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ON! Nicotine Pouches Review

Jeremy Mann
October 14, 2021

ON! nicotine pouches review

ON! nicotine pouches are mild-flavored mini pouches. They have six flavors: cinnamon, coffee, citrus, berry, wintergreen, and mint. I’m reviewing their cinnamon, coffee, and citrus.

ON! pouches come in rounded rectangular plastic boxes with on-board disposal of used pouches. The pack can confuse you at first. To access the compartments, flip the bottom front-facing side to open the pack; flip down the back top-side for disposal.

ON! pouches come in four options to choose your nicotine strengths: 2 mg, 3 mg, 4 mg, and 8 mg. They’re mini-size, being a few millimeters shorter than Rogue. My jewelry scale weighed them in at 0.25 g. The pouches are soft and slightly moist and there’s no loose powder in the tins like Dryft.

ON! flavors

ON! flavors are mild. They’re not flavorless by any means, or even as light as ZYN; they’re just not an in-your-face flavor punch like Rogue. My favorites of this bunch are cinnamon and coffee. I expected to like the citrus the most, but it didn’t do much for me. Just too plain-Jane for my taste.

ON! nicotine pouch: cinnamon

A traditional spicy cinnamon flavor like Big Red. It’s got some earthiness to it though, so it’s not as sweet but the spice is high. If you like cinnamon in general, you’ll like this flavor. It’s about as straightforward as you can get for a flavor.

ON! nicotine pouch: coffee

There’s more wiggle room with coffee than with cinnamon. I’m a coffee drinker and I appreciate this one. It’s more of a slightly sweetened black coffee flavor. There’s no cream in there, but it’s not aggressive and doesn’t have a burnt coffee taste. Again, it’s mild, but present enough to keep it enjoyable.

ON! nicotine pouch: citrus

Another straightforward flavor. Very little pizzaz. You taste citrus for sure. But, it’s really just a non-descript citrus flavor with a hint of lemon. Not bad, just not very exciting to my buds.

Overall experience

ON! pouches are comfortable and easy to use and get in place. Though, their small size can easily get folded up and bent out of shape when making passes from inside of your mouth. That can be irksome if you have to take it out.

Despite being mini-size and only weighing 0.26 g, the flavors last. Particularly with the cinnamon. The flavor takes a couple minutes to come on, but it stays pretty consistent throughout the time under your lip. They lasted about 25-35 minutes for me, but I don’t hold for extended times.

I like ON! pouches, but I don’t love them. I don’t seek them out, but I wouldn’t reject them either.

I'm the chief editor here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.
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Sam Kingrey
Sam Kingrey
1 year ago

I love them, after being a regular smoker for 50 years. Finnally something I can enjoy without having to get used too when starting out!

2 years ago

I’m trying these new nicotine pouches. Only side affect that am finding so far is hiccups. They do last 20-25 min. This would be a good way to get your nicotine fix while traveling on a plane or other means of transportation that ban you from smoking.

1 year ago

One more thing to note is the size comparison to other nicotine pouches. I used to use Zyn but it was so noticeable that I had something between my gums. I use the 2mg NO! pouches (not sure if the higher mg are larger, or just more concentrated) but these are much smaller in scale compared to 3mg Zyn pouches, and not noticeable by others. Some people may not care, but it’s a huge plus for me.

1 year ago

Zyn is a MUCH higher quality product and worth the extra cost. Very little to no loose powder in the container unlike ON.

1 year ago

I love these ON! nicotine pouches. I personally really enjoy the citrus flavor over the others I’ve tried. My local gas station always has them 5 for $8 so it’s a cheap alternative to other pouches. My biggest gripe is that every time I open a new container, I feel like Lebron James tossing chalk in the air before a basketball game. I’ve never opened a container that didn’t have a ton of stray powder in it. I like the small opening on the back for used pouches as well. I don’t enjoy littering and there is not always a… Read more »