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Mojo Disposable Vape Review | Disposable but Not Junk! [Update]
January 14, 2019
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Mojo Disposable Vape Review: Disposable but Not Junk! [Update]

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Jeremy Mann
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Mojo Disposables

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Mojo disposable vapes are the ideal e-cigs for the ultimate in convenience. They’re ready for immediate use and to be discarded after the flavor and vapor fade away (advertised as good for 250 puffs).

The Mojo Disposables are currently available in eight separate flavors with each one holding 1.2 mL of 50 mg/mL nic salt.

Mojo Flavors: Cool Melon, Lemon Dessert, Strawberry, Peach, Pineapple Ice, Menthol, Classic Tobacco, and Cubano

Price: $6.99


  • Draw activated
  • 1.2 mL
  • 50 mg/mL nic salt
  • Eight flavors
  • 73 mm tall
  • Just over 13 g

Build quality and design

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The Mojo Disposables are tiny one-piece design pod-like vapes. They’ve got a flattened octagon form-factor that tapers into a bullet-like shape at the mouthpiece. They stand just over 73 mm (about 3”) and weigh next to nothing (just over 13 grams). Literally just a couple grams more than two 8 x 11 sheets of printer paper! They’re so small and light, I can easily hold them between my lips while my hands are occupied.

They all come with a tab on the bottom and a plug in the mouthpiece — those have to be removed before you can vape on it. All the flavors are colored differently, which makes it easier to know which flavor you’re reaching for – unlike JUUL pods that are indistinguishable once removed from their pod cover. For instance, Lemon Dessert has a white body with the Mojo logo in yellow, or like the Cool Melon that’s a pastel green with a dark green logo.

Like most ultra-portables, there’s a light that turns on when you take a hit. But on the Mojo, it’s a very bright light (illuminating from one of the two tiny airholes). I think it’s too bright. You can damn near use them as a mini flashlight! Frankly, I think that undermines it’s stealthiness... but that’s not a major issue I guess.


The vapor of the Mojo is as good as other pod vapes (at least for the first few hours of use), but the flavor and throat hit are notable almost throughout the entire battery life. For such a small device with a tiny non-rechargeable battery, it flat out impressed me! It’s quiet with no crackling hits, and I’ve only gotten juice in the mouth a couple times (likely because I was getting a bit overzealous with taking long hits).

They’re advertised to last for 250 puffs. I tried to count, but I can never keep track. I don’t know if 250 is true, but you can easily get a full day out of it. They’re advertised as having as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. I only say so because that’s part of their advertising – personally, I hate the comparison even if it’s technically true.

The Mojo Disposables start out strong and they keep up their intensity for a lot longer than disposables of old. But it’s a small lithium-ion battery inside. It will die! Once the vapor starts to diminish, you’ll know it’s coming. But luckily, the battery dies right as it runs out of juice (I hacked mine to check). That means you aren’t paying for juice to be holed up in a device without a rechargeable battery.


The Mojo Flavors

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Strawberry: A semi-sweet and slightly candy tasting strawberry. There's no off-notes or anything strange with this flavor. The throat hit is more light with this one.

Cool Melon: Slightly natural tasting and somewhat like candy. It’s not full-on menthol, just a bit cool on the throat. They work well together. Probably my third favorite of the whole line.

Peach: Somewhere between an authentic peach and a candy peach. This is one of the better straight-up peach flavors. It's light but sweet enough to make you want to come back for more. Like Strawberry, the throat hit is lighter on this flavor.

Lemon Dessert: Light and fluffy lemon cake! I depleted these faster than all the others. Thank goodness no “coolness” was added here! This was easily my favorite.

Pineapple Ice: A sweet and cold pineapple that could use a bit more acidity. A bit artificial tasting to me and the menthol didn’t help. But the throat hit is satisfying, and the flavor is actually growing on me.

Menthol: Ice cold menthol with no funny business! There’s not much more to say. It’s menthol. Of course, the throat hit is good on menthol!

Classic Tobacco: One of the more unique prefilled tobacco flavors I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot. It’s slightly similar to the Phix prefilled tobacco, but still maybe not as nutty. It’s incredibly difficult to describe. I like it though! Solid throat hit. My second favorite.

Cubano: This is an uncompromising cigar flavor. It's got a woody and leathery taste mixed with dry tobacco. It's not as good to me as tobacco, but I also was not much a fan of cigars even when I smoked. If you like cigars, it might be one you should try. The throat hit is more pronounced with Cubano.


In the original review, this section was titled "The only flaw." I pointed out that the Mojo could auto-fire when accidentally drawing on the wrong end. We reached out to Mojo and they said:

"I wanted to let you know that we have adjusted the design of our device in order to combat against the auto firing issue that occurs when you drag on the bottom of the device. There was a small e-liquid leak from the joint between the core print and transparent tube. This was causing the tank core to automatically continue to work due to the drip tip being immersed by the e-liquid."

I received the new samples from Mojo and, as far as I could tell, the auto-fire issue has been fixed. I opened up all the devices (they sent me dozens) and tried to get them to auto-fire by drawing on the wrong end. Nothing happened! Not one of them auto-fired.

Pros / Cons


  • Small and convenient size
  • Several flavors to choose from
  • Great throat hit
  • Really good flavor (for such a simple device)
  • Good vapor (for such a small device)
  • Color coding helps you keep track of flavors


  • Disposables are wasteful


This device could be helpful to smokers or just anyone looking for ultimate in convenience. It’s one of the better disposable e-cigs I’ve tried. The flavor output is good, the throat hit is solid and it’s even got good vapor for such a tiny thing.

It’s not just good compared to disposables either, which are historically pretty bad. The Mojo disposables are even better than some pod vapes out there. I enjoy using it and I recommend these devices based on what I've tried. And I'm happy to say, Mojo fixed the auto-fire issue.

Mojo Disposables

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Jeremy Mann

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