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Wotofo x Mr.Justright1 Profile RDA Review | A Step Forward for Mesh
October 15, 2018
9 min to read

Wotofo x Mr.Justright1 Profile RDA Review: A Step Forward for Mesh

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Jeremy Mann
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Wotofo X Mr.JustRight1 Profile RDA

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Product intro

The Profile RDA is a collaboration atomizer from Wotofo and YouTube reviewer Mr.JustRight1. The goal was to create a more consistent experience for using mesh in an RDA. They devised a solution by incorporating a mechanism in the deck meant to keep the cotton in constant contact with the heating element. A clever feature with a real purpose.

The Profile RDA is 24 mm and comes in a variety of colors and accompanying 810 resin drip tips. Some of the RDA/tip colors are matchy-matchy, and some are stylized like the black with the red tip, and the SS with the blue tip. The tips are not randomly selected — what you see is what you’re ordering. Wotofo has also released a 22 mm conversion cap paired with a 24 mm beauty ring, as they did for the Recurve RDA. Mesh sheets, as well as Wotofo agleted cotton strips (shoelace style), are included with the RDA, as well as sold separately.

Price: $29.95
Colors: Black/red tip, blue/blue tip, gold/gold flake tip, gunmetal/black tip, stainless/blue tip, rainbow/multi-colored tip


- Wide clamp style dual post build deck

- 7 mm by 2 mm each terminal

- Side mounted Phillips screws

- PEEK insulated positive post

- 4 mm deep juice well

- Interchangeable mesh and coil build styles

- Spring-loaded central ceramic support

- Beehive style airflow

- 19 airflow holes each side; 1 mm each hole

- 24K gold-plated bottom-feeding 510 contact

- 9 mm bore 810 drip tip

  • Mesh style Kanthal A1 coil sheets included

Kit Content

Build quality and design

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The Profile is a three-piece design: deck, barrel, and top cap (with removable 810 tip.) It’s 24 mm in diameter and about 28 mm high including the tip. The barrel is a full 2 mm thick that’s held on the deck with dual O-rings, and locks into the deck – which makes it secure and easy to unscrew off a 510 connection. It has a substantial gold-plated hex squonk pin with close to a 2 mm wide channel, and the 810 tip is held into the top cap snugly, but it’s easy to take off.

Unfortunately, the top cap that adjusts the airflow is a bit too loose. And due to the small airflow holes being the same color as the inside that’s closing them off, I had some difficulties seeing where my airflow is set. Other than that, the build quality and design are quite nice.

Build deck

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This deck’s claim to fame is a spring-loaded ceramic platform that presses the cotton up in case of sag. It can be totally disassembled, and replacement springs are included.

I can see why they designed the deck like this. Wicking mesh “coils” in RDAs requires a super thick piece of cotton, due to their wide ID. But... gravity! If the cotton starts to sag because of the weight of the juice, you’ll get a dry hit. And a dry hit on mesh is arguably the worst hit in vaping.

Aside from that special feature, the rest of the deck is straightforward. The clamps use decent sized combo screws (flathead/Phillips,) and while they aren’t spring loaded, they open up enough for mesh with a twist of the driver. The deck can also accommodate single Clapton coils, like the (2) framed staple coils Wotofo included, but I’d recommend most to consider this as mesh only RDA.


Coil installation and wicking

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To install a mesh strip, you have to make the “coil.” Take the 16 mm x 7 mm mesh strip and press it against the handle of the coil rod to make it into a semi-circle form. Then just open the clamps a bit, drop the mesh in, and tighten. You can reshape the coil if needed with the coil rod once it’s installed. You may need to hold it in place while you trap it, but it’s no biggie because there’s a square platform inside the clamp (housing the clamp screw) that will keep the mesh from dropping in too far.

That same square platform inside the clamps creates a pro and a con for regular coils. There’s just enough room on either side of the squared section for your coil legs, but they can’t be too wide. If the coil legs are too wide (wider than about 1.2 mm), you’d have to trap them in the top section of the clamps, as you do with mesh. But there’s not enough room there to trap coil legs easily. It can be done, but for me, it’s too much of a hassle.

Wicking a regular Clapton coil is the same as it will be elsewhere. But wicking the mesh will feel really different from what you’re used to with regular coils. Wotofo included a 6 mm long super thick strip of cotton with the shoelace tips. It’s the thickest piece of cotton I’ve ever used! Feeding the wick through is normal, except it’s going to feel almost uncomfortably tight going through.

After fluffing and combing my tails a bit, I cut my wicks just a couple of millimeters outside the deck. I didn’t try any angled cuts or anything; I just tucked them in with a flathead screwdriver as I would with any RDA. This wicked fine for me.


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With the Kanthal A1 0.18-ohm mesh strip, the flavor is clean and accurate, the vapor is amazing, and the ramp is fast. I have my mod set to 53 watts, and it vapes well! The RDA does not get hot to the touch, and I’ve had no spitting and popping, flooding and gurgling, or anything off-putting with my time with it.

The RDA squonks like a pro too. Juice gets delivered straight up into the coil, and with so much cotton, over-squonking is hardly an issue. The reclaim is a bit slow in the first saturation, but it’s normal after. It seemed like I killed half a squonk bottle just juicing it up for the first time!

I’ve tried using it as a straight-up dripper too. It worked okay, but I didn’t care for it due to how much juice I have to drip. To me, this RDA is for mesh and squonking only. Using it with 0.33-ohm framed staple Claptons makes dripping more of a standard deal, but the chamber is too open for me to enjoy with regular coils – this RDA just doesn’t have much flavor impact without mesh.

As for the spring-loaded wick support: I love the idea. But I can’t say if it’s helping much. The spring used is rather thin, and I don’t know if it’s able to press up the thick wet cotton effectively. I lifted my tails and checked the support, and it appears to be pushed all the way down from the weight of the wet cotton. That said, I’ve not had any bad hits while staying in the recommended watts range (mesh is not the type of coil to push beyond its limits.) Whether that wick support is actually working or not, I’m just happy to report I’ve had no dry/burnt hits.


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The airflow on the Profile uses dual-sided “honeycomb” airflow. There are three rows stacked of 1 mm airholes, with a total of 19 holes on each side. To adjust it, just turn the top cap. The airflow can be adjusted two ways: clockwise and counterclockwise. Clockwise adjusts the top row, hole by hole. Then, once the top row is closed off, the bottom two rows get adjusted simultaneously. Adjusting it counterclockwise closes all three rows at the same time.

The feeling of the airflow is smooth and mostly quiet. I’ve been using mine with just the top row closed off. I tried it fully open, and it’s virtually no restriction at all. It can be closed down to a really tight draw, though I am not sure why this RDA would ever be used with a tight draw.

I like the feeling of the airflow, but seeing your airflow setting is hard without holding the atty up to the light. Couple that with the top cap being a tad too loose, and those are only real cons I have with the device.


Pros / Cons


  • Plenty of spare parts and accessories
  • Easy to install mesh
  • No heat
  • Clean flavor
  • Clouds of vapor
  • Wick support is a good idea
  • Quality screws used in deck and squonk pin
  • Plentiful and quiet airflow
  • Lighting fast ramp on mesh
  • Quality machining
  • Perfect squonking action and reclaim


  • Hard to see airflow setting
  • Top cap a tad too loose


If you’re a fan of RDAs and mesh, you should definitely try this atomizer from Wotofo and Mr. Justright1. From the build quality to the performance to the plethora of spare parts and accessories, it has a lot to offer. There are just a couple small things I’d want to change with the top cap and the visibility of the airflow setting, but these are minor inconveniences.

From a performance standpoint, I can’t see it being much better than it is already. It’s got such an immediate and fulfilling hit that is hard not to enjoy, especially if squonking! And although I don’t think mesh in an RDA has better flavor than regular coils, the total picture of the Profile’s performance is hard to beat.

Wotofo X Mr.JustRight1 Profile RDA

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