbit of smoking most certainly will not quit cigs by vapping direct lung. In my short vapping experience to us MTL lovers and flavor chasers, in my opinion there’s nothing better tan an genesis style. I know, they are not for everyone one since you have to build, not for starters have to say but nothing compares to the mesh when it comes to flavor. The nextiny is not that hard to build with that center post, and to me it’s the best MTL tank I have right now.
Cheers, and smoke no more!

Alex @ Vaping360

I agree, most smokers will not like DL. I guess smokers are just so used to having very small airflow in their cigarettes. I agree, some of the Genesis tanks are great but like you said, not so good for beginners. Thanks for you comment Jo and well done on quitting! Vape on!


Good write up man! I made a trip into subohm and am back to MTL. I am using the Cubis. Well actually 2 of them one with the 1.5 Clapton and one with the 1.0 ohm. I definitely prefer the Clapton. It’s finicky though. The 0.5 him and 1.0 ohm have been flawless. I had a hard time getting the 1.5 to run without dry hitting. It doesn’t like juice over 50%vg. Set up and priming in the Clapton is crucial. Once it’s set up right with the proper juice it’s a dang nice vape. I run it between 16-20 watts on my Disrupter depending on the juice.

I also use my aerotank mega with the newer style kanger 1.2 ohm coils. It’s a pretty nice MTL at 10-12 watts I usually leave it set up on my old MVP 2.0.

Alex @ Vaping360

Hey Mike, I actually got the Cubis on Monday! I tried the clapton, it was really good at start but lost flavor after 1 1/2 days use. It then started to taste like metal similar to the claptons on the TFV4. I really like the Cubis and I am currently using the 1.0 ohm SS316 coil, flavor is great and the vapor is slightly better than the clapton at about 15W. I am using 75% PG liquid. I primed the Clapton well, and the flavor was great at start but after one day it went all funky on me. Did you have this issue?


Hey Alex, thanks for the great post. New to vaping, currently reading and experimenting.
Using only base liquids (mainly Revolute, Pink Mule 50-50%, 6mg, have also tried Flavortech, TW etc.) with Cubis and Cubis Pro, at rather low Watts (e.g. 1Ohm at 13W).
As I like MLT have been experimenting with 0.5, 0.6, 1 and 1.5 coils. I must say at the momment I am leaning towards the 0.6 or 1 and not the 1.5 which for reasons I dont understand sadly doesnt give me a throat hit. But I am a bit concerned that this probably means a higher juice consumption.
The other thing is that sometimes with the same setup I really dont feel ANY throat hit, which leads me to wanting to have a stinky one.
Next step is to try the TC, which at the moment makes me feel overwhelmed with vapor and no TH.


I’ve started having problems recently with my T18 coils. I used the first 5 with no issues. They usually last me about 2 weeks. Then, I had one that a week in, I started getting bad headaches all day and super tense muscles in my jaw and neck and some light-headedness. I finally noticed the metallic taste when vaping so I switched to my Aspire and *bam* felt completely better. So I switched the coil in the T18 and it was fine for about a week again, and then I started feeling bad and the metallic taste was back. I should note, these 2 coils were from different packs and across two different bottles of juice (the same juice I was using in the Aspire) so… I don’t know what happened. I’m super bummed because I love my T18 so much more than my Aspire. So now I’m shopping again to find a good MTL vape, which is what brought me here.


Hey Arcinva, may I ask what type of e-liquid you used on the second batch of coils? I am guessing you used high VG?


My go-to is Charlie Noble’s Charlie’s Custard which is 77% VG. I’d tried Drip Nation’s Oath in it but that will burn a coil out in 2 days. I usually get more like 2 weeks with Charlie Noble… or had been until this issue cropped up.


It is either the juice or a bad batch of coils. I am guessing it is the liquid though. Maybe they use some different type of nicotine that you do not agree with? I would try it our further to nail down the source.


Hmm no I haven’t. I am about a week into my second Clapton coil and other than having some dry hitting problems on the first coil when I first started using it I haven’t had any problems. I bought a pack of 0.5 coils when I bought the Cubis tanks but they are unopened. I was planning on going through my 2 1.0 ohm coils after this Clapton wears out then deciding if I want to purchase a couple of packs of 1.0 or 1.5. Might try the 0.6 aio coil in it too. But yeah the 1.0 ohm coil is solid too. A little airy for me but the vapor production is nice.

I have been pleased with the Cubis despite the negative reviews.

I’m looking really really hard at the Triton mini. Ahh and they told me vaping would be cheaper lol.


Alright, all the vape pens I have came as starter kits with coils so I’m still ignorant about what having different ohms are about. If I order a Triton Mini… what coils should I go with?

Alex @ Vaping360

I might get my hands on the Triton Mini, looks like a great tank. Probably the same coils used in the K2/K3 but I am sure the capacity is better.


Man let me know if you do try it out. I am super interested in the Triton Mini. I saw it somewhere for $16 and some change. So the price is definitely right. If I pull the trigger on it (likely) I’ll let y’all know after I try it out.

As far as the coils for it, from what I have read they are newly designed coils. They also fit the Nautilus mini. If I had a nautilus I would have already snatched some coils to try. The coils are a kanthal 1.2 ohm a kanthal 1.8 ohm Clapton and a lower ohm temp control coil. Sorry don’t remember the ohm on that coil or if it’s Ni or Ti. It wasn’t SS as far as I remember.


I ordered the Triton Mini last night. Hopefully I’ll have it by weeks end. On an (ahem) unrelated note somehow an Innokin Coolfire 4 tc100 ended up in my cart….I know weird right ?. I also. Picked up a Joyetech AIO for my wife.

I am really excited about the AIO. The price was amazing for what it is, especially when compared to the $60 eGo-C starter kits that were popular when I started vaping. I will let y’all know about the Triton Mini after I get my hands on it. That is…….IF I live to tell about it after she sees the vape mail bill ?.


OK so I ordered a Triton mini last night. Hopefully I will have it by weeks end. On a completely unrelated note somehow an Innokin Coolfire 4 tc100 ended up in my cart ?. Also a Joyetech AIO for my wife. I have high hopes for the AIO, the price was amazing for what it is compared to the $60 eGo-C starter kits that was popular when I started vaping.

Anyways I’ll report back on the Triton mini. That is….IF I live to tell about it when she sees the bill ?.

Alex @ Vaping360

Damn, you beat me to it! I was just about to order the Triton Mini, my vendor doesn’t have them in stock yet so I will need to wait 1-2 days. Was just using the AIO, we actually just reviewed it: http://vaping360.com/joyetech-ego-aio-review/. Haha, at least you brought something for her right?


Hey just an update for the other MTLers (dang gotta be careful how I type that lol) out there. I got the Coolfire TC100 and the AIO in the mail today. Triton mini is 2 days behind….ugh. Wife hasn’t put the AIO down since I filled it up, so big win there.

I stopped by a local B&M today to get one of my favorite juices, and they had just got the Kanger VOCC coils in. I picked up a 1.5 ohm and stuck it in my Genitank when I got home. Wow….just wow. It seriously brought new life back to the old tank. I’m sitting here vaping max VG bannana nut bread juice at 15w this tank used to dry hit above 11w with 60vg. And the flavor maybe on par with the Cubis Clapton…if not it’s dang close.

If you have an old geni/aerotank laying around, pick up one of these VOCC coils. You won’t be disappointed.

Alex @ Vaping360

Damn, I threw my Genitank and Aerotank out a few months ago. Thanks for the comment. I am sure there will be a lot of people wanting to read this! The AIO is a great piece of gear, perfect for smokers and ex smokers and it is something I highly recommend to smokers. Keep me updated on the Triton Mini! Vape on Mike!


So the Triton mini came in today. The build quality in it is awesome. The more modern tanks I have right now are the Cubis, Supertank, iSub V and the Toptank Nano. The build quality on the Triton mini is hands down the best out of the ones I own. Its a neat little tank too.

Performance wise I was disappointed at first. It took about a tank to break the coil in but after that wow it delivers. I have only used the 1.8 Clapton coil so far, but yeah it’s a great MTL tank. I am using a banana nut bread ry4 I have been working on and using exclusively for over a week so it’s a flavor profile that I’m very tuned in to. The flavor on the clapton is good….really good. The vapor production is solid for a MTL tank too. I’ll wait until this coil is done and I have tried the 1.2ohm coil before I order a pack of coils. This is going to be my everyday tank….no doubt about it.

The only minor complaint I might have is that I don’t like the drip tip. None of mine fit real good, but that’s nothing a stop by the local B&M won’t take care of. Besides it really needs a white tip to set off the black tank with my white Coolfire 4.

If you like MTL you won’t go wrong with this tank. The VOCC Kanger coils is still delivering too. It’s’s nice to see the mainstream companies haven’t forgot about us “tootle puffers” and are getting back to developing new stuff for us again.

Alex @ Vaping360

Really appreciate the update. I will definitely look at buying the Triton Mini. I was somewhat skeptical on the clapton coils tbh, I just think that a clapton of that size will have some minor issues. I had issues with the Cubis claptons as well. The 1.2 ohm BVCs should be a lot better from what I have tried on the K3. Aspire width for dritptips has always been slightly off compared to other companies, I remember having issues with my Atlantis and Triton as well. Thanks a bunch Mike for writing and following up. I will let you know as soon as I have one. Have a great week!


Yeah I’m going to have to agree with you on the 1.2 bvc. I had a leaking problem on the Triton mini…..all 100% user error. I left the juice flow open when I filled it. While I had it apart to clean it, I figured I would go ahead and put the 1.2 in. The airflow is about spot on for me with that coil. Maybe a slight…..very slight drop in flavor from the Clapton. But the draw and vapor production more than make up for it. I do believe the 1.2 coils will be the ones ordered.

As for the AIO, I keep stealing my wife’s AIO lol. That little thing impresses the hell out of me…so much so that I went ahead and ordered me one with a pack of .6 ohm coils. I am interested in getting one of the .6 ss316 coils in my Cubis with the Coolfire TC and see what it does.

I see a lot of people say they like the Cubis 1.0 coils. I tried both of the ones that came with my tanks last week and got nothing but dry hits with both of them. I haven’t had dry hitting problems on the .5 or the Clapton’s….maybe I just got 2 bad ones?


Another update! Heck I don’t know if anyone is still reading this thread or not. Now that’s I have spent some time with the Triton mini I must say, I absolutely love this tank. I can’t speak of the longevity of the Clapton. I had another user error and forgot to turn the juice flow back on after a refill and toasted it. The 1.2 bvc has been wonderful.

I stopped by a b&m today and picked up another Clapton to try out. It’s got big shoes to fill after the bvc though it has been awesome. The b&m is having a buy one get one free sale on all 5 packs of coils Saturday, heck I might just pick up 2 packs of each and be set for awhile.

I wished I would have had this tank when I had my MVP 20w that would have been a nice set up. I might look for one. I feel like I’m wasting all the power of the Coolfire 4 TC100 vaping it at 15w all day with the mini lol.


I am and quite a few other people are still coming onto this page via Facebook and direct search. Thanks for the update, I have yet to order the Triton Mini. I will do so today. It is a good way to have longer battery life!


Rebel 2 Tank by Vaporfi. As good as a low ohm MTL tank can possibly be. Regrettably, replacement coils are offered at 2.8 Ohms resistance only. Aside from this shortcoming, the Rebel 2 tank is incomparable in design and performance. It even drains completely! I do MTL exclusively and always to to complete satisfaction and enjoyment.


I to am a MTLer and have had the same problems,I quit smoking 10 months ago and also started on the nautilus mini,the air got to restrictive so i ended up trying a kanger subtank mini with the RBA that seems to be about perfect for me now,also the love to hate tank the Kayfun v4 to me is hands down the best MTL tank on the market if you dont mind building your own coils and of course if you dont mind swearing LoL ya got to hate it to love it.and now the cubis and i got to say im using the SS316 coils the 1.0 and it is perfect i really like this cubis i had it only once flood on me so not sure what that was about.Just really wanted to say there are alot of us behind you all the way cloud chasing im sure is great for some,just not for me.


Dude, you’ve completely discounted the RTA side. PLENTY of MTL tanks out there that are rebuildable. Here’s a list: (in random order, as they come to mind, probably the newer ones i have gotten which are fresher in mind) (also keep in mind, many of the below in authentic form are very expensive but also available in cheaper clones if on a budget)
1) PICO rta – good luck getting authentic, but the clone i got is 1:1 perfect. From MTL to fairly restricted direct lung hit
2) Squape rta – multiple airflow settings
3) Hurricane rta – like the squape or Taifun but able to get more air
4) Phenomenon rta (or the lite version) – like a super fancy Kayfun, but with better adjustable air. MTL options
5) Estia rta – like #4

etc etc…. LOTS of MTL options for the rebuildable styles. dont discount the simplicity of rebuildables!

Alex @ Vaping360

Hey Ryan, thanks for the comment and the recommended RTAs, you have a good taste in RTAs :). In this article I was strictly speaking of non rebuildable tanks clearomizers/glassomizers and sub ohm tanks. I’m aware that there were a lot of great RTAs/RDAs for MTL (a few of which you have listed). I just wanted to point out the fact that the market had lost track for beginner vapers that cannot start on RDAs or RTAs, thus the reason behind talking clearos. It was not my intention to discard RTAs. Thanks for commenting Ryan, vape on!


Beautiful article Sir!
We do not need hundreds of new tanks, we need reliable vaping. It all started relaxed, nowadays it is focused on clouds and burning a huge amount if liquid. Think things will change when vaping will become more restricted and charged with taxes so people will have to focus on efficient vaping again. Personally i use a subtank mini with modified airflow and a mega one/tron tank.

Alex @ Vaping360

I totally agree, could you post a picture of your subtank with the modified airflow? I am very intrigued!


Fantastic article, Sir! I too have issues with vape snobbery, which is why I usually try to be seen with an inexpensive mod. Too many people in my area flaunt there $500+ mods that are less capable than my Joyetech Cuboid. While there aren’t many MTL products coming out of China, I’m surprised by how many excellent MTL atomizers there are in the high-end market.

Alex @ Vaping360

Thanks Ray, it is sadly an issue with the vaping market. I too run around with an inexpensive mod capable of less than 20W. What exactly do you mean by high-end market? High-end RBAs and RTAs?


Yes on high-end atomizers. I imagine something like the In’ax MKII or Zephyrus making you very happy.


I recently been building a Kafun lite clone form EHPro on a 20W Segeli VV tube mod. Tighten the airflow all the way up and does the “cig like” thing perfectly.

Alex @ Vaping360

Hey Eric, thanks for your comment. I am completely aware of the Kayfun, I am strictly talking about clearomizers with pre-built coils.


Why is it that everyone always focuses on Aspire for MTL tech, yet there are better options out there? Look at Horizon Tech for their Spartan Tanks, one of the first Top Fill tanks to hit the market and designed for the MTL/beginners. The coils will handle any viscosity of juice flawlessly, only con is that their drip tips suck.

Alex @ Vaping360

Ah, that was the tank I missed, thanks!! I actually used the Spartan BTC for quite some time, IMO the new Nautilus BVCs were better for flavor. I agree with you on the viscosity, the Nautilus BVCs had slight issues at 70+ VG. I will ad the Spartan into the article, thank you for reminding me. I guess everyone refers to the Aspire Nautilus because it was such an iconic MTL tank. I guess it was a small revolution for MTL market.


Didn’t Aspire just come out with a Triton Mini with the new claptonc coils? Seems it’s replacing the Nautilus mini?

Alex @ Vaping360

Interesting, thanks for your comment. I will take a look, the coils do look very similar to those on the Nautilus. Maybe the same upgraded BVC K2/K3 coils?


Yes, whatever coils use on the triton mini is capable with the Nautilus mini. I’ve ordered some 1.8 clapton coils to try on my nautilus mini. Will see how it performs.


Triton Mini coils are far superior to the Nautilus coils, and saved my Nautilus from the junk drawer.


No mention of the Joyetech Cubis? That tank sucks as a DTL tank but knocks it out of the park as a MTL… 1.5 Claptons, tight airflow, unrivalled refill practicality. Probably the best MTL tank out there at the mo (although it’s not STRICTLY MTL)

Alex @ Vaping360

Hey Stu, that is because I have not tried it yet. Thank you for the suggestion, I shall order one today. Seems like quite a few people enjoy the Cubis on MTL. Thanks!!


Yes, came here to say this, can’t believe it didn’t even get a mention. The flavour coming out of that thing with the 1.5 clapton puts my lung rigs to shame – and I don’t even MTL (GF does though so I set up all her gear for her.)


To be honest, MTL is a life saver when it comes to quit smoking. If I’d started with some funky custard fruity cereal, 3mg nicotine, high VG e-liquid and DTL I would never been able to quit cigarettes, it’s simply “not the same”. No, a 2200mA ego mod (lasted several day on a charge) a really nice tobacco flavored, high nicotine (I started at 24mg, but quickly had to “go down” to 12mg due to severe dizziness during longer “sessions” 😉 e-liquid and the Nautilus mini did the trick!!! Damn, it was even better than cigarettes (much more nicotine, I was a junkie for that). So now I haven’t smoked one cigarette in over 6 months and not even had a craving for one, that’s a miracle for someone smoking since the age of 14….Now I have of course “evolved” and doing 3mg High VG, funky flavored stuff on a 200W mod with my Uwell Crown (flavor chaser) and have tried TFV4, Innokin and otther Sub ohm’s and thinking of start dripping and of course going to try ceramic coils, but still, as soon as I’m going to the pub my ol’ Nautilus mini goes with me! Give me 2 beers and BOOM! I must have a cigarette! Then it’s so convenient to pull out my little mech mod with the sweet Nautilus mini on it from my inner pocket and take a few drags, damn, I don’t even have to go outside if I’m a little discrete (huge advantage when living in Ireland 😉 So I also hope there’ll be a Nautilus 2 and that you guys here at Vaping 360 keep up the excellent job you’re doing reporting of vaping without the “snobbery”! Thanks!

Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

Exactly! I don’t care the big clouds, I just want the nicotine hit in my mouth. 🙂



What I am vaping on as I read this.

I have all types of gear, but what I will ALWAYS keep on hand is an eGo batt and a Cisco Spec 510 atty with some high nic eliquid (great, and only, for MTL). This set-up allows me to get a wonderful TH, use very little eliquid, have discreet gear and it takes next to no money out of my pocket.

I love all many aspects of vaping, but MTL is my home.

Alex @ Vaping360

You took the words right out of my mouth!

Alex @ Vaping360

Hey Nikko, thank you for your very kind words. I totally agree with you, I too started on quite high (18mg) which I vaped on for about 4-5 months and I then dropped to 12mg. The Vivi Nova did it for me back in the day, I went from a full pack of cigarettes a day to 0 cigarettes a day just by vaping on the vivi. Since then it has come a long way and I too like to vape on the casual sub ohm tank or even build my own coil on a RDA but when I am with friends at home or in the pub then it all comes down to my MTL vape. Being discrete is fantastic, I just like to hold it in a little longer so that little to no vapor comes out. Thanks again for your comment, have a beer on me the next time you’re in a pub! Cheers!


I know this is a month old now but I just came across this article. I quit smoking 60 days ago using the Endura T18. I picked up an Aspire ET starter kit a couple of weeks later to try something different and have a backup in case anything happened to the T18. And, just because the prices were so cheap, I grabbed a Kanger eVod Twist and 2 tank. There is no comparison between the them. The T18 provides the closest draw to a cigarette, more clouds, and superior flavor. The eVod has a better draw than the Aspire but I get barely any clouds. The Aspire gives better clouds but it’s a very airy draw.