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November 24, 2020
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Nude E-Juice Review: Fresh, Fruity and Affordable

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Dave Kriegel
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Nude E-Juice

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Today we’ll be testing out a few flavors from a company called Nude. Their slogan is “why get naked when you can get nude?”. (Seems like a reasonable question to ask.) In any case, the flavors that I received are all various combinations of fruit, but they also offer a few dessert and tobacco flavors as well. They’re all available in 120 mL unicorn bottles in 0, 3 and 6 mg nicotine levels. All of their flavors come in a 70/30 blend.

I couldn’t find a lot of information about the company, they are a bit mysterious. But I’ve tried their e-juice in the past, saw them online and in a few shops. They’re obviously competing with some of the best e-liquid brands out there. Creating flavors that captures the authentic taste of real fruit is not an easy task. I’m curious to see how close they can get to the real thing.

Price: $11.99 for 120 mL

These e-liquids were sent courtesy of e-Juice.Deals for the purpose of this review.

Nude E-Juice

Nude E-Juice is currently going for just under $12 per 120 mL. If these flavors are good, then it makes sense why somebody would go nude, as opposed to naked. They appear to keep things pretty simple, and are focused on some of the more popular fruit flavors. I don’t think they are going for originality points, but I admire their simple “no-frills” approach to branding.

From what I can recall, Nude has updated their bottle designs. They went with a transparent minimalist look that is simple but catches the eye. Each bottle has a different color with big fruits on the side corresponding to that flavor, so you know exactly what you’re about to vape. I received them in 3 mg nicotine (with the exception of Raspberry Kiwi which came in 6 mg). The testing was done using a variety of sub ohm tanks, RDAs and pod vapes. It’s time to get nude...

Pineapple Orange Mango

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Commonly known in the vape world as POM, this classic tropical citrusy combo tastes just like orange pineapple juice. The subtle hint of mango adds some body to it. The fruits blend together really well into what tastes like a refreshing tropical drink. No cooling agents or menthol involved, just straight up fruit. I think it will satisfy people seeking a tropical orange juice flavor. I expected it to taste like the POM I’ve tried before, but Nude has their own unique take on it.

Guava Apple Strawberry

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Also known as GAS, this flavor is very light and crisp. You definitely taste the apple and strawberry, but the guava gives it an exotic twist. It seems to be mostly about the apple, and I like that it’s not very sweet. It’s trying to taste like natural fruit, and I think they achieved this pretty well. GAS is a clean fresh flavor that isn’t too sweet or too fruity. The strawberry pairs well with the apple and it tastes pretty natural overall. The guava adds a bit of character to the mix.

Blueberry Raspberry Strawberry

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This flavor is a berry-lovers delight. It’s a pretty well-balanced mix of all three flavors, I can’t really decide which one is more dominant. All of the berry flavors blend into one, and it just tastes like a bowl of mixed berries. I think the raspberry helps round off the combination of blueberry and strawberry, giving it a more distinct finish. Overall, it’s a light flavor. Not super sweet like a candy flavor, but enough sweetness to mimic the taste of freshly-picked berries.

Kiwi Raspberry

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I didn’t realize this was the one flavor that they sent in 6 mg, until after I loaded it into my RDA. I normally don’t drip under 3 mg—with that said, this flavor was a surprisingly smooth 6! I’m not a huge fan of kiwi, but it helps to highlight the tangy notes of strawberry and raspberry flavors. In this case, it works really well with the raspberry notes and provides a distinct alternative to strawberry kiwi. It’s basically a raspberry flavor, but the kiwi adds a bit of tanginess to it, and it happens to be my favorite out of the line. Easily an all day vape, all day.

Apple Pear Kiwi

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It’s difficult to distinguish between the apples and pears with this one. The kiwi is subtle, but they all work in harmony together. My first impression on the inhale is real apple juice blended with pear juice and the kiwi delivers a tangy punch. Ideally this flavor is for apple lovers, but it’s also a good example of what Nude does best. Fresh, fruity and clean-tasting flavors. I would have to put this flavor in my top 3 favorites, out of the fruit flavors I’ve tried so far from Nude.

Strawberry Coconut Pineapple

I’ve tried a few variations of this popular flavor profile over the years. Some have more of an emphasis on the strawberry. This one features the coconut up front, it’s more noticeable in this blend. It rounds out the taste and gives the fruit almost a creamy element. I’m not big on coconut flavors in general, but I think it works really well in this particular blend. The pineapple gives it a pina colada taste, with a hint of sweet strawberry in the background. While it’s comparable to Lava Flow, if you’re craving more coconut flavor, you’ll go nuts for this one.



From what I have seen, Nude is killing it, especially in the fruit department. I can’t say there was a flavor I actually disliked, though some were better than others. Raspberry Kiwi, Apple Pear Kiwi were my top picks, but third place is a close tossup between POM and GAS. The rest were not so far behind. Based on the flavors that I’ve tested, I can see why people would consider Nude over other alternatives—especially when you take into account the price. It comes out to $0.10 per mL. What’s your favorite Nude E-Juice flavor? Leave a comment below!

Nude E-Juice

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