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Vaporesso Drizzle Review: MTL Vaping Done Right!

Vaping360 Team
January 17, 2017

Vaporesso Drizzle kit Intro

The Drizzle kit is another winner from Vaporesso! If you’ve been keeping up with them, you might have noticed their gear is continually getting better. From the Tarot Nano to their signature OMNI board, Vaporesso is bringing affordable vape gear to the masses with good designs, quality electronics, and the performance many vapers want.

The Vaporesso Drizzle kit is another example of that. It is a tube mod with a 1000 mAh built-in battery and a small 1.8 mL tank. It accommodates ceramic (CCELL) or traditional (kanthal) EUC mini coils (specifically made for this tank). It is patterned after all the other Vaporesso tanks coming out right now with that EUC coil-swap design, except that this is 100% for the MTL crowd.

No suspense here, I enjoy using this kit!

Price: $20-25

Kit Content

  • 1 x USB to micro-USB cable
  • 1 x Traditional mini 1.4-ohm EUC coil
  • 1 x Ceramic mini 1.3-ohm EUC coil


  • 1000 mAh built-in battery
  • 1.8 mL tank

The basics of the Drizzle

vaporesso drizzle kit

This kit looks nice, but there isn’t really much to it. It’s a small tube mod with a side button and a tank that comes in all stainless steel or black with SS accents. It’s a classic form in that it looks like a miniature mech mod.The whole thing weighs about 64 grams with a full tank, and it’s ~18 mm in diameter (~0.7 inches) and about 91 mm in height (~3.6 inches) without the removable drip tip.

The top-fill tank holds 1.8 mL (TPD compliant) and it takes the Vaporesso EUC coils. They are easy to use and to swap out, with no mess whatsoever. Just turn the tank upside down, unscrew the base of the tank (while holding the glass portion), pluck out the small coil head and drop in a new one. It is a simple, yet clever design and it works as advertised.


  • No leaks at all!
  • Wicks well with from 70 VG to 70 PG
  • Warm vapor (but never too hot)
  • Top fill to tank
  • Easy to replace coils
  • Accurate and clean flavor
  • Sizeable vapor for an MTL device
  • Quick wicking on the coil heads
  • Easy-to-adjust airflow controller (and you can easily see where it is set)
  • Killer throat hit (if you use high nic)
  • No spitting or hot-popping


  • The button is sometimes hard to locate (especially if wearing winter gloves)
  • If you aren’t paying attention, it can slip out of the hands easily

Easy recommendation

If you like a small form factor, legit flavor, and a world-class MTL draw, you need to know the Drizzle has all that.

It would be easiest for me to compare it to the Nautilus Mini, and I think it’s better than that (so far). My first draw off of this had me doing the happy dance! The hit is just perfect.

The low price and ease of use is great, but the performance seals the deal. I strongly recommend this based on the performance I’ve gotten so far. And although I have only had it a couple weeks, I have not stopped using it as my go-to device (nudging the Infinite Inone out of my top spot). I can’t speak on the longevity of the Drizzle coils, but Vaporesso coils have a pretty strong track record in that department. Time will tell.

There is a new MTL kit on the block, and it’s called the Drizzle. It’s not flashy or equipped with a bunch of extraneous features, it’s just one helluva solid vape… if you are into mouth-to-lung vaping. If you are into a direct-lung hit, but like this form factor, check out the Vaporesso Veco One.

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4 years ago

Hi, which is better the Endura or the Drizzle?

Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann
4 years ago
Reply to  Cameron

The Drizzle by a pretty wide margin, in my opinion.

Michael Abrams
Michael Abrams
4 years ago
Reply to  Jeremy Mann

Is the Drizzle a little airier than a Nautilus? I like the idea of mtl, but not the fight to get a decent rip on it. Many of us usually sub ohm but need something like a Juul for throat hit a few times a day.

Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann
4 years ago
Reply to  Michael Abrams

My apologies for the late response (not getting all my notifications). I think the Drizzle has more airflow wide open, and can be equally shut down to a cheek-collapsing struggle!

Can Koklu
Can Koklu
4 years ago

Hi.. just got this kit and it’s great..
Question: what is the recommended PG/VG level for the ceramic coils in this kit?
Would 20PG/80VG work fine or will it clog the coils?

Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann
4 years ago
Reply to  Can Koklu

Have not used the ceramic coils (not my thing). But I can look at the wick holes since I have some. I actually think you’d be fine as long as you don’t close of the airflow too tightly. Open it all the way and let us know how it worked for you. I don’t think it will be an issue, but I can’t say for sure.

Good luck!

p.s. I am vaping on my Drizzle right now!

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