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October 12, 2021
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Rogue Nicotine Pouches Review

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Jeremy Mann
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Rogue Nicotine Pouches

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Rogue nicotine pouches review

Rogue nicotine pouches are some of the more flavorful and sweet nicotine pouches I've tried. This review is of their apple and mango, the two of their flavors I was most curious about. The other flavors they have are peppermint and wintergreen.

Rogue pouches come in traditional dip tins, and in two nicotine strengths: 3 mg and 6 mg. The tins do not have storage for used pouches, like ON!. But there are twenty pouches per tin. Twenty should be standard, but some brands have fewer, like Lucy.

The Rogue pouches are mini-size, though a few mm larger than ON!. Using my trusty jewelry scale, the pouches weighed in at 0.65 grams. They're soft and moderately moist. There's no loose powder in the tins like Velo, but they’re not stuck together like Niin.

Price: Between $3-$5

Nicotine: 3 mg and 6 mg

Flavors: Mango, apple, wintergreen, peppermint.

Rogue flavors

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Judging from the two flavors I've tried, Rogue makes pouches for flavor junkies. If you like the more subtle and mild variety, Velo might be a better fit. Rogue fruit flavors are bright and sweet, with an aromatic blend of natural and sweet tastes.

Rogue nicotine pouch: mango

Ever since JUUL popularized mango flavor in their pod vapes, I've been a fan of the mango-nicotine combo. The Rogue mango is a mouth-watering combination of natural mango mixed with what smells like Haribo Peach gummies. Although it's not a peach flavor, it really reminds me of that.

Rogue nicotine pouch: apple

I really enjoyed the mango, but I actually like the apple more. Just like with the mango, there is a natural/candy thing going on. The apple tastes and smells like a granny smith apple mixed with a Jolly Rancher sour apple. What self-respecting adult doesn't love old-school candy flavors like that?

Overall experience

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Rogue is a winner for me. The flavor lasts for about 30-45 minutes with the first five minutes being the most intense, but that's a bit subjective. Their highest nicotine concentration isn't enough for me to get a burn or much of a serious rush. The feeling is noticeable, just not aggressively so.

Rogue is one of my favorite brands of the eight or so I've tried. The pouches are easy to get into place and flip to another side. They rarely get stuck or folded out of shape when I'm making moves in my mouth.

Rogue can be found at many tobacco shops and online. It depends on where you live if you'd see them in C-stores. If you're used to getting pouches from one place that doesn't have Rogue, I'd recommend seeking them out.

Rogue Nicotine Pouches

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Jeremy Mann

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