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Vaporfi Raspberry Mocha Review

Vaping360 Team
November 17, 2016

Raspberry Mocha by Vaporfi

Vaporfi is at it again! This time with the release of a new e-juice called Raspberry Mocha.

First of all, the e-juice comes to you in a real (take-out) coffee cup. It’s both hilarious and the effective. It’s hard not to salivate when you see that cup, especially if you are a fan of this drink. The cup is fully branded with the Vaporfi logo, juice name, and nicotine strength. Vaporfi is thumbing their nose at those “officials” that say that e-juice packaging has to be bland and not suggestive. Good for Vaporfi!

When I got the package sent to me for the review, though, I almost thought it was a joke or a terrible mistake by some careless employee. But I remembered Vaporfi’s new direction with packaging (like in their other new juices), then I realized this was all part of the experience. And as soon as I took out that bottle from the cup, I was ready! But I was skeptical that even Vaporfi was going to be able to pull this off (I generally stay away from coffee and chocolate in e-juice.)

Welp, Vaporfi pulled it off! From what I have tried, Vaporfi is on a roll with their new juices. Just like Caramel Swirl, and Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie, Raspberry Mocha did not disappoint.

For those that don’t want to read about notes of the juice, and subtle nuances of this or that, this is for you: the juice is called Raspberry Mocha and that’s what is tastes like… but in the form of vapor. It really is that simple. If you like raspberry mocha as a drink, you stand an awesome chance of really liking this juice.

What this e-juice tastes like is raspberry mocha, but how it tastes is about a medium on a scale from light to rich. Nothing odd or off. It is not muddy tasting at all like some coffee- and choco-e-juices. The flavor in Raspberry Mocha has all the right qualities (coffee, chocolate, raspberries), but the overall saturation is a 7 if max was 10.

It’s the authenticity of the raspberry mocha flavor that makes this juice a winner in my book. It doesn’t taste like actual raspberries and mocha per se, but it tastes just like the syrup used in real coffeehouses. Maybe it could have more flavoring, but it’s so authentic I don’t really care (my atties are flavor monsters anyway). Kudos to Vaporfi on this juice.

Recommended for anyone that sees the Raspberry Mocha and says, “that sounds good.”

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