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March 13, 2023
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The Kind Pen Gags Review: A Cordless Desktop Rig for Wax & Oil Carts

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Dave Kriegel
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The Kind Pen Gags

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Product intro and specs

I’ve reviewed a few Kind Pen products in the past. Today, I am testing out one of their latest devices called the Gags. The Kind Pen Gags is a cordless desktop-style vaporizer designed for oil carts and dabs. It features a glass dome-shaped bowl that fills up with thick, milky clouds.

The Gags has a 1600 mAh internal battery and provides four temperature settings. It utilizes a simple one-button interface and includes two different style coil heads. The device is also compatible with all of your 510-threaded oil cartridges, making it a true two-in-one device. Last but not least, the Gags comes with The Kind Pen’s signature lifetime warranty.

The Gags was sent courtesy of The Kind Pen for the purpose of this review.

Price: $219 (at The Kind Pen)

Colors: Black, blue, purple


  • Battery dimensions: base diameter app. 109.22 mm
  • height 58.42 mm
  • GAGS bowl dimensions: base diameter app. 58.42 mm
  • height 152.4 mm
  • Battery capacity: 1600 mAh
  • 4 temperature settings: 2.5V
  • 3V
  • 3.5V
  • and 4V
  • Works with oil cartridges & concentrates
  • Single hit and session modes
  • Single-button operation
  • Massive vapor capacity glass bowl
  • 510-thread compatible
  • USB-C fast-charging

Kit contents

The Kind Pen Gags features

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The Gags functions like a desktop vaporizer but runs on a 1600 mAh battery. The device charges via USB-C and utilizes a simple touch-button interface. Other features include four temp settings ranging from 2.5-4V, a session mode, and an automatic shut-off feature. The Gags also includes two different wax coils–a ceramic one for flavor and a quartz rod for stronger hits. Plus, the base is 510 thread compatible, so you can also use it with your favorite oil cartridges.

The Gags weighs in at just over a pound, which is fairly lightweight for a desktop unit. The glass bowl stands at 152.4 mm in height and is around 58.42 mm in diameter. The base is 109.22 mm in diameter and 58.42 mm in height. Finally, the base of the device features a multi-color LED ring. Everything fits inside the box nicely, so it functions as a perfect carrying case for the Gags.

How to use the Kind Pen Gags

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When I first saw the Gags, I thought it was going to be a complicated device. But after using the Gags, it’s actually pretty simple–even for beginners. You just turn it on, attach your atomizer of choice and then pop the glass bowl on. Here are some tips for using the Gags with wax and oil.

  • Load a small dab into the coil head using the dab tool
  • Thread the wax coil onto the base of the device
  • For oil, attach your 510 oil cartridge to the base of the device
  • Press the button five times to turn the device on (or off)
  • Press the button three times to cycle through heat settings
  • Hold the button to take a single hit
  • Press the button twice and the Gags will run for two minutes
  • Press the button once during the session to end it
  • The Gags will automatically power off when not in use
  • When the LEDs flash red during your session, it’s time to plug it in
  • Voltage settings

    • Yellow: 2.5V
    • Blue: 3V
    • Green: 3.5V
    • Red: 4V

      How does it perform?

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      The Kind Pen Gags performs surprisingly well with both wax and oil carts. I noticed that there is an internal fan that provides airflow to the coil, which sends the vapor upwards. The glass bowl fits snug but is also easy to pop off. So, you just let it fill up and then take your desired amount.

      For wax

      First, I tried it with the ceramic wax coil, working my way up the voltage settings. The vapor was still pretty thick in the 3.5-4V range, yet smooth and flavorful. It was perfect for the terpy badder I was using it with. I was loving the gassy and fruity notes I got from it.

      Next, I loaded up some live resin dabs on the quartz rod coils. When you see a triple-coil atomizer with quartz rod wicks, you already know it’s gonna be a hard hitter. So, I started on the lower heat settings, but there was no escape from the tide of vapor that pours up through that glass bowl. On the highest 4V setting, the flavor drops out, but it provides enormous rips! I think I enjoyed it the most at around 3-3.5V. I’m stuck on how it provides hits like a proper e-rig.

      For oil cartridges

      Last but not least, I tested it out with some oil carts. I used some Raw Garden indica and sativa live resin cartridges that I have been enjoying lately. Live resin is all about the flavor. I put it on the lowest 2.5V setting and let ‘er rip. I was able to distinguish the different notes between indica and sativa live resin strains, so the flavor is definitely on point with The Kind Pen Gags.

      The bowl fills up just as it does when I use it with dabs. It’s so deceptive because it’s like taking the equivalent of three hits on a cart in one massive rip. But at the same time, it’s so smooth, until you exhale and realize how big of a cloud you just produced. It just shoots into your lungs.

      The Kind Pen Gags is very fun to use. The LEDs look dope, and it’s fun to watch the glass jug fill up with milky white clouds. Avoid rooms with too much airflow, or you will lose some of that vapor. But aside from that, the Gags is an efficient delivery system overall. It doesn’t hit like a wax pen with a dome over it. It actually provides hits like a real rig, and that’s what I like best.

      How to clean the Kind Pen Gags

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      I was surprised at how clean the glass bowl stayed after dozens of sessions with oil and wax. However, at some point, it starts getting a bit murky. It’s actually very easy to clean, especially if you do it frequently. Here are some tips for cleaning The Kind Pen Gags.

      • Remove the glass dome
      • Remove the rubber airflow section
      • Pour some isopropyl alcohol into the bowl
      • Using coarse sea salt can help clean it faster
      • Shake it up and rinse it out with water
      • Repeat those steps until it is fully clean
      • Use a Q-tip to clean residue from inside the coil heads
      • Clean the base of the device using an iso-soaked Q-tip
      • Make sure all parts are clean and dry before using

        Battery life and charging

        The Kind Pen Gags has a 1600 mAh battery. It doesn’t allow you to monitor the battery life; it just blinks red when it’s time to charge. It took a little bit over two hours to fully charge the device using the USB-C cable. However, I was able to get days' worth of sessions out of it! When I say that, I mean a few days in a row where I’ve had at least 3-4 sessions each day. Of course, that will vary based on how you use the device, the duration of the session, and temp settings.

        Pros / Cons


        • A true two-in-one device
        • Easy to use
        • Produces big thick clouds
        • Good flavor
        • Session mode and single hit mode
        • Good battery life
        • Automatic shut-off feature
        • Kit includes two styles of wax coils
        • Comes with lifetime warranty


        • No battery life monitoring feature
        • No passthrough charging
        • “Gags”? Seriously?



        The Gags performed incredibly well with both oil and wax. It works better than most of the e-rigs I’ve tested in this price range. Aside from the few cons listed above, the Gags is a solid device. I don’t get why it’s called the Gags when they could have called it the Kind Rig–or the Milk Jug.

        But if you are looking for a nice cordless e-rig, but are also into oil carts, the Gags is definitely worth looking into. Especially considering that lifetime warranty. It’s equipped for daily use, but also perfect for those group sessions. What was your experience like with The Kind Pen Gags?

        The Kind Pen Gags

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