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Vapmod X-Tank 4.0 Review

Chris Kendell
September 23, 2015

Vapmod X-Tank 4.0 Intro

We take a look at a massive 10ml sub ohm tank called the Vapmod X-Tank 4.0. This tank looks like some sort of goldfish bowl and holds 10ml of e-juice! Due to its massive juice capacity the X-Tank 4.0 is a rather odd shape. It isn’t your standard cylindrical sub ohm tank that we are used to. The X-Tank is similar in looks to the KS RTA by Holy Land Mods, but instead uses replaceable coils.

The X-Tank comes with 3 different coils: 0.6ohm, 0.2ohm and a 0.2ohm Ni200 head. The coils are very similar to the Aspire Atlantis coils and thus you can use any of the Atlantis 2 or Triton coils in the X-Tank 4.0.

Apparently there is also an RBA version of the X-Tank 4.0 coming soon.
Instructions on how to replace the X-Tank coils and re-fil its monster 10ml tank can be found here.

Note: I think I might have a slightly older version, as I saw a video review in which they had a different air flow. Not sure if mine is the older version, but I think it might well be. Apparently the newer version has fixed some of the issues that the older one had. Check to see before you buy that the vendor is stocking the latest version.

Vapmod X-Tank 4.0 Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 x Complete Tank with 0.6 ohm Kanthal coil installed
  • 1 x Additional 0.2 ohm Kanthal coil
  • 1 x Additional Ni 0.2 ohm coil (for temp control vaping)
  • 1 x Extra tank cover
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Price: $30
  • Wattage Range: 0.6ohm (50-90W)
  • 0.2ohm (90-130W)
  • Tank Capacity: 10ml
  • Coils Available: 0.2ohm
  • 0.5ohm and a 0.2ohm Ni200
  • Wicking material: Looks like cotton (can’t confirm this through)
  • RBA: RBA version coming soon
  • Size: 42*62*22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the 0.6ohm Vapmod Coil

We vaped the 0.6ohm coil on our X-Cube II box mod. Don’t use this tank with the X-Cube 2, as the tank completely covers the screen!

50W – Great clouds already, but lacking flavor wise. A relatively cool vape at 50W.
60W – A slightly warmer vape, but still pretty cool, with flavor starting to come through. Big clouds!
70W – Really great flavor and a nice warm vape, with gorgeous plumes of vapor.​
80W – Getting a bit on the warm side now, but still a nice lush vape with great flavor.
90W – Again a fantastic vape with no dry hits. Massive clouds and lovely flavor.

I’d personally vape the X-Tank between 70-85W on its 0.6ohm coil head.

Tip: One thing I noticed is that when the tank is getting nearer empty, you need to make watch out how you tilt the tank. If you tilt it backwards the juice will go towards the back of the tank and not hit the coil, leading to a dry hit. Make sure you tilt the tank towards the coil, so it is always covered in juice!


10ml Capacity

​This is the main reason many people will buy the x-tank and is one of the only reasons you would probably buy this tank. The 10ml capacity is fantastic for those who like to sub ohm vape and thus will be getting through a lot of e-juice. Sub ohm tanks drain e-juice very quickly, so the 10ml capacity is great for those vapers who get through lots of e-liquid.

Good Stock Coils and Compatible with Atlantis Coils

Vapmod Xtank 4.0 Coil Juiceflow Cone
Vapmod Xtank 4.0 Coil Juiceflow Cone

The coils that come with the kit are not Atlantis coils but are very similar in looks. You can use the Atlantis coils with this tank, which I think is a positive, as this gives you plenty of coil options and you will be able to pick up replacements in most vape shops. I also really like that the X-tank kit comes with 3 coils and not just two. You have two Kanthal coils and also an Ni200 one for those who want to vape in temp control mode. Not bad at all for its price!

I was very impressed with the stock coils on the X-Tank 4. The 0.6ohm coil vaped extremely well at its recommended wattages (we used a 75% VG ejuice). The flavor was fantastic and the clouds were massive.

Solid Vape with Good Flavor and Big Clouds

As mentioned above the coils that come with the kit vape very well. I enjoyed the 0.6ohm head the most and the flavor was great. The 0.2ohm head also chucks big clouds, if that is your thing. Overall the coils vape well and are very solid.

No Leaking Issues for Us

​Take this info with a pinch of salt. I have said this in the past about other sub ohm tanks, only to read that others had leaking issues. I did read that some people had leaking issues on their X-Tank 4.0, so this is maybe a bit hit and miss in this department. It could also be that they had the first version and apparently the latest version has now fixed those leaking issues that were present in the first batch.



Vapmod Xtank 4.0 on Innokin Disrupter
Vapmod Xtank 4.0 on Innokin Disrupter

The X-Tank is massive due to its odd shape and big tank capacity. It won’t fit nicely on a lot of mods, so make sure it will look ok on yours before you buy it. Any larger box mod bar the X-Cube II will look “ok” with it and one or two smaller mods as well.

Vapmod X-Tank 4.0 Review
Mods it looks ok on:

  • Cloupor GT
  • Innokin Disrupter
  • iStick 50W
  • Kanger Subox (tiny overlap)
  • Sigelei 150W

Mods it won’t look good on:

Looks like a Goldfish Bowl

Vapmod Xtank 4.0 Juice Slot
Vapmod Xtank 4.0 Juice Slot

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In my eyes this tank looks like a goldfish bowl! It doesn’t look great in my opinion, but those who want this tank, will not be looking at aesthetics, rather will be looking at the practicality and convenience of the 10ml tank.

Plastic Tank

The tank is plastic and feels a little bit flimsy. You do get a spare which is good, but perhaps a Pyrex tank would have been better and sturdier.

Terrible Air Flow Ring (on ours)

Vapmod Xtank 4.0 Airflow
Vapmod Xtank 4.0 Airflow

Our air flow controller was terrible. It rattled and was difficult to turn into place and then keep at a certain draw. The air flow on ours features two holes on either side. I have seen videos with people having different air flow hole settings with differing sizes. I think they must have the latest version and mine is still one of the older ones, I am not sure. Let me know what yours is like if you have tried it!

Not Easy to Take Apart and Replace a Coil

​This isn’t a sub ohm tank for those looking for their first sub ohm tank. The reason I say this is because replacing the coil on the X-Tank 4 is a bit of an ordeal. You need to screw apart the tank and remove the drip tip and tank and then remove another cover for the coil.


Vapmod Xtank 4.0 Top Fill
Vapmod Xtank 4.0 Top Fill

You can re-fill the X-Tank 4 from the bottom, but it isn’t very easy to get this cap off and then back on. There is a top cap which comes off and leaves the tiniest gap for filling if you have a pipette/syringe. I couldn’t use a drip bottle through that gap and I have no idea why they didn’t make the gap larger to allow for a top fill. Looking at the latest version it seems the top gap looks different to mine and they recommend filling the tank through it, so perhaps they have fixed it. If anyone has the latest version, please let me know if you can now re-fill through the top.


The X-Tank 4.0 is only for those vapers who really need a 10ml tank and for those who don’t mind the X-Tanks awkward shape and looks.Those people who can look past the size and looks, will enjoy the 10ml tank capacity and a really good vape on a great range of different coils. I felt the overall build quality could be improved upon, but it looks like the latest version has ironed out some of these quality issues.

This isn’t a sub ohm tank for me because of its dimensions, difficulty to change coils and quality issues on the version I tested. However, I can definitely see its appeal and no doubt it will be popular for the heavier sub ohm tank vapers.

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360 & Arktan.com. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
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Scott Genn
Scott Genn
8 years ago

i don’t mind the look of this tank, and i definitely like the capacity- i can fill it, take it to work or out and about, and not worry about having to refill it. i’ve been using the 0.03 ohm triton coils with it, and i’ve been getting really good performance and flavor. like you, i think the airflow control ring sucks-it’s loose, wonky, and sub-par. i am noticing a bit of leaking around the 510 connection, but that may just be juice condensation. i top fill using a unicorn bottle with no issues.

Scott Genn
Scott Genn
8 years ago
Reply to  Chris Kendell

Yeah. Also, I agree with you on the aesthetics… Definitely a case of function over form. It works great for the most part. Pairs well with my GT 60 watt. I am sure future revisions will address the air flow issue.

7 years ago

Was good at first. Now leaks like a sieve from the airflow control ring, which has also become loose and sloppy. Love the capacity as I don’t have to refill it a lot at work. Tried taking it apart and seeing if there was a way to tighten up the airflow ring but didn’t feel like destroying it in the process. Was a 7/10 but with the massive leaking now, I wouldn’t recommend it at all.
This is on the “older version” as I noticed also that I only have the two hole airflow. The leaking may have been fixed.

7 years ago

Was tempted to bid on one (ebay) but having read the review and previous feedback I’ll go for another Mvape M1 10ml tank, by far superior regarding coil change / filling with no leak / airflow ring issues AND flavour / cloud vapes perfectly at 20W with Atlantis coil fitted..

Thanks for review and feedback ….. saved me money and disappointment : – )

Steve Simpson
Steve Simpson
6 years ago

I’m liking mine, but yeah, the leaking problem! Will leak at the bottom when filled by the top. (not recommended because removing the cap releases the anti-pressure in the tank and coil will leak) I’ve resorted to holding the mouth hole over a shot glass to catch the dripping oil as I fill from the bottom. I’m using a dropper; have to hold it tight in small fill hole so the oil won’t back flow, but holding it tight forces air pressure into the tank so made for the dripping worse out the mouth hole. But hey, I have to… Read more »

Mohammed ali
Mohammed ali
11 months ago

were can I get the coils for this

Jim McDonald
Jim McDonald
11 months ago
Reply to  Mohammed ali

You probably can’t. It’s a seven-year-old product that had limited success.