Comprehensive JUUL Review:
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ByChris Kendell
An in-depth review and guide of the top selling vape in United States
Looking to buy a JUUL? Read our review and guide before you do. After having spent three years with it, we explain why it's become so popular.

What is the JUUL?

The JUUL, pronounced “Jewel”, is an innovative electronic cigarette (vaporizer) with a discreet form-factor and a simple two-piece design. Equipped with high-strength nicotine e-liquid, the JUUL vape is designed for transitioning smokers or vapers that need a discreet and reliable device.

JUUL Labs Company Info

“JUUL Labs was founded with the goal of improving the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers. JUUL Labs believes the JUUL is the first viable alternative for adult smokers. Smoking is bad for your health, and those who don’t currently use nicotine products should not start.”
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JUUL Coverage

JUUL Goes After Chinese Clone Sellers in Court

A federal court has frozen financial accounts of 30 Chinese sellers of counterfeit JUUL e-cigarettes. JUUL Labs has filed trademark claims against the companies.

Coming Soon: A JUUL to Help You Quit Juuling

JUUL Labs will introduce a smart version of the e-cigarette that allows users to customize their experience, and even help them quit juuling altogether.

JUUL Will Sell Low-Nic Version in Israel After Court Loss

The popular e-cigarette JUUL will continue sales in Israel in a reduced-nicotine version, while the company challenges the government ban of its standard product in court.

JUUL Will Launch Sales in Canada in September

The popular and controversial e-cigarette JUUL is launching sales in Canada starting in September, JUUL Labs announced this week.

JUUL: Lower Nicotine Strength Now Available

 JUUL Labs released a new lower-strength nicotine option for their industry-leading device. This new option is aimed at helping adults find what works best.

Israel Bans JUUL

The Israel Health Ministry has banned the import and sales of JUUL e-cigarettes, deeming the high-nicotine vape “a grave risk to public health.”

JUUL Uses Politicians as Marketing Tools

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has launched what she calls an investigation into California-based vaping manufacturer JUUL Labs’ sales practices.

UK Vapers Can Finally Get a JUUL

JUUL, the most popular American e-cigarette, has entered the second-largest vaping market in the world, launching sales in the U.K. this week.

CDC Survey: Where Are All the Teen Juulers?

Results from the first major national teen tobacco survey since the panic about teen vaping accelerated this year show that high school student e-cigarette use in 2017 didn’t increase substantially from 2016.

Is YouTube Erasing Vaping History?

YouTube has recently penalized vaping channels without explanation, apparently focused on the popular product JUUL. The problems with vaping and YouTube go further though, with e-cigarette-related channels demonetized and suppressed on the video hosting site.

 Wall Street: JUUL Is Eating Big Tobacco’s Lunch

Tobacco stocks fell in April after a Citigroup analyst downgraded Marlboro-maker Altria, and Philip Morris International released a weak earnings report. CNBC analyst Jim Cramer summed it up in a Mad Money episode, saying the cigarette manufacturers were “bent, spindled and mutilated” by the threat posed by vaping rivals like JUUL.

Will JUUL Fight the FDA or Just Give Up?

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced actions that he says will prevent youth uptake of e-cigarettes, and hinted that more enforcement is on the way. Meanwhile the primary focus of the FDA effort, the popular vapor product JUUL, responded by largely agreeing with the FDA.

JUUL Threatened by Powerful Groups in Washington

Six tobacco control and medical groups have asked the FDA to “take immediate action” to protect young people from the rise in use of JUUL e-cigarettes. The groups, led by the Truth Initiative and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, have led a crusade for months to link JUUL to a supposed epidemic of teen vaping.
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Dave Chappelle Vapes in New Netflix Special

Comedian Dave Chappelle, known for smoking on stage, is instead vaping on a JUUL e-cigarette in his latest Netflix special Equanamity.

JUUL Sells More Than All Big Tobacco Vapes Combined [Updated]

San Francisco-based vaping company Juul Labs has named a new CEO, and is raising an additional $150 million, according to an SEC filing.
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