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Magma Reborn RDA Review

Jeremy Mann
January 20, 2016

Magma Reborn RDA Intro

Does the term “flavor-chasing” mean anything to you? If so, and especially if you’re into RDAs, you’ve likely heard of the Magma RDA by Paradigm Modz. But, if you haven’t heard of the Magma…

Since early 2014, the Magma RDA by Paradigm Modz was considered to be, by many RDA users, one of the top flavor-chasing RDAs. Hell, the whole notion of flavor-chasing RDAs was in part spurred by the Magma due to its signature features: dome-shaped top cap, reduced chamber and direct-to-coil, bottom-fed airflow.

Paradigm Modz has released a new and updated version of their flagship Magma with the Magma Reborn. With this new version, it’s clear—when you see it—that it’s designed to be a cloud- and flavor-chaser’s atty. Retaining most of the key features of the original Magma, just up-sized, my expectations are high for this atty considering how much I absolutely adored the first one.

Let’s have a look and see if the Magma Reborn can give birth to a better experience than the v1.

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Magma Reborn RDA Specs and Features


  • 24 mm Diameter
  • Solid negative and positive square posts with 3 mm post holes
  • Deep juice well (can hold 4 to 5 mL)
  • Dual 3.5 mm direct-to-coil airhole
  • Airflow control ring set at 1 mm
  • 2 mm
  • and 2.5 mm slotted
  • Domed shaped topcap for flavor which can now be easily detached for dripping
  • *Package includes widebore dripcap for cloudchasing. 1 o-ring 1 extra peek insulator
  • *2 extra screws and an extra 510 pin
  • Available in Gunmetal and Black Teflon Finish

Notable Remarks


Magma Reborn Pack
Magma Reborn Pack

Build Deck

Magma Reborn Deck
Magma Reborn Deck

Just like with the original Magma by Paradigm Mods, the Magma Reborn uses a two post deck which is super easy to build on.  With mostly all the updates of this new version, what separates the Magma Reborn from its predecessor is size.

The posts and post holes are now HUGE.  I don’t know the height of the tall posts, but the post holes are 3 mm in dimeter! The beefy, long Phillips head screws trap firmly and don’t back out, and the posts won’t spin (at least mine have not).  I can’t imagine too many builders not being able to trap whatever exotic builds they want.

Note: If you like to use thin wire for straight-forward builds, like 26 gauge and above, I would recommend sticking with the original Magma unless you are finessed enough to know how to trap without snapping thin wire in this kinda situation.

Juice Well

Magma Reborn Well
Magma Reborn Well

Just like with the original, The Magma Reborn has a deep juice well.  But this well is not just deep, it’s very deep.  Able to hold up to 4+ mL of liquid! And since this atomizer is clearly made for those that like exotic coils, it’s a godsend to not have to re-drip on those low ohm builds after every couple pulls.

It’s hard for me to say how many pulls you can get off of this before re-dripping, because everyone builds differently, but I can say this well should keep your wicks saturated for a good amount of time, even if you use power-hungry builds.

Airflow and Controller

Just as the original Magma had an airflow controller ring that has to be adjusted with the top cap unscrewed, the Magma Reborn utilizes this same feature.  It’s not hard to use, but it’s also not exactly the most convenient if you like to change settings while you vape (though, once it’s set, it’s locked into place and won’t accidentally move).

Unlike the original Magma, this airflow set-up is perfect for those hot builds by allowing for a lot of air via 2.5 mm slots which feed a two massive 3.5 mm direct-to-coil, bottom-fed airflow holes!  You can cut the slots off some or use the 2 mm or 1 mm settings, but to me this atty is best used either with the slots wide open or closed off just a tad.

The airflow isn’t the excessive but it is quite—it has much more airflow than the previous Magma, and it is more than sufficient for most exotic builds.  One con for me is that with the airflow wide open, it can be a bit noisy.  Not quite whistling, but still somewhat loud.

Top Caps of the Magma Reborn

Magma Reborn Top
Magma Reborn Top

The Magma Reborn comes with a wide bore drip-top and a SS-based cap to be used with your own drip tip.  Let’s be honest here: too many RDAs do not come with these extras, yet the maker will sell you the top cap for an extra charge on top of an already over-priced item.  I am stoked to see Paradigm Mods not do that with this.

I prefer the delrin top, but it’s nice to know I can change it up if I want without having to shell out another $20-30 just for a dang top cap!

Both top caps are conical (dome-shaped).  I am not sure if I am correct here, but I think the Paradigm Mods was the first to use this type of design for top caps. It does (IMO) increase flavor—maybe—by allowing for vapor to move more smoothly up to the drip tip and not get caught in any right angles.  It’s also beautiful, and kinda their signature thing.


Magma Reborn Disassembled
Magma Reborn Disassembled

The finish comes in gunmetal and Teflon coated black. I have one gunmetal (sent to me free for this review) and one black Teflon I bought from Vape Super Center.  The black Teflon has a couple very tiny spots that seem like the coating didn’t take, but it could just be a one-off thing.  Dunno.  Overall though, I like both finishes and am undecided as to which one I like better (the Teflon has a bit of a texture as shown).

Does it Leak?

With the original Magma, one of the common complaints with it was that it easily leaked.  Seeing how the deck was laid out with the bottom-fed airflow, many posited that the airflow holes should be raised above the deck that they sat in.  Paradigm Mods addressed that in the Magma Reborn, but in my limited experience with this atty, I see the ‘fix’ as successful to a degree.  It will still leak if you over-drip, but not as easy as the first Magma.  Just be cognizant of the refill and you should be fine—after all, it’s not a tank.


Magma Reborn Display
Magma Reborn Display

Aside from the uber-wide bore drip-top, the Magma Reborn looks exactly like the original Magma, except that it’s the original Magma on steroids! Also, with this new version, it’s now a 24 mm atty instead of 22 mm.  Most have mods that can accommodate 22 mm, but with 24 mm, a lot of mods will not have the flush look with this. Luckily there are quite a few choices now that that can accommodate larger atomizers (I use my Magma Reborn with the RX200 by Wismec and Jaybo).


Magma Reborn Build
Magma Reborn Build

Look, the original Magma performed great, period! But that was at a time when most were only doing simple, one-strand builds of a higher resistance—somewhat predating the uber-low, ‘sub-ohm’ craze. But even with a super low-ohm build, the Magma Reborn has some in-your-face flavor.  And, yeah, all that flavor is coming in the form of dense clouds!  I got my Magma Reborn and promptly put on a fused Clapton (LV Clapton) that gave me a most flavorful blast that fogged up the room in no time. The Magma Reborn performs great, but particularly for exotic coils.


  • Huge post holes that can handle very large diameter, exotic coils
  • Capable of fantastic flavor
  • Easy to achieve massive, dense clouds
  • A very deep juice well
  • No spinning posts
  • Conical top cap
  • Solid, sturdy screws
  • Serialized for authenticity (the Magma was counterfeited up the wazoo!)
  • Full-set of extra parts, including an extra top cap and a spare PEEK insulator!
  • Good price for all that’s included


  • You have to unscrew the top cap to adjust the airflow ring
  • A little noisy on aggressive lung hits


I used to LOVE the first Magma, but since then I’ve moved on to liking—better yet, needing—more airflow; the Magma Reborn gives me that while retaining all the best of the original Magma, including all that flavor . . . and more!  I can pretty confidently say that if you are a flavor-chaser and enjoy building exotic coils with low sub-ohm builds, and you want adequate airflow to cool those builds, the performance of the Magma Reborn will not disappoint.  I think it’s a strong RDA and does what it sets out to do.

I'm the chief editor here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.
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Davis Brown
Davis Brown
5 years ago

I love this rda. And now there are getting ready to release rdta 🙂

Abdulmajeed Jaffer
Abdulmajeed Jaffer
5 years ago

Where can I get a spare peek insulator for the Magma Reborn, I didn’t get a spare and the one that came installed broke off 🙁

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