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September 29, 2016
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PAX Era Review

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Pax Era Intro

""A Revolution in Vaporization"</p> <p>-PAX Labs"

PAX Labs introduces a new vaporizer, this time for THC oil, which is essentially weed-infused e-liquid. Formerly known for the PAX 2, a popular dry herb vaporizer, PAX Labs is getting with the times.

Where do I get this magical e-liquid that you speak of for the PAX Era?

See, that's the thing. It's expected to be available in both Colorado and California from select vendors. (These other states really need to get on board already.) We can hope to expect collaborations with other vendors in the near future. More questions about the PAX Era will be answered in our FAQ section down below.

Are they really "revolutionizing vaporization" or simply applying the Keurig/JUUL model to oil concentrates? You are about to find out everything you want to know about the PAX Era.

Pax Era Gallery

Pax Era Specs and Features

Notable Remarks


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Spoiler Alert: The pods are NOT refillable. If you try to refill them it may damage your battery and will automatically void your warranty.

For real doe. Don't try to refill them because you'll be met with a big "FU" and a ton of e-liquid all over your hands. I may or may not have tried this already.

At first glance, this vape pen looks simple, but looks are deceiving. It works with a phone app that can control the temperature output down to the degree.

The PAX Era reminds me a lot of the Wismec Myjet, which is heavily based off the JUUL. It feels extremely lightweight and is essentially a pod mod, but for concentrates. Many people have gripes with pod vapes in general but this is a THC oil vaporizer for the pod-lover.


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""The most satisfying and flavorful vape"</p> <p>-PAX Labs"

Although the PAX Era definitely delivered satisfying flavor, similar to that of a JUUL. I was surprised how quickly I went through that one pod. It's a good thing I wasn't using THC oil but rather an e-liquid for testing purposes.

Right now THC liquid concentrates are available but most of them come in tanks powered by a small (eGo-threaded) battery that it screws onto. The PAX Era changes the game by offering pre-filled pods, instead of in a typical clearomizer, containing liquid cannabis extract. (Not included, sold separately for approximately $30-$60 each)

This is the JUUL for stoners. If you like the idea of pod mods, then you're going to appreciate the PAX Era. It works very similar to the JUUL, except that the liquid is infused with THC instead of nicotine. Pod Mods are superior to a typical vape pen tank, in terms of flavor and vapor production.

PAX Era frequently asked questions

I know many of you probably still have a lot of concerns about the PAX Era so for that I have put together a list of some of the most commonly-asked questions. If you have one that we haven't answered, leave it in the comments.

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Are you sure I can't refill the PAX Era pods with my own e-liquid or cannabis oil concentrates?

Yea, this is a closed system. There is no way to refill them, trust me, I tried. Getting it open was not the hard part, but filling it presented a problem. Perhaps if I used a syringe, I could have had more success, but that should be enough to tell you that they are not made to be refilled.

However when I opened up the pod I noticed that it uses silica wicking and the coil sat right in between two tiny foam pads. I'm sure somebody will find a way to fill them just like they did with the JUUL but it defeats the whole point since the PAX Era is designed for pre-filled pods.

Will Pax Labs ever sell empty pods for the PAX Era?

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If I had to guess I would say, probably not. I don't see what is stopping a third-party company from creating their own aftermarket pods that can be filled and fit in the Pax Era, but we will just have to wait and see how that pans out.

Is the PAX Era compatible with JUUL pods?


Will there ever be an attachment for waxy/solid concentrates or dry herb?

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No, this is strictly for liquid concentrates that are pre-filled by specific manufacturers. For the latest technology in wax and dry herb vaporization by PAX, look into the PAX 3 vaporizer which is made for dry herb and now comes with an additional cannister for wax concentrates.


Who is PAX marketing this product to?

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This product is not for everyone, in fact it is really for a very specific segment of the cannabis industry. Firstly, you must live in the United States, specifically California or Colorado. The PAX Era is for cannabis users who want a discreet and convenient way to vape oil and are not on a budget.

How could they do this to our planet!?

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Many people are freaking out about the non-refillable pods, not just because they are not reusable, but mainly because of the waste that will be created as a result of this. I for one am a bit surprised considering the big eco-conscious populations of both Boulder and San Francisco, for example.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • No leaking
  • Variable temperature
  • Indica sativa and hybrid pods
  • Discrete


  • Pod didn't click into place
  • Changing heat settings can be annoying
  • Pricey
  • Non-refillable pods (closed system)
  • Only available in Colorado and California


When it comes to vaping THC liquid concentrates, what are your options these days? You can buy a pre-filled clearomizer cartridge that will work with any old 510 battery that you might have around the house, or you can buy the liquid itself and fill up an empty clearomizer with it.

Now, there is a third option, but first requires a $60 investment into a new battery, which guarantees a year of usage covered under warranty. After that year, you are on your own.

If you don't like the idea of closed systems in e-liquid vaping, then you are probably not going to like the PAX Era. It takes that concept, which many people love for the convenience factor, and applies it to cannabis concentrates. Essentially you are paying a bit more for ease of use.

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PAX has shown itself to be a company that can not only adapt to a rapidly-changing market, but can also have the confidence to go against the grain and stand alone in certain aspects. Pod mods are becoming all the rage these days and this is the ultimate pod mod for stoners.

Keep in mind Bloom Farms and The Lab are only two of the first to collaborate with PAX but we may see other vendors follow their lead which will make the PAX Era more widely available. I am surprised they haven't announced a CBD oil cartridge for people in non-legal cannabis states.

Apparently if it doesn't get you high, PAX Labs isn't concerned with it. In any case, welcome to a new era of getting high.


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