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Series 3X by V2 Pro Review: Most Versatile Vaporizer of 2017?

Dave Kriegel
May 5, 2017

V2 Cigs products are no longer available for purchase, due to their parent company being bought by JUUL Labs. Learn more about what happened to V2 and to find similar vapes.

V2 Pro Series 3X Intro

For some time now, V2 has been a company that I have always admired for being different. They march to the beat of their own drum, and play by their own rules — and this is most evident in their new product I will be reviewing today: the Series 3X

Based off the original Series 3 vape pen, the Series 3X has made considerable improvements, primarily in the e-liquid vaping department, in addition to a larger battery capacity. V2 makes it easy to get started vaping whether you are interested in e-liquid, dry herb or waxy concentrates.

Price: $99

V2 Pro Series 3X Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 x Series 3X vaporizer
  • 1 x Series 3 Sub-Ohm Ceramic E-Liquid Cartridge
  • 1 x Series 3X E-Liquid Cartridge
  • 3 x Interchangeable atomizers (0.9 sub-ohm / 1.2 ohm / 1.5 ohm)
  • 1 x Magnetic charging cord


  • Interchangeable atomizers in 0.9 sub-ohm / 1.2 ohm / 1.5 ohm
  • Variable voltage / temperature and airflow
  • Motion activated LED battery life indicator
  • Ceramic heater produce a cleaner pure flavor profile
  • Compatible with your Series 3 device and accessories
  • Interchangeable atomizers give you high PG or high VG compatibility
  • Adjustable ring lets you choose more or less airflow
  • Variable settings for temperature and voltage
  • Compatible with your Series 3 device and accessories

Notable Remarks

The jack of all vapes?

V2 Pro Series 3X vape pen

When we first received the original V2 Series 3, we were very skeptical of a device that claims to vape e-juice, wax and cannabis flower, but were impressed with its performance. In fact, it landed a spot on our Best vape pens page. What have they improved on it since then?

The pods

V2 Pro Series 3X vape pen

The V2 Series 3X has four different pods or cartridges, two of which are for e-liquid. The other two are for dry herb and wax and are sold separately. One of the pods can be refilled and is good for about 40 usages. The other one takes 0.9, 1.2 and 1.5 ohm replaceable coil heads.

The disposable e-liquid pod is also 0.9 ohms, so the Series 3X just makes the cut as a sub ohm vape pen when using these coil heads. More importantly, say farewell to those silica wicks for good, V2 is now using ceramic wickless coils instead! I wonder how this will impact the flavor.

Another great improvement on the Series 3X is the top-fill system on both the disposable and non-disposable e-liquid pods. It’s good to see that V2 has been staying on top of the trends.


On the disposable e-liquid pod included with the kit, the airflow configuration is non-adjustable and identical to that of the original Series 3. However, the new pods that you receive have a top airflow system that adds three additional settings to increase the amount of airflow in your vape.

Due to this new airflow system, the pods don’t sit perfectly flush onto the device, however the magnetic connections are strong enough to hold it in place. Unfortunately, I found it a bit hard to adjust this new airflow system without running the risk of unscrewing the top fill compartment.


Using the disposable e-liquid pods

Taking a pull on the Series 3X using the disposable e-liquid pods feels tight, but satisfying enough to mimic the draw of a cigarette. If you have ever used the V2 Series 3, you already know what that is like. It has about the same amount of air you get from a cigalike.

The flavor is definitely much better with the ceramic coil system they are using. I didn’t use my Series 3 much for e-liquid because I hated the silica wicking system. I am glad to see that V2 has got with the times and updated their e-liquid pods. I’m getting some crisp and pure flavor.

Note: Ceramic coils are great for people who just want flavor, and are not that concerned about clouds. You won't be winning a cloud comp anytime soon using these "sub ohm" coil heads.

Using the non-disposable e-liquid pods

I was loving the sub ohm action on the disposable pod, so I decided to chuck in the 0.9-ohm coil into the Series 3X next. I am excited about cranking up the airflow, the original configuration is a bit too tight for my liking. With the airflow wide open, I seem to be getting some gurgling issues (though others in our office are not having the same issue).

Three airflow settings

Even closing off the airflow all the way, and using the other resistance coil heads, I am still getting more spitback and gurgling than with the disposable pods. It might have something to do with the airflow system, since it is just pulling in air from the top, not directly to the coil head.

I am glad they included adjustable airflow, unfortunately, it doesn’t add anything to the vape experience other than increasing my chances of gurgling. Stick with the disposable pods, they are easy to fill and good for 40 usages. If you are looking for big airflow, this one ain’t for you…

Three voltage settings

The V2 Series 3X has three voltage settings which can be changed by pressing the fire button two times. It also uses a unique LED indication system to represent the settings based on the speed of the moving lights. Even on the highest settings, I didn’t run into any dry/burnt hits.

The battery charged within about an hour and got me through most of a full day, but I vape a lot. On a full charge, you can get a few hours of vaping before having the charge this thing, even with the 0.9 coil heads. You’ll end up refilling a few times before worrying about charging it.

Coil life and performance

V2 Pro Series 3X vape pen

The ceramic coils break in very fast, and can be chain vaped on the lowest and medium setting without fear of a dry hit. However, on the highest setting, if you constantly hit it for as long as the battery will allow you, eventually you might get a funky taste. Overall, the coils performed well.

I personally prefer the 0.9-ohm coil heads because they give the most vapor production, however, the other resistance coils work just as well. V2 loves giving three different options to choose from. The coil heads are able to handle higher PG or VG juice, from my experience.

If you want less vapor production, try the 1.5-ohm coil heads on the lowest voltage setting. (For maximum vapor output, use the 0.9-ohm coil head on the highest voltage setting.)

Compatibility with Series 3

V2 Pro Series 3X vape pen

Yes, the Series 3X is compatible with the original Series 3 pods. This means if you already own the wax or dry herb pods, you can use them with the Series 3X. The performance will be identical, however you get the added benefit of increased battery life with LED indication.

We have already tested out the Series 3 as a dry herb and wax pen, and quickly made its way on both our Best dry herb, and Best wax pens pages. The Series 3X does a fantastic job at not only regular e-liquid vaping, but it actually performs as a decent wax atomizer and dry herb vaporizer.


  • Variable voltage
  • Good flavor
  • Good mouth to lung draw
  • Magnetic charging system
  • Vaporizes e-liquid / wax and dry herb
  • Improved battery life
  • Pass-thru charging
  • TPD Compliant
  • No leaking
  • Compatible with Series 3 pods
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Uses a proprietary charger
  • Some gurgling with non-disposable pods
  • Tighter draw
  • Herb/wax pods sold separately


The Series 3X is an excellent choice for mouth to lung vapers who want a discreet vape pen that delivers the goods. The ceramic coil heads provide real performance that goes head to head with a tank such as the original Nautilus or a vape pen like the Endura T18, for example.

I was not a big fan of the new adjustable airflow system, so I would recommend using the Series 3X with the disposable pods. I could see them being perfect for people who are savvy enough to refill their device, but don’t want to be bothered with changing their coil heads every few weeks.

V2 has always had an emphasis on making the transition from smoking easier. The V2 Series 3X is a hundred bucks, which isn’t cheap, but it does a lot more than your average vape pen. This is the perfect starter kit for smokers or people who want to vape e-liquid, wax and flower.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dave has always had a passion for helping people quit smoking. As a former smoker himself, he knew how hard it could be. As soon as he learned about vaping, he instantly became obsessed with it and helped many people stop smoking. Vaping360 has given Dave a platform to do this on a much larger scale, by educating the public about the wonders of vaping. When Dave is not writing he is either listening to music, performing it, or cruising around on his Penny board.
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Can Koklu
Can Koklu
4 years ago

I feel like I should chime in here.. I bought the previous version of the V2 Pro.. and it was a disaster. The pods are not suitable for anything higher than 50% VG.. (I found out about this the hard way) When you contact the company they say that they only recommend using their own V2 brand e-liquids which are absolutely horrendous. The pods are too expensive (compared to coils? fogedaboudit) The proprietary charger is also a big negative.. I ended up hawking mine to a fiend for half price and got a vaporesso drizzle instead.. Result: Light years apart… Read more »

2 years ago

Unfortunately the battery isn’t replaceable and the main unit isn’t sold separately, so you have to buy the full starter kit again (and pay for all those extra accessories that you don’t need) when the battery starts to fail after 8 months or so. Terrific device, but I’m not paying for stuff I don’t need over and over again.

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