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September 9, 2022
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MOTI ONE 4000 Disposable Kit Review: More Than Meets the Eye

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Jeremy Mann
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Product intro and specs

The MOTI ONE 4000 is a new disposable kit from MOTI that’s both innovative and flavorful. It comes in 10 flavors and holds 10 mL of juice, with a nicotine concentration of 2% (20 mg/mL). They’re geared toward a loose MTL to a tight MTL.

Although classified as a disposable, the lines start to grey when you discover that the device houses a rechargeable/removable 600 mAh battery, along with disposable and replaceable pods.

In effect, the MOTI ONE 4000 is more like a replaceable pod device with the form-factor of high-puff disposables. Altogether, it’s a three-part design: the pod, the battery, and a removable “stepless” airflow ring.

Additionally, the MOTI ONE 4000 utilizes a Type-C charge port, and high-performance mesh coils rated at 1.0 ohm. Toss in the “skin-friendly mouthpiece” (more on that later,) and it would seem that the MOTI ONE 4000 has a lot of upsides. But is everything perfect? Let’s see about that.

Price: TBD

Flavors: Blue storm, crispy apple, spearmint, aloe grape, pina colada, peach mango, gummy bear, creamy strawberry, lush ice, mixed berries.


  • Dimensions: 106 mm x 25.5 mm
  • Nicotine content: 2% / 20 mg
  • Pod capacity: 10 mL
  • Battery capacity: 600 mAh
  • Charging: Type-C

Kit contents

Size, look, and feel

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At first glance, the MOTI ONE 4000 looks like your typical disposable. After handling one, you soon realize there’s more to it. For starters, the “skin-friendly” material used on the outside of the device is a soft rubber. Vapes with rubberized coatings are not new, but the softness of this rubber (as well as its thickness) is what’s different here. The majority of the device has the touch of a bouncy ball, and the tip itself is all rubber. It’s a pleasure to hold, draw on, and bite! I’d choose this over the hard plastics of other disposables.

The MOTI ONE 4000 is perfectly pocketable, much like a mechanical mod is. In other words, it’s “pocketable”, but you’re not likely to travel with more than one in your pocket. The dimensions are 25.5 mm x 106 mm. There was a time when this size device would’ve been unheard of as a disposable, but it’s standard fare these days.

The colorways range from vibrant to pastel-ish. They’re done well, though I’m not a fan of brightly colored vapes. The toy-like feeling of the device is further exacerbated by the blue glowing light that appears around the airflow ring while you’re vaping. At least the whole bottom portion doesn’t glow. Of course, these are subjective matters of preference.

Getting started

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Each MOTI ONE 4000 comes in its own box. Simply remove the device from all its packaging and plugs and start vaping.

There’s a knurled airflow ring sitting between the pod and battery that adjusts the draw from a tight MTL to a restricted lung hit. Just turn it. The tolerances are tight, and it won’t slip when the device is fully together. I like it best fully open for a loose MTL.

Of note: where the airflow intake sits, it’s easy to accidentally cover it with your hand, which will prevent the device from activating. If you go to take a draw and it doesn’t activate, check to see if your hand is covering the air hole.

Where things get interesting and maybe a bit wonky, is in the removal of the battery. And since these are only 600 mAh batteries, you’re going to be charging (re: removing the battery) frequently.

The Type-C charge port is on the inside top portion of the battery section. To remove the battery, pull it until it comes off. Then charge it. The wonkiness comes in when putting the pod back on the battery.

First, the airflow ring is removable. Mine came off when taking the battery off. It’s no big deal, but you can lose it if you’re not careful. Luckily, you can still use the device without it, but it would look like it’s missing something.

Second, when you go to put the pod back on the battery, the device won’t activate unless you have it lined up a certain way. Here’s how to make sure you get it situated properly:

  • Line up the side of the battery branded with “MOTI” to the side of the pod branded with the flavor. Push the two together.
  • Make sure the airflow ring hasn’t moved to the off position. If it has, it won’t activate when you draw on the tip. Just turn the ring so some of the airflow hole is open.
  • If the device isn’t activating with airflow hole open (and your hand isn’t covering the airhole,) it’s not aligned properly. Pull it off again and align it right (see first bullet.) If you just turn the battery base to get it aligned right, you might (as I did) crack the base of the pod. That plastic is a little thin down there, MOTI!

    How does it hit?

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    For MTL vaping satisfaction, the MOTI ONE 4000 hits like a dream. The device hits quietly and quickly. Those 1.0-ohm mesh coils perform like champs!

    Although the draw is MTL, it’s smooth and it puts out a hefty amount of vapor (and flavor) if you take longer draws. If you want less vapor, you can shorten your hits and close off the airflow some.

    The 2% nicotine isn’t stated to be nic salt or lab-made nicotine, so I suspect it’s freebase. Regardless of the type of nicotine it has, the throat hit is solid but not overly aggressive like the big disposables with 5% nicotine.

    Are the flavors any good?

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    Yes. The flavors are good. I’d go so far as to say they’re great! Of course, some I like more than others, but I give MOTI big props for the flavor performance of these devices. They’re mostly icy flavors, but not so cold as to give you a brain freeze. They’re possibly the most balanced icy flavors I’ve tried in a disposable.

    Pina Colada: The pina colada flavor is bright and rich. Fully desert flavor here. It’s like coconut cream and juicy pineapple, blended into a sweet shake. This is juice mixing at a high level. And I never like pina colada flavors. Wow!

    Aloe Grape: I recently tried a moon drop grape for the first time. The grape in Aloe Grape tastes like that, but without the skin. Nothing bitter here. The aloe flavor is right up my alley. Exotic and hard to compare to anything but itself. Unique. Tasty!

    Spearmint: A juicy and fragrant spearmint with just enough ice to intensify the flavor. There’s a ton of flavor with this one, and it’s not just a boring “gum” flavor—although it’s unmistakably spearmint. I hit it and was saying to myself, “I thought you didn’t like spearmint!” Yum.

    Peach Mango: Sweet and juicy. The deep flavor of mango nectar and the refreshing stone fruit flavor of peach. It’s a classic combination, yet it doesn’t taste cliche or like turnkey flavors. Sweet and natural. Maybe 60/40 mango to peach.

    Gummy Bear: The aroma is very close to a gummy bear (like the clear ones). The exhale is both candy-like along with a bright note of pineapple and coolness. Guilty pleasure.

    Creamy Strawberry: An immersive strawberry and cream. It’s not your run-of-the-mill strawberry milk powder taste. I taste natural but sweetened strawberry and vanilla, with a moderate level of cooling.

    Lush Ice: Sweet, bright, and slightly floral (in a good way). The ice complements these flavors well. It’s not an obvious watermelon taste, but it doesn’t taste like watermelon candy either. I like to think of lush ice as more of a mystery sweet and floral flavor. I vaped this one until dry, in a day.

    Mixed Berries: A variety of berry notes. Blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry at least. It’s tart and sweet, with a slight edge on the sweet side. Oddly enough, this is one of the most straightforward flavors of the bunch, despite it being a more obvious multi-mix. Decent enough.

    Crispy Apple: It’s a tart granny smith taste with just enough sweetness to keep it enticing. It’s really good. I imagine, if you like apple flavors a lot, this will knock your socks off.

    Blue Storm:  Not your typical blue razz vape juice flavoring. All those elements are there, but it’s done in a more unique way. Really tart and moderately sweet. A fair amount of cooling.

    Pros / Cons


    • Incredible hand-feel from soft touch rubber
    • Rubber mouthpiece is a very comfortable
    • Swappable batteries and pods
    • Ridiculous flavor
    • Dense vapor
    • Legit MTL to loose MTL
    • Ten flavors to choose from


    • A bit wonky to swap pods with batteries
    • Plastic is too thin at base (can crack)
    • Easy to cover up airflow (preventing activation)
    • Low battery capacity is inconvenient
    • Depletes juice too quickly
    • Long charge



    There’s a lot to love about the MOTI ONE 4000. The outstanding flavor performance, the perfect MTL draw, the dense vapor, the soft-touch rubber, and the swapability of the pods and batteries.

    But all is not perfect. The main cons for me are that the battery is just too low in mAh to be convenient, the MOTI ONE 4000 guzzles juice, and it’s easy to crack the base of the pod (though functionality remains).

    Also, I don’t know yet if the pods will be sold without the batteries. I hate to think about how many batteries I’d have on hand when all I would need are more pods. It’s all going in the trash anyway...sooner or later. I’m already itching to get more Pina Colada. I don’t need another battery!

    I went through these disposables faster than any prefilled pod (or disposable) I’ve been sent in quite some time. MOTI sent me ten devices and they’re all finished (in about a week and a half).

    Highly recommended with several caveats (see the cons section).

    MOTI ONE 4000

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