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November 3, 2021
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SOLACE. Nicotine Gum Review

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Jeremy Mann
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SOLACE. Nicotine Gum

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SOLACE. nicotine gum review

If you recognize the brand name, that's because SOLACE. is also a manufacturer of salt e-liquids owned by Turning Point Brands. Additionally, the label states that SOLACE. gum is "powered by LUCY." LUCY is a brand of modern oral nicotine products, including gums, nicotine pouches, and lozenges.

SOLACE. nicotine gum is described as a "fast acting, discreet and easy to use nicotine solution." Although nicotine gum is not a novelty per se, the availability of more brands and flavors other than Nicorette is a more recent development.

There are three flavors to choose from with SOLACE. gum: cool mint, fruit medley, and cinnamon. Each pack comes with ten pieces and in 4 mg nicotine strength. To adjust the nicotine strength up or down, use a half piece less or more to suit your own needs.

SOLACE. can be purchased directly from the, various online retailers, and physical tobacco shops. Prices vary slightly but hover around $5.

How to use SOLACE.

  1. Chew it about ten times. Give it a rest when your mouth begins to tingle.
  2. Park the chewed piece between your gums and cheeks.
  3. Repeat that process when the tingle fades.
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    SOLACE. Flavors

    There are a total of three flavors from SOLACE., though I could only find the fruit medley near me. The other flavors are cool mint and cinnamon that I had to purchase online as I wasn't able to find them. But I'd prefer fruit medley regardless.

    Fruit medley

    A blend of fruits, ranging from strawberry, pomegranate, pineapple and mango, topped off with a smidgen of mint. It's a good flavor on its own that I'd like regardless of the nicotine.


    Typical spicy cinnamon flavor though not with as much burn as Big Red. It's good but a bit too typical for me, though it still works fine.

    Cool mint

    A crisp mint that's both refreshing and clean tasting. It's not mentholated per se, but the mint is bold.

    Overall experience

    I rather enjoy using SOLACE. gum. It's got a mild nicotine kick that you can feel coming on quickly. It doesn't have the intensity that a high-strength pouch has when parked, but the tingle is noticeable. I have no desire to vape when using this gum, so I suspect it could have the same effect if you wanted to cut back on smoking. I'm not actively trying to cut back on vaping, but it happens anyway when I use SOLACE.

    I don't taste much nicotine in the gum, which is a good thing. There's no off-taste or anything medicinal, though experienced nicotine users may be able to taste the nicotine. The majority of the taste is just the gum flavor itself—and that's a good taste. I've been able to get an hour of good flavor out of one piece. Of course, you're not meant to chew it incessantly. Just a few chews before parking, which allows for extended flavor to be released.

    Texturally, the gum sits comfortably between soft and firm. It's not so soft that it breaks apart nor is it so firm that it is a tough chew—it's right in the middle. SOLACE. gum is a good product that I'd recommend to anyone looking for an alternative way to get their nicotine fix.

    SOLACE. Nicotine Gum

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