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August 24, 2021
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VAPORESSO XROS MINI Review: Smaller, Simpler, and With a Bigger Battery!

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Product intro and specs

The VAPORESSO XROS MINI is the latest pod system by VAPORESSO. They have established themselves as one of the best vape manufacturers in the industry, with many great devices over the past few years. The XROS MINI is a pod system in a small package, as that's the craze these days. It’s similar to the Uwell Caliburn and the Vapefly Manners, and even their own LUXE Q which came out recently. Its internal battery is listed at 1000 mAh and it uses inhale to fire (no buttons).


The device comes with pods that have a 2 mL capacity. Pods are empty and refillable, so you get to use your own juice in them. However, the coils are built into the pod. So, you’ll need to dispose of them and replace with a new pod when the coil dies.


VAPORESSO have had a number of good releases in a row, so let’s see if the XROS MINI continues this streak.


Price: $12.99 (at Element Vape)

Colors: Lime green, space grey, black, grape purple, orange red, silver.

Build quality and design

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The XROS MINI is a small stick-style pod, similar in size overall to the Caliburn, but shorter and thicker. It stands at 98.9 mm x 23.4 mm x 13.5 mm, making it slightly bigger than their LUXE Q but not by much. It’s more compact than most simple pod systems in height, but a little thicker and wider than most. It also weighs very little but feels really solid in the hand. You can tell it’s well built and can survive everyday use and drops.

It's offered in six colors. I have had no color chipping issues with mine, which is good. The colors cover the whole device, so each color stands out in its own way compared to some devices where only a panel is different. I got the Lime Green one for review and it’s a nice blend of lime green on the top fading into a royal blue on the bottom. The Space Grey, Grape Purple, and Orange Red also have fading color schemes, while the other three are one solid color if you want something less flashy. The body has a “Diamond Plate texture” on the front that looks nice. It is “anti-smudge,” so no fingerprints get left on the device.

There are no buttons on the device as it is inhale-to-fire. Just a LED on the front that is easy to see when vaping to let you know the battery charge. All in all, it’s a pretty standard stick-style pod system, but it is well built and done right.

Getting started

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The XROS MINI is a pretty typical pod system that’s simple to use which is good for beginners. There are no buttons or anything, no options or features. It's a simple fill, vape, and charge device, making it ideal for beginners.

The pod itself just pops into place via magnets and pops in and out of the device very easily. The magnets are strong and the pod is held in firmly. To remove the pod, just grab it and pull it out. No special tricks needed. To put it back in, just pop it in and the magnets will grab it. Really easy and simple as it should be.

Refilling works just like the pods on their LUXE PM40, which is nice. You don’t need to remove the pod at all, just push back on the mouthpiece and it’ll pop off and expose the large fill hole which fits any fine tip bottle. There is a small airhole on the other side to let air out that makes filling easy. Love this fill method for sure.

Thankfully the pod is clear, and almost fully exposed to see when you're running low or overfilling. When running low, you do have to slant the device to see if any juice is left on the bottom—but it’s easy to see and works well. No complaints there, and I’m very happy overall with the simplicity of using this device.



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The most important part of any pod device is going to be the coils. VAPORESSO’s pod systems as of late have had really good coils so we’ll see how this stacks up.

First off, it’s worth noting that since these coils are encased in the pod, they aren’t compatible with other VAPORESSO coils. However, the new XROS pods in this device are compatible with the pods of the rest of the XROS line. The XROS MINI pod with only one pod in the box. All kits should always come with a spare coil, so I'll ding them for that, but I was able to use two since they sent me two devices. The coil is 1.2 ohm for MTL vaping and provides a solid MTL draw that is tight with minimal airflow.

I used 50/50 nicotine salts between 20-24 mg in it and the flavor was great for a pod system. Comparable to the top MTL pods on the market. I got a consistent 12 mL of juice out of them before they died. Solid coil life for a device like this that doesn't burn through much juice. I typically look for around 10 mL of life in coils like these, so the 1.2-ohm coil passes that test. It’s not going to blow your mind, but it is a good coil and I have no complaints whatsoever.

Battery life and charging

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VAPORESSO claim that the battery will last for two days of vaping, but that’s really dependent on how much you vape and varies from person to person. It comes with an internal battery listed at 1000 mAh, and they list the charge rate at 1A.

I tested their ratings and for the charge rate I got max 1A so great rating there. For charge time, I got 62 minutes. So, again, a great rating—and it charges plenty fast for a pod system. As for battery size, my testing showed it at 920 mAh. All three ratings are pretty much dead on so good job on VAPORESSO for representing their product accurately. You get what they promise, and that’s important to me, and the reason why I do all this testing. In real usage, you can go through about two pods before charging, so it can be an “all day vape” for some people.

The LED acts as a battery meter and it works well:

  • Green: 70-100%
  • Blue: 30-70%
  • Red: 0-30%
  • Good enough for the device and spaced out well.

    Note that the type-C port is at the bottom, so it has to lay down while charging. Not a big deal, but I prefer devices that can stand up while charging. Finally, it does have passthrough vaping as well, so you can vape while it’s plugged in.

    Pros / Cons


    • Good build quality
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Very small and pocketable
    • Six color options
    • Simple but good-looking device
    • Good flavor
    • Good coil life
    • Refillable pods
    • Pods are held in firmly
    • Solid capacity (2 mL)
    • Clear pods to easily see juice level
    • Easy to use and fill
    • Good battery life
    • Charges fast (62 minutes)
    • Accurate rating on capacity/charge rate/charge time
    • Passthrough vaping


    • Only one pod included in this kit (should have been two)



    Overall, VAPORESSO did a good job with the XROS MINI. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking and doesn’t really stand out, but it’s a solid overall device to help new vapers and people looking to quit smoking. It does everything it promises in an affordable and well-built package. It’s simple and just works.

    I really don’t have anything bad to say about it, other than there should have been a spare pod included in the kit. If you are in the market for a new simple pod device the XROS MINI is well worth looking at.

    We’d like to hear from you. Have you tried the VAPORESSO XROS MINI? How was your experience with the device? Let us know in the comments below.


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