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April 11, 2021
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Linx Vapor Apollo E-Nail Review: A Portable Two-in-One Dab Rig

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Dave Kriegel
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Linx Vapor Apollo E-Nail

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What is it?

The Apollo by Linx Vapor is a 2-in-1 portable e-nail. According to Linx Vapor, it’s geared for gourmet THC oil and CBD concentrates. Much like the Session and similar devices, it attaches to your favorite bong or can be used as a standalone rig by using the included glass bubbler. Its body has a rugged look that is reminiscent of the old Eleaf iStick, but much thicker and with a cool looking matte wood grain texture. It has a built-in 2600 mAh battery and four heat settings.

The heating chamber is made of quartz and is designed so that the heating element doesn’t make contact with your material. The coil just heats up the little glass cup, which gently vaporizes the wax and keeps clean up time to a minimum. In this review, I will cover how to use and clean the Apollo and will offer my personal feedback as to how it performs in both standalone and desktop mode.

The Apollo was sent courtesy of Linx Vapor for the purpose of this review

Price: $259.99 (at Linx Vapor)


  • Atomizer chamber: All quartz heating chamber. 11.5 mm (diameter) x 7 mm (height)
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 2600 mAh battery
  • Heating element: Patented in-laid all quartz chamber
  • No exposed heating coil
  • Base dimension: 60 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm
  • Base weight (with atomizer): 5.3 oz / 150 grams
  • Voltage input: 5 volts

Kit contents

Product features

The Apollo comes fully equipped in its own protective carrying case. The case stores everything you need in order to use it in both configurations. This includes the charger, bubbler, carb cap, and water pipe adapter. It also stores an included dab tool cleaning brush for maintenance on the go. Everything fits nicely in the case, and stays well protected due to its padded design.

The device has a lot of great features you typically find on the better portable e-nails. It has four heat settings, a 2600 mAh battery, and an all-glass heating chamber. It seems to have pretty good build quality. According to the Linx website, the Apollo is also heavy-metal tested, which means you won’t be inhaling harmful particulates like on the cheaper off-brand vaporizers.

The main features are the two modes you can run it in. Standalone mode turns the device into an all-in-one mini rig, and e-nail mode allows you to use it with your choice of glassware. It’s nice to have two options, one for long-term use and one for when you want to go somewhere with it.

How to use the Apollo

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Here are some basic tips that will help you learn how to use the Apollo. It can be a little bit confusing at first with the one-button interface, but it becomes easy with a bit of practice.

  • Pack the quartz chamber with a small dab
  • Use the bubbler and airflow insert in standby mode
  • Insert the adapter to use in desktop mode
  • Five clicks will turn the device on and off
  • One click activates or stops it from heating
  • Three clicks to cycle through heat settings
  • Hold power button to activate heat boost mode
  • The device will enter standby mode after 30 seconds
  • It will turn off after 30 seconds in standby mode
  • In desktop mode, gently twist, rotate, and close carb cap
  • In portable mode, cover the airflow insert with your finger
  • In portable mode

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    To use the Apollo as a standalone rig, you’ll need to use the glass bubbler. You can technically use it without water, but if you do, don’t fill it while attached to the device. Remove the bubbler, fill ‘er up, and give it a short inhale to allow the water to settle into place.

    Next, you’ll want to pack the chamber with a dab about the size of a grain of rice. If you’re a real heavy hitter, you’ll be better off doing multiple sessions versus overpacking it. You’ll have an easier time cleaning up and you won’t have to deal with any flooding or leaking.

    Now you can just slide the bubbler onto the device. Note that in standalone mode you’ll need to insert the rubber airflow insert on the bottom of the Apollo. This essentially functions as your carb cap, except it’s at the bottom instead of the top as it normally would be. Not a big deal. Now you can turn the device on, find your ideal heat setting, and vape.


    In desktop mode

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    Before you can use the Apollo in desktop mode, you’ll need to remove the airflow insert and replace it with the pipe adapter. Now you can slide it into your rig. I recommend using an 18 mm piece—it can technically fit into a 14 mm one too, but make sure it has a sturdy base.

    Pack the bowl, attach the carb cap, and let it rip. The carb cap gives you many ways to achieve your preferred puff. You can twist it, open and close it, or put your finger on the hole. You’ll find that you’ll get multiple puffs from a single pack, rather than a single huge puff. The heat boost setting will help you to vaporize that last bit of wax at the end of your session.

    How does it perform?

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    As a standalone device, the performance is pretty solid. The glass bubbler is small but efficient. The cyclonic design gives it a bit more turbulence than I expected, which I enjoyed when dabbing. The chamber is a bit small, but it produces good flavor and nice hits. It’s not going to vaporize the entire dab in one shot, but you’ll get about three or four nice flavorful puffs out off a dab.

    I enjoyed using the Apollo the most in desktop mode. The carb cap is fun to use and offers a lot of versatility. The universal adapter fits most glassware and it has a silicon coating that makes a nice tight seal and is easy to clean. The flavor is really crisp and the hits are smooth, especially with cold water in a percolator bong. I don’t use the heat boost setting during my sessions much because it kills the flavor, but it is useful for clearing out the chamber.

    How to clean the Apollo

    The Apollo is fairly easy to maintain. You’ll need some isopropyl alcohol, water, cotton swabs, and a bit of sea salt for cleaning the bubbler. All of its parts can be taken apart and either soaked or swabbed out with a Q-tip. This video from Linx Vapor covers it in great detail. I recommend following their instructions so that you stay within the one year warranty.

    Here are a few tips for keeping the Apollo clean

    • Make sure all of the parts are dry before use
    • Be gentle when cleaning the glass heating cup
    • Keep the device out of water, clean with a Q-tip
    • Use sea salt when cleaning the glass bubbler section
    • Keep all parts clean for optimal flavor and performance

      Pros / Cons


      • Two-in-one functionality
      • Fits most 14 and 18 mm glassware
      • Pure quartz heating chamber
      • Consistent heating
      • Clean flavor
      • Decent clouds
      • Heat boost setting
      • Four heat settings
      • Great battery life (2600 mAh)
      • Includes carrying case
      • Fast heat-up
      • Easy to clean/maintain


      • Small heating chamber
      • Minor learning curve
      • No passthrough charging



      For a portable e-nail, the Apollo is easily one of the best in its class. I like how all of the pieces are detachable and relatively easy to maintain. It plugs right into most bongs and I like how they’ve included a portable bubbler in the kit too. The biggest con is the chamber size, but it produces clean flavor and is great for micro-dosing. Other than that, the interface takes a little bit of getting used to, and Linx Vapor does not recommend using the Apollo while charging, so no passthrough vaping.

      To sum it up, the Apollo offers a lot of versatility and simplicity—especially once you get familiar with the functions. The flavor is on point and I got some real smooth hits. That is what I expect from an all-glass heating chamber. I enjoyed it most on the lower settings for the clean flavor; it’s better suited for chilling out and passing it around, rather than getting that one massive dab hit. All in all, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid portable e-nail that can fit on your glass rig.

      What do you think of the Linx Apollo? Let me know in the comment section.

      Linx Vapor Apollo E-Nail

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