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October 3, 2019
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The Dollar E-Juice Club Review: Have You Seen These Prices?

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Jeremy Mann
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The Dollar E-Juice Club

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The Dollar E-Juice Club is an e-liquid manufacturer with a dense menu and fair prices. Based out of Southern California, the Dollar E-Juice Club has been around for a few years. They have about 70 total offerings of all the major flavor categories for regular e-juice, and a small line of nic salt as well. But with all those flavors, how’s anyone to choose what to select?

The reference to “dollar” in their name has to do with them selling samples in 5 mL bottles of their flavors for only $0.99. You can build your own smaple pack easily, or you can choose from sample bundles of their popular flavors. Of course, you can get 60 mL and 120 mL bottles if you know what you like, or if you’d rather just dive in head first.

The Dollar E-Juice Club pricing

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The Dollar E-Juice Club is currently having a big sale which makes their name even more appropriate.

Current sale pricing for regular e-juice:

5 mL: $0.99; 60 mL: $4.99; 120 mL: $7.99

Normal pricing for regular e-juice:

5 mL: $0.99; 60 mL: $8.99; 120 mL: $14.99

Originally, The Dollar E-Juice Club was known to have some of the best pricing in the game! A few years ago, they sold 120 mL bottles cheaper than some were selling 30 mL bottles. It was impossible for vapers not to notice! That time has passed, though. It’s rare to see wildly expensive juice now, in part because of companies like The Dollar E-Juice Club that showed the average consumer that vape juice does NOT need to be expensive to be quality juice.

But the wow-factor of their pricing does not have the same impact as it used to. Most juice companies inevitably dropped their prices. Now, the Dollar E-Juice Club’s normal pricing is on par with other e-juice of the same bottle sizes from various retailers. That said, their current sale prices are about as jaw-dropping as their normal pricing was a few years ago. Maybe this will be their new pricing? I don’t know. There’s no indication how long this sale will last. If you’re interested, I wouldn’t wait, especially in this time of uncertainty vaping is facing from the government.


The Dollar E-Juice Club flavors

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The regular e-juice line comes in 70% VG and 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg nicotine options. I received all the samples in 3 mg/mL nicotine. The colors of the liquids range from practically water-clear to a lighter shade of your typical apple juice. The dessert flavors are the darker ones and the candy-types and drinks are the lightest.

Confetti Cake

I’ll begin with my favorite. This flavor is described as “layered with soft yellow cake and smooth cream frosting with sprinkles baked in.” No matter how good an e-juice mix, that type of description isn’t going to translate to vapor. However, this is tasty and does pull-off the yellow cake taste. It’s only moderately sweet, so I don’t taste much frosting or sprinkles. Even still, it’s undeniably cake and almost tricks the brain to taste a cake texture.

Strawberry Cheesecake

A bit light on flavor and only moderately sweet, but you can identify it as a strawberry dessert without even seeing the label. Just take a whiff! They describe it as “creamy smooth cheesecake filling in a s soft crushed graham cracker crust topped with candied strawberries.” What I taste is a mix between candy and natural strawberry, with a little buttery sweetness. I don’t know where the rest of those flavors are, but I don’t taste them. However, as a strawberry dessert juice, I think fans of that type of flavor won’t be too disappointed.

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Cookies and Ice Cream

Despite my hope, this was my least favorite. Described as “smooth vanilla bean ice cream with crushed chocolate cookies and frosting.” I hardly get any of that. I do taste the type of chocolate associated with a cookie like an Oreo, but that’s about it. Also, to me this juice has some bitter notes I’m not a fan of. There’s also not enough sweetness. The juice is the darkest color of the ones I tried. I'm not a fan.

Blue Raspberry Sourbelt

Simple but a pleasure to vape. Blueberry, even in candy form, is not so easy to pull off. This juice is described as “thin candy belts busting with blue raspberry flavor with sour sugar coating.” I don't taste raspberry, but the blueberry is on point and it’s both equally sour and sweet. That reduces the sourness a bit, but it’s still very reminiscent of the candy though not as sour. I really like this one. Yes, I’m a grown man that vapes candy flavor.

Strawberry Lemonade

I’ve been a fan of lemonade vape juice for years. This one is as good, if not better, than many others I’ve tried. It’s described as “freshly squeezed lemonade infused with strawberries.” Aside from the “freshly squeezed” part, this is exactly how this flavor tastes. An assertive candy strawberry hits you first, and then finishes with a tart lemonade.One of my favorites.

Atomizer and power used for testing: Hellvape & SMM Passage RDA with a 0.13-ohm dual-coil build of Ni80 fused Claptons; watts set to 80. All of the juices performed well and didn’t gunk up my coils any more than other juices of similar profiles, but I also haven’t used these in a tank.




I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor from these juices. I didn’t love them all, but I wasn’t expecting much to be honest—considering they’re thought of as “cheap e-juice.” I’m the type of person that, right or wrong, believes you get what you pay for. Clearly, that’s not always the case. Ask anyone that’s ever spent $30 on a 30 mL and they’ll tell you: high prices on “gourmet recipes” does NOT mean you’ll love or even like them.

Furthermore, The Dollar E-Juice Club mixes and bottles out of an ISO 7 certified clean room (lab), so their pricing does not reflect quality standards. They were never considered “gourmet,” although many vapers think they have some tasty offerings. I think so too. These juices aren’t going on my all-time favorites list, but they’re not going in my PIF box either! My shelf of go-to liquids will now hold some from The Dollar E-Juice Club. I might even have to re-up on that Confetti Cake.

The Dollar E-Juice Club

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Jeremy Mann

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