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November 16, 2021
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Lucy Kapsel Pouches Review

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Jeremy Mann
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Lucy Kapsel Pouches

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Lucy Kapsel pouches review

Lucy nicotine pouches are top-notch for flavor. That's why I was surprised to see a new nicotine pouch line from them, advertised as having even more flavor! And with a unique selling point: a flavor capsule in each pouch. A what?!

Lucy Kapsel pouches are slim-size portions that have a small flavor bead inside that re-saturates the pouch with fresh flavor when broken. These pouches are available in two nicotine strengths, 4 mg, and 8 mg. And there are three flavors to choose from that have this flavor enhancer: mango, cool cider, and spearmint.  

As discussed in my previous review, Lucy pouches come in a plastic two-part lid but with only 15 per can. It's the same with the Kapsel pouches. Lucy Kapsel pouches are more expensive than other brands' regular pouches at $35 for a 6-can pack, but less expensive than Lucy's normal line at $40. As of now, they are available on the Lucy site but not yet in your typical retail outlets. 

Price: $35 for a 6-pack one-time buy (discounts for subscriptions)

Nicotine: 4 mg, 8 mg

Flavors: mango, cool cider, spearmint.

What is a Kapsel?

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The "kapsel" in the new Lucy nicotine pouches is a flavor capsule or bead that, when broken, re-moistens and saturates the nicotine pouch with flavor. To break open the capsule inside the pouch, just use force in between your cheeks or squeeze it in your mouth just from normal use. 

Once putting the pouch in your mouth, you'll feel the bead. It creates a less slim profile of the pouches until it's broken, after which point it feels like their regular pouches.

Lucy Kapsel flavors

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Lucy flavors are already some of the best pouch flavors I had tried. I was curious how these enhanced pouches would work. Spoiler alert: they're really good too. That said, there are still reasons to choose their regular pouch flavors, which I will get into in the overall experience section.


Nectar of mango intensified. A tad different than their normal mango, which is spectacular. In Kapsel, the flavor bead turns it up so much that it's less natural and more of a confectionery flavor—but it still tastes amazing. Mango. Sweet mango.

Cool cider

Their cool cider but amplified. I prefer this one in the Kapsel line. An intense cider and peppermint. Really good.


One of the sweetest and developed spearmint flavors I've had. It’s developed and not boring. I'm still quite partial to the fruit flavors, but this mint is no slouch. Best mint I've tried in a pouch.

Overall experience

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Modern oral nicotine products are not normally viewed as very exciting. But these pouches have an edge. A flavor edge. It's not a gimmick! The flavor from these pouches is something you have to experience to "get." But even with more flavor, there's always a tradeoff.

Sometimes when I use the Kapsels, the bead breaks on its own—and frequently within the first couple minutes of parking it. That’s fine, but I’d like to control it. Another minor issue is that the little bead makes finding a comfortable parking spot in your cheeks a little more clumsy than normal, at least in the first few moments. 

Lucy pouches in general have a pleasant but strong nicotine sensation. It's not uncomfortable or irritating on my gums like ON!. It's a noticeable impact that seems to get in your system faster than most other pouches with equal nicotine strengths, but with less burn. It’s the same with the Kapsels. Of course, if you want it lower, you can get 4 mg.

Overall, I think Kapsels are a great option for your alternative nicotine toolbox. If you'd like to save a few bucks from their regular line and get a flavor rush you could never imagine with a nicotine pouch, give Kapsels a try.

Lucy Kapsel Pouches

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