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Voopoo Drag Nano Review
July 9, 2019
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Voopoo Drag Nano Review: A Little Pod Dressed in Drag

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Jeremy Mann
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Voopoo Drag Nano

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The Voopoo Drag Nano is a little pod vape fashioned to look like the popular Drag series mods. Specifically, the Drag Nano looks like just like a shrunken version of the Drag Platinum, minus the buttons and the screen. In case you ever wanted to wear a Drag, the Drag Nano can be worn with the included stainless chain-link necklace. It’s worlds nicer than some of the typical lanyards we often see in kits—though I’m not a fan of vapes as medallions.

As indicated by the name, the Drag Nano is very small although it has a fairly robust 750 mAh battery capacity. It comes with one pod and a 2 mL capacity, and it's powered by the new Voopoo GENE.Pod chipset. Voopoo says this chipset uses an “intelligent cold boost pattern” that allows the vape to stay level and flavorful from the beginning to the end of the hit.

The device is clearly meant for higher strength juice and nic salts, but there is some question as to whether it’s a true MTL.

Colors: Klein blue, tidal, fiesta, ink, aurora, nebulas blue

Price: $ 33.90 (at Heavengifts)


  • Gene.Pod chipset
  • Dimensions - 54.5 mm x 35 mm x 11 mm
  • Integrated 750 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Voltage output range: 3.2-4.2 V
  • Resistance: 1.8 ohm
  • Zinc-aluminum alloy chassis construction
  • LED battery life indicator
  • Draw-activated firing mechanism
  • Intelligent cold boost pattern
  • Precise output power control system
  • Switch timeout
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Output over-current protections
  • Magnetic pod connection

Kit Content

Build quality and design

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If you know the Voopoo Drag series, you know that anything with its name is going to be constructed well. The Drag Nano is no different. The finish is a pleasure to see, and it feels great in the hand. The resin is legit and the colorations are aesthetically pleasing—unlike other resin designs we see that get muddy from haphazard color choices. I got the aurora color which has an abalone vibe going on. But because the rest of the device is a polished zinc-alloy, it’s a fingerprint magnet beyond belief. I didn’t know that my hands were so greasy. Sheesh.

The Drag Nano is quite small. It measures 11 mm x 40 mm x 55 mm not including the pod. With the pod in, the mouthpiece only sticks 10 mm or so out of the top of the device. Setting aside the pod itself, which I’ll get to next, the device feels really solid and well balanced, only weighing 60 grams. Lastly, because it’s an automatic draw device, there are no buttons, which makes the exterior cleaner. Even the LED is tiny, but it’s quite visible when you need to reference the battery life remaining.

As mentioned, the Voopoo Drag Nano comes with a nice necklace to use as a lanyard. The Nano hooks up to the chain via a tiny little ring that comes in the package with the necklace. If you want to rock this around your neck, make sure to keep that little keychain-type of ring on the device. Otherwise it’ll be too easy to lose.

Drag Nano pods

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The Drag Nano only comes with a single 1 mL pod. That’s unfortunate. As many have stated, no pod vape should only come with one pod, especially when it only holds 1 mL.

The pods click into the battery—the click isn’t very assertive, but it’s there. They’re quite secure though, unlike magnetic pods that’ll pop out of the battery housing if dropped. But there’s a little wiggle room left between the housing and the pod that undermine its overall secure feeling.

To refill the pod, just pull it out of the housing and pull off the mouthpiece. The refill port is up high on the side of the pod. Yet, there are no plugs in the pod itself; the one plug is inside of the mouthpiece (which means the mouthpiece only fits one way on the pod). It’s a standard refill system basically, but the port is not very wide. Some of my nic salt bottle tips fit in, and others don’t. The ones that don’t, I have to back off the hole and let the liquid snake in. This could make for a messy refill if you’re trying to do it quickly.



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The performance of the Drag Nano is decent. I’ve gone through four refills so far. I’ve used 24 mg/mL high PG juice, as well as 50 mg/mL nic salt. Both juices wicked and vaped fine, but not remarkable by any means. The flavor that it does produce is good enough, but there’s not a lot of it. It vapes smoothly, but the throat hit is lacking.

I have a couple other pet peeves with the performance:

The draw: It's more of a restricted-lung hit than it is an MTL. When I hit a true MTL device, I shouldn’t have to use my breath. With the Nano, I have to pull with my lungs.

Having said all that, I am still able to use high-strength juices. Restricted lung hits are not all created equally. Although I have to use my lungs to draw on the Drag Nano, the overall power behind the hit so low that it’s still conducive to higher strength juices.

Vapor temperature: The Nano Drag is not as warm as I would like it. I wouldn’t call it cool though. Maybe tepid or lukewarm are better words to describe it. If you take long drags, it gets a tad warmer, but not by enough. That could be due to the GENE.Pod chipset regulating the consistency of the hit from start to finish. I don’t know. Frankly, I’d prefer it to get better by the end.

Other than those points, there hasn’t been anything else I’ve noticed with common problems that might occur in pod devices. No leaking or juice dribbling in the mouth. Additionally, the pods vape quietly.

Battery life and charging

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The Drag Nano features a 750 mAh battery, which is not very impressive but, considering the size of the device, it is passable. It does have pass-thru charging, which is good since a full charge takes an hour. You’ll know the battery status by the little LED that lights when you take a drag.

  • Green: 61%-100%
  • Blue: 21%-60%
  • Red: 0%-20%
  • I’ve been able to get through two and a half refills on a single battery charge. However, the pod only holds 1 mL of juice. That’s only about one full pod per charge of the typical pod device. Which is about the typical battery life you’d get out of most pod vapes out there.


    Pros / Cons


    • Amazing finish across the device
    • Real resin feels great to the touch
    • Tiny LED is subtle but easy to see
    • No refill plugs to mess with
    • Pods are securely held in
    • Easy draw
    • Flavor is decent
    • Smooth hit


    • Pod has wiggle room
    • Not a legit MTL
    • Vapor is not warm enough
    • Only comes with one pod
    • Refill port could be a hair wider


    If you’re fan of the Voopoo Drag series, of course the Nano should be a part of your collection. The vape quality isn’t really above average, but it's decent enough to justify purchasing the device because of the body styling. If that’s what it’s really about for you, I think there’s no shame in that.

    However, if you need it to be a strict MTL, you’re not going to be happy. The draw is too loose for that. It’s got an easy draw, but it’s going to take some lung action. Also, because I only received one kit and only one coil comes with it, I have no idea how long-lasting or consistent the coils are. From what I can tell, again, it all seems average... except for the incredible build quality and attractive appearance.

    Voopoo Drag Nano

    Vaping360 placeholder image
    Vaping360 placeholder image

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