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Nature's Script CBD E-Liquid: A Splash of Fresh Fruit

Dave Kriegel
May 13, 2019

Nature’s Script is a relatively new CBD brand, offering a wide range of products. They produce gummies, capsules, syrups, pain rubs, CBD oil tinctures and CBD vape juice. Their branding and logo is very refined and professional. It looks more like something you would see at a pharmacy, rather than at a vape shop. Their products look like they appeal to adults who are more concerned about quality and effectiveness, than fanciness and flavor complexity.

Their vape juice comes in 60 mL bottles containing 300 and 1000 mg CBD. They also have 15.5 mL bottles in a 75 mg CBD strength. Nature’s Script provides third-party lab tests, made accessible on their website. According to the lab results I’ve seen, their e-liquids test slightly higher for CBD levels than as specified. Find out more about why lab testing is so important and everything you need to know before vaping CBD.

The e-liquid was provided by Nature’s Script for the purpose of this review.

Price: $14.99 per 15.5 mL (75 mg), $49.99 per 60 mL (300 mg) and $99.99 per 60 mL (1000 mg)

Nature’s Script e-liquid


Nature’s Script has an e-liquid line that is comprised of three very basic fruit flavors. The line includes watermelon, mango and blueberry. They come in similar looking bottles with blue and white labeling, each one depicting a different fruit. I received two of them in 500 mg 60 mL unicorn bottles and one in a 75 mg 15.5 mL unicorn bottle.

Their e-liquid is made with pure CBD isolate, so it doesn’t contain THC and will not get you high. I’ve tried a few other CBD e-liquids with similar flavor profiles, so I wonder how these will compare. All of their e-liquids are 70% VG and are completely clear and colorless. I will be testing Nature’s Script e-liquid using a variety of CBD vape pens, pod vapes and RDAs. If you’re new to vaping CBD, see our full guide on how to vape CBD oil properly.

Fresh Mango


The name says it all. Fresh Mango literally tastes like fresh mango. Nothing more, nothing less. Nature’s Script isn’t trying to be complicated, they get right to the point. If you want a more complex blend, it actually mixes well with their other two flavors. This e-liquid caters to people looking for a straight up mango flavor that tastes believable. I’m not particularly a huge mango fan myself, but I still enjoyed this e-liquid. If you happen to like the taste of fresh mango, you’ll probably gravitate towards this flavor. It has their signature clean taste like the rest of them, and just the right amount of sweetness.

Blueberry Jam


Despite being my least favorite of the three, this is still one of the better blueberry flavors I’ve tried. I love eating fresh blueberries, but I’ve yet to try a blueberry e-liquid that does it justice. This one gets pretty close to capturing the true essence of blueberry jam. It reminds me more of a marmalade than a sugary sweet jam. If you’ve been looking for blueberry-flavored CBD vape juice, this might just be your jam. It tastes just as clean and well-crafted as the rest of their line.

Juicy Watermelon


If I had to describe this flavor in just one word, it would be “clean”. It tastes exactly like watermelon and it has almost no aftertaste at all. It is also more of a subtle taste than a sugary candy one. It reminds me a lot of watermelon bubblegum. Juicy Watermelon happens to be my favorite flavor out of the three. Nature’s Script is on point with this flavor profile, it’s an accurate depiction of a fresh watermelon. If you’re looking for a clean and refreshing flavor that isn’t too sweet, Juicy Watermelon is the one for you. It’s easily up there with the best watermelon CBD e-liquids I’ve tried up until this point.


Nature’s Script has proven to me that they are serious about quality. Their website and branding is professional and their products taste very clean. They don’t make any wild claims or use absurd flavor descriptions; they keep it natural and stick to the script. There is hardly anything for me to criticize, aside from their limited flavor selection. All of their e-liquids worked flawlessly with every type of device that I’ve tested them on.

None of their flavors are way too sweet, which I appreciate. They all fall into the fruity flavor profile category and aren’t trying to be overly complex or fancy. I also noticed that my pods and coils lasted a long time using their e-liquid, which proves the lack of excess sweetener. If you’re looking for some great-tasting fruit flavored vape juice, try Nature’s Script. If you’re still intrigued by the benefits and effects of CBD oil, but not interested in vaping it, check out their sublingual oral tinctures.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dave has always had a passion for helping people quit smoking. As a former smoker himself, he knew how hard it could be. As soon as he learned about vaping, he instantly became obsessed with it and helped many people stop smoking. Vaping360 has given Dave a platform to do this on a much larger scale, by educating the public about the wonders of vaping. When Dave is not writing he is either listening to music, performing it, or cruising around on his Penny board.
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