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June 12, 2020
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Vaptio AirGo Review: Light and Elegant with a Familiar Look

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Dave Kriegel
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Vaptio AirGo

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Product intro and specs

The Vaptio AirGo is a miniature pod system that consists of a little battery and a pocket-sized charging box. The device has an 80 mAh capacity and the included case provides 700 mAh. The pods utilize 1.0-ohm coils and hold 1.5 mL of e-liquid. They are constructed of PCTG and aluminum alloy.

The charging case, which they’re calling the AirGo box, charges the device through a magnetic connection. It also houses a spare pod, so it stores up to 3 mL in total with two pods on deck.

This AirGo feels like a throwback to the early e-cigs that came in a charging pack, but the device is more indicative of a post-JUUL era with an Apple-flavored twist. I feel like they would have loved to call it the AirPod, but that would be pushing it. In any case, let’s find out how it performs.

Price: $54.99

Colors: White, gray, aurora blue


  • Dimensions: 64.4 mm x 20.6 mm x 10.3 mm
  • Battery capacity: 80 mAh
  • Max power: 11 watts
  • Coil resistance: 1.0 ohm
  • E-Juice Capacity: 1.5 mL
  • Fill type: Easy side fill
  • Material: aluminum alloy & PCTG
  • Dimensions: 73.2 mm x 50 mm x 24.2 mm
  • Battery capacity: 700 mAh
  • Battery indicator: LED
  • Material: PC

Kit contents

Build quality and design

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The AirGo is easily one of the smallest (and lightest) pod vapes I’ve used to date, standing at just 64.4 mm x 20.6 mm x 10.3 mm. It weighs in at about 13 grams with a full pod, which is closer to the size and weight of a disposable vape than a refillable one. It can be concealed easily in the palm of the hand and is barely noticeable when it’s in your pants pocket. For a size comparison, it’s about as large as my thumb. The AirGo is draw-activated and provides an authentic cigarette-style draw.

The charging case, called the AirGo box, is 73.2 mm x 50 mm x 24.2 mm. It just fits in my palm and slips nicely into the side pocket of my bag. It feels a bit clunky in my pants pocket, but nowhere near a full-sized vape mod. The box utilizes a magnetic connection to charge the device and it also houses an extra pod. The box charges via a USB-C port located on the bottom and features LED indication for both the device and battery.

The build quality of the AirGo box is strikingly similar to a particular Apple product. According to Vaptio they actually use the same supplier and manufacturer for certain components. Let’s be real, it looks just like AirPods. Especially the white color option, which happens to be the one I received.

The flip top feels relatively strong but I could probably snap it off if I really wanted to. Vaptio claims it’s rated for 100,000 openings and closings, so it should hold up to regular wear and tear—and possibly even a drop or two.


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The AirGo pods hold 1.5 mL of e-juice and utilize standard cotton wicking. They are made of a dark tinted plastic, which looks slick and all but it’s not so convenient for monitoring liquid levels. The pods are held in firmly via magnetic contacts. No leaking so far, but you might get some condensation and will have to wipe down the pod and contacts clean every so often.

The pods tend to work best with 50/50 blends due to the small wicking ports. I don’t think I primed the first pod long enough, so there was a longer break-in time and the first few hits were dry, but I didn’t make that mistake again. The pods have a side-fill plug made of plastic with a silicon ball on the tip for a tight seal. They are relatively easy to fill and I like how you don’t need to remove the whole plug. It slides over and accommodates fine tip e-liquid bottles. If you are using a dropper bottle, it might get a little messy.

I was able to get around five or six refills before noticing a drop off in flavor. The first pod didn’t survive as long because I was using an e-liquid with a ton of sweetener. The other pods lasted just under a week, with an average of one refill per day. If you keep a spare pod on you, it helps to alternate between them to extend the longevity of the coils.



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The AirGo provides a real-deal MTL draw. Aside from MTL fans, I can see it being a nice transitional device for smokers. The pod draws its air from two super tiny holes located on the sides of the device. It feels like a tank with the airflow closed off almost completely. If you like a tight MTL draw that simulates a cigarette, you’re going to appreciate the one on the AirGo.

The throat hit was most prominent when using 50 mg nic salts. In fact, it was perfect. I used a pretty generic tobacco flavor and it really felt like I was smoking a cig, only way more enjoyable. When I used lower strength nic salts (25-35 mg) that thump wasn’t as noticeable, but it’s still there. I’m more of a restrictive-lung vaper, but I love a nice MTL vape once in a while.

The flavor it provides is somewhere between a disposable and a good refillable pod system. It delivers more flavor than a JUUL or disposable vape, but it doesn’t exceed the flavor of the Uwell Caliburn. That being said, it’s not so far behind either. If you’re into disposables, this is clearly a step up and over in the right direction if you want a vape with a small form factor that provides a big bang for your buck.

The vapor production isn’t going to turn any heads. It puts out a discreet puff due to its minimal airflow. The amount of vapor is on par with what I would expect from a cigarette or a disposable. It’s ideal for public use if you’re not trying to be that guy chucking massive clouds everywhere. The hits are pretty dense due to the airflow and provide a slightly warm vape. I haven’t had any issues with leaking aside from the usual condensation that accumulates around the pod, which needs to be wiped down periodically.

If you don’t keep the contacts clean on the case and device, it will not charge properly. I made that mistake once and I was disappointed when I couldn’t vape. Just make sure the red light turns on when you close it and wipe the contacts every once in a while.

Battery life and charging

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The AirGo has very limited battery life, which makes sense considering how tiny and lightweight it is. The good news is that the charging box has a 700 mAh capacity, so you can get at least seven full charges out of it. In theory you should be able to get more than that, considering the device has 80 mAh. When the case is fully charged, it displays three white LED bars. When it’s running low, the last white LED bar will blink. I clocked the charge time for the case at just under 45 minutes on a depleted battery. The LEDs indicate the charge process and turn off automatically when it’s done charging.

They claim that you can get 40-50 puffs on a single charge. I take pretty long puffs, so it was a bit more like 30-40 for me. From my experience, the most practical way to use the device is to just take a few puffs until you are satisfied, then pop it right back in the case so it’s always ready for you. A red light will turn on indicating that the device is charging. When it’s fully charged, the light will turn green. It literally charges in about five minutes!

The AirGo doesn’t support pass through charging but you can actually take a puff while it’s in the case. It isn’t very comfortable to do, but that’s the price you’ll have to pay if you can’t wait five minutes for it to charge. Or you can just leave it in for a minute or two to charge enough for a few puffs.

Pros / Cons


  • Extremely small and lightweight
  • Charging case protects from dirt and dust
  • Device charges in about five minutes
  • Charging case provides 700 mAh
  • Provides a real cigarette-style draw
  • USB-C quick charging
  • Solid flavor for a tiny pod system
  • Convenient side-fill system
  • Authentic cigarette-style draw


  • Provides around 40-50 puffs per charge
  • Won’t charge if contacts are not kept clean
  • Does not support pass-thru charging



Overall, the AirGo is an innovative little kit. It comes with everything you need to get your puff on. I would suggest buying a pack of pods with it because the included pair will only last you a week or two, tops. I love the MTL draw that I get from them, they are perfect for high-strength e-liquids. I don’t think a sub ohm pod would be possible given the airflow situation.

Aside from the obvious Apple comparison, the AirGo is like a rechargeable and refillable vape that is closer to the size and weight of a disposable. If you want the smallest and lightest pod system available, this is about as good as it gets. The only downside is that if you don’t perform regular maintenance, the charging system won’t function consistently. All you need to do is wipe the pods with a napkin and clean the contacts inside the case with a cotton swab.

I could see this vape being a big hit with transitioning smokers. The draw will make them feel right at home, especially with a good high-strength tobacco e-liquid. Filling the pods is straightforward and as long as you make a habit of keeping it in the charging case, battery life won't be an issue for you. I wish the pods had a longer lifespan, but they perform well and produce solid flavor.

How do you feel about the Vaptio AirGo? Leave a comment below.

Vaptio AirGo

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Vaping360 placeholder image

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