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October 31, 2016
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MyVapors MyJet Review

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Jeremy Mann
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MyVapors MyJet

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MyJet intro

The MyJet Express Kit by MyVapors (in conjunction with Wismec) is yet another discreet pod vape that is designed much like the JUUL, the Cync, the Von Erl, etc., but different in one key way. With the MyJet, you have the option of either buying pre-filled pods (in the Deluxe version), or to buy empty pods for your own e-juice.

The MyJet is a small e-cigarette shaped like a USB-stick with a 350 mAh battery and 1.3-ohm coils, and it uses open pods for filling with the user's own juice (1.1 mL). It is currently (AFAIK) the only pod-vape that comes like this.

But, as always, there are a few things you should know before buying. In this review, we will take a close look at the MyJet while also giving a couple helpful tips/tricks to getting the most out of it. Let's check out the MyJet.


The FDA announced Jan. 2 that it will begin enforcing all Deeming Rule requirements immediately for prefilled pod- and cartridge-based vaping products in flavors other than tobacco and menthol. Products sold after Feb. 2 are subject to enforcement if the FDA has not granted them marketing approval through a premarket tobacco application (PMTA). No PMTAs have been approved for vaping products yet. The FDA guidance only applies to products sold in the United States.

MyJet Gallery

MyJet Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • MyJet battery
  • Fillable Pod System
  • 2 x 1.2 mL pods
  • Charger


Notable Remarks

Wait... ``fillable``?

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I knew you could use your own juice with the MyJet, but I didn't pay much attention to the slippery wording of the product. The MyJet is intended for one filling (it's "fillable"), not necessarily designed to be refillable. I opened the package and assembled a pod — empty — just to see how it fit together, and then I quickly realized that the manufacturer had no real intention on this being filled more than once.

Okay, that pissed me off, but I was mostly pissed at myself for not paying closer attention. I bought this to get away from being locked into a juice... even my OWN juice! Oh well, time for a hack.

Good news: you can refill the MyJet, and even re-wick it. It's an easy "hack" to figure out, but there are just a few tips to make it easier for you to achieve this, which we detail in a pictorial.

Fit and finish

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Just my personal opinion here, but of all the pod-vapes shaped like a USB-stick (JUUL, Von Erl, Cync), I think the MyJet feels the most well-made (and it to me looks the best, although all of these types are patterned after the JUUL). The feel of the battery is a bit slick to the touch, but the sides round off to a flat surface, which makes holding it in between my fingers feel natural and relatively ergonomic.

The MyJet is 105 mm x 18 mm x 9.5 mm fully assembled, making it slightly larger than the JUUL, but approximately the same size as all the others like it. The weight is also the approximately the same as the others, save for the JUUL.

One area that the MyJet excels in over a few of its counterparts is its pod/battery tolerances. The pod clicks into the MyJet battery with absolutely no wiggle room. No issues with pods falling or not making a solid connection. When your pod is in, it is in! And you can't put the pod in backwards (like you can with the Cync).

The pods do not leak in any significant way to make you worry (maybe just a tiny bit of seepage, but no real issue). And I have not experienced issues with spitting or gurgling either with the MyJet (those are issues for some reason with other pod vapes).


The MyJet Pods

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The MyJet uses 1.2 mL pods and they are as easy to fill as any other small bottom-fill tank. Fill it just shy of the bottom of the chimney, and then put the base (wick and coil) on. You could either prime your wick and coil before putting the pod and base together, or you can fill it and wait a few minutes for the cotton to absorb.

One thing to be cognizant of when using the MyJet is the juice window. I love the looks of the juice window, but like the Von Erl and the JUUL, the lowest exposed portion of the window that you see (while vaping) does not tell you the whole picture of your liquid level. Once the liquid reaches the lowest point of the fill window, you are not yet empty. The pod will look empty when it gets low, but there is about 30% of the e-juice left. Not seeing juice always makes me nervous of a dry hit. I wish the window was accurate to the remaining level of liquid.


Your pods will arrive to you with plastic plugs at the tip of the pod and its base (for leak prevention during transit). Pop those off. If you forget to take them off, you will think your MyJet is not working.

The MyJet hit

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Say it with me: The MyJet is a mouth-to-lung device. And a tight one at that! If you are used to taking huge, open-draw hits for massive clouds, please don't judge this up against that. Unlike a few of the others pod vapes, the MyJet does not straddle the fence with its draw. This type of draw is closer to a cigarette draw than any other pod-vape I've used. Judge it up against that.

If you try to take a big/fast hit, it will make your cheeks collapse and you will think it's clogged or something. Take it easy. The actuator is quite responsive. If you think you might want a more open draw, look into the Cync. If you know you like an MTL hit (cigarette-style hit), you're in the right place.


The performance of the MyJet is good if your e-juice is roughly in the 60% range for VG (recommended by MyVapors). The percentage of PG can be as high as 70% based on my experience. Once again, though, you have to realize this is a MTL device. The performance of a MTL device differs greatly from a direct-lung device.

The vape is warm, and the throat hit (if your nic is high) is full and solid, not sharp and scratchy. The flavor is good (just as it should be with a MTL device), and the vapor is decent enough to not make me want more, but not so much that I can't use the MyJet as a stealth device. But note: it puts out more vapor than a simple cigalike.

The longevity of the coils is not that great, though. Maybe three refills before needing a rewick. The rewicking process is relatively straight forward. Just pull it out and replace with cotton of a similar size and length. If the coil is gunked (which you will be able to see), you will need to completely disassemble the pods and use a lighter to "dry burn" off the build-up. [Tutorial coming soon]

Battery life of the MyJet

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The battery does not die as quickly as one might think, but if you are using the MyJet as your sole device, it likely won't make it through the day at 350 mAh with the 1.3-ohm MyJet coil. It is no way for me to say how long it will last you, but it's best to keep the proprietary charger with you just in case (and you can use it as a passthru). Or, just buy more than one — which may be a good idea since the MyJet is so small, it is easy to lose.

Options for the MyJet

When the MyJet was first introduced, it was marketed with a PCC and various flavor-pods from various manufacturers. To my knowledge, these are still coming, just not yet on the market. The Deluxe Kit does have pre-filled pods, but the flavors are from MyVapors. I haven't seen or heard anything about the PCC yet. It would be nice to have a PCC with this since, at 350 mAh, there isn't much battery life.
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The average price now for this kit is about $30. It comes with the proprietary charger, two empty (1.2 mL) pods, and the MyJet battery. Luckily the pods are not truly a closed system.


  • Ability to use your own juice
  • Inconspicuous
  • Feels and looks like a quality device
  • Lightweight
  • Decent vapor for its size
  • Good flavor
  • Great throat hit (if nic is high enough)
  • Dislikes

    • Tiny bit of effort to refill, i.e., hack
    • Pods don't last long before needing a rewick (maybe three fills)
    • Pods are a bit expensive
    • Express kit only comes with two pods
    • Verdict

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      For vapers that like stealth devices or just MTL vapes in general, I think the MyJet is a great option (assuming all the pods are as good as the ones I got in my Express Kit). The price of the pods could be better, especially considering they are meant to be filled only once. But with the ability to fill and refill the pods, the value supersedes the price (IMO). Also, with the ability to rewick and dry burn the coils of the MyJet pods, I can easily give this a recommendation to vapers that know their way around coils and wicks.

      And even for the new vaper, smoker, or just someone that just wants a plug n' play, I'd still recommend the MyJet — but I would urge them to learn the simple tricks to opening the pod up for more usage.


      MyVapors MyJet

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