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 Wotofo Toolkit & Alien Coils Review: A Great Combo for Fans of Rebuildables

Spyros Papamichail
November 11, 2019

Product intro and specs

If you are using rebuildable atomizers, a toolkit becomes somewhat of a necessary vape accessory. You get all the tools you need neatly packaged in a kit that you can carry with you everywhere you go. Wotofo’s toolkit comes with eight essential coil building tools and extra storage spaces in a small package designed for practicality. The kit is already featured in our best coil building kits page, but this time I will be taking an even closer look at it. Along with the toolkit, Wotofo sent me premade Alien coils in two specs (0.22 and 0.3-ohm), so I will be reviewing these as well. And as you will read in the review, the coils are a great pairing for the toolkit.

Price: $29.99 (toolkit), $16.99 (0.22-ohm Aliens, 10pcs), $16.99 (0.3-ohm Aliens, 10pcs)


  • Toolkit dimensions: 195 mm x 140 mm x 32 mm (7.67 in. x 5.51 in. x 1.26 in)
  • Coil material: nichrome80
  • Coil wraps: 4/5
  • Coil ID: 3 mm

Kit contents

  • 1 x medical standard scissors
  • 1 x Tungsten flush cutter
  • 1 x bent nose pliers
  • 1 x bent tip tweezer
  • 1 x ceramic tweezer
  • 2 x four-size coil jigs
  • 1 x 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Premade coils: 10 pcs

Wotofo toolkit

The kit includes eight tools—or actually eleven, as one of the tools is 4-in-1. (To see the full list of contents, check the drop-down menu above.) All included tools are of high quality and look much more durable than what you get in an average coil building kit. The scissors are perfect for cotton and I like the fact that their tips are rounded. Both the ceramic and the bent tip stainless tweezers are top notch and I think that it is great that the kit includes two leveled coil jigs—some dual coil RDAs with shared posts are much easier to build using two jigs.

A great feature that’s present both on the flush cutter and the plier is the mechanism that returns them in an open position. They do it in a different way, but it works on both of them and it works great.

The 4-in-1 screwdriver is a nice idea. While I would have liked four separate tools, they managed to save a lot of space with this design. The tool has a cap at its top and includes four different types of screwdriver tips inside it.

  • A 1.5 mm hex
  • A 1.3 mm hex
  • A 2.5 mm flathead bit
  • A 2.5 mm Phillips head

The screwdriver tips are secured on the tool with the use of a threaded nut. Yes, the process will take an extra 10 seconds of your time, but it is a smart way to save some space and keep the kit as compact as possible. I wish the O-ring was a tiny bit thicker (the cap comes off very easily on my unit), but that’s a very minor issue.

Wotofo is using a waterproof fabric hard case material on the packaging of the kit, which makes it rugged and lightweight. In my opinion, this material is much better than the plastic or soft fabric that are often used in similar kits. The layer in the middle of the toolkit is also great for saving some space, and allows for extra storage that can be used for your cotton, wire, coil packages etc.

My biggest gripe with the toolkit is not what comes with it, but what doesn’t. A coiling tool! The included coil jigs are fine for what they are, but the omission of a dedicated tool to roll your wire is glaring. On the positive side of things, there is one slot left for a tool, and my Coilmaster fits great there. If you are only using premade coils there’s no need to bother, but if you like making coils out of wire, I suggest you get one of those.

Wotofo Aliens

All Wotofo premade coils come in plastic tubes, each containing ten pieces. I received two types of Alien coils.

  • Nichrome80 Aliens, 3×28+36, 4/5 wraps, 3 mm ID, 0.3 ohms
  • Nichrome80 Aliens, 3×26+36, 4/5 wraps, 3 mm ID, 0.22 ohms

I tested both coils in the Recurve, the Recurve Dual, and the Gear RTA. The coils were relatively clean out of the box, but you may want to clean them further before putting them on, as they are not handmade.

The 0.22-ohm coils are significantly larger, with a lot of extra mass due to the lower gauge of the wires that make up the core. The difference is easily noticeable when you put the two coils next to each other. And due to that, they perform very differently.

The mass and dimensions of the 0.22-ohm coils make them a better fit for large, airy RDAs. They took up a large part of the Recurve Dual deck, and due to that, the RDA would get very hot to the touch after taking three to four puffs in a row. But if your deck is spacious, you could get away with using them both in dual and single-coil atties.

I personally wouldn’t suggest using the 0.22 coils in dual coil builds on a mech mod. My dual build came out at 0.10 ohms, which I find to be too low for mech mods, given that you will need a battery capable of 42 amps—and there’s no battery on the market that can safely supply that amperage, regardless of what you may see on some wraps. I strongly advise to only use a regulated mod for dual coil builds on this coil. Outside of safety considerations, the power output on a mech would be too high for this coil in my opinion. I enjoyed my dual coil build in the 3.0-3.3 volt range (90-110 watts). At that power range I got great flavor and vapor production out of them.

The 0.3-ohm coils are some of the best all-around factory-made coils I have ever tried. They are great in almost every deck, be it an RTA or an RDA, and both in single and dual-coil builds. They are also a better fit for mechs from a safety perspective (my dual builds came out between 0.14 and 0.16 ohms), although the vape will be too cool for most people. I generally prefer a cooler vape but I still had to power these coils between 3.8 and 4 volts on an RDA. Note that you will still need a 30-amp battery if you go dual-coil on a mech, and that there are not many batteries available that provide this amperage (again, battery wraps are not reliable). Do your research on battery safety before using a mech and pick the right batteries for your build.

The flavor on this coil is great, and vapor production is not as impressive as on the 0.22-ohm coil, but it is more than sufficient. I actually got even better flavor out of this coil, as it seemed to pick the more delicate notes out of my juices. The Recurve Dual didn’t get nearly as hot as it did with the lower resistance coils, and the single coil build on the Gear RTA was just perfect. I am happy I tested this coil last, as I really don’t want to take it out of the Gear. It is that good!

Pros / Cons

  • Space for an extra tool (ideally a coiling tool)
  • Rugged packaging
  • Relatively compact and lightweight
  • High-quality tools will last for long
  • Space for wire/coils/cotton etc.
  • 4-in-1 tool is practical
  • 0.3 Aliens great for dual coil atomizers
  • 0.3 Aliens excellent for single coil RTAs
  • 0.22 Aliens great for large and airy RDAs
  • Coil resistance rating is accurate for the most part
  • Lack of a dedicated coil tool/jig
  • 0.22 Aliens resistance may get too low on dual coil setups
  • 0.22 Aliens too big for some atties


Wotofo’s toolkit is one of the best put together coil building kits I have ever used. I really liked the fact that they managed to squeeze all these tools and two storage compartments on a design that compact. And they didn’t make compromises in quality, as everything that’s included feels durable. The only real con is the obvious lack of a coiling tool—so obvious that Wotofo has a slot for it! So yeah, grab one of those along with the kit and you are all set.

As for the coils, the 0.3-ohm Aliens are clear winners for me, but the 0.22-ohm coils are also a solid option for those using larger RDAs with ample deck space. But all in all, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of both coils. They are not handmade, but for factory-made Aliens they are easily some of the best on the market. At that price, they are a bargain—and an excellent combo purchase with the kit.

My first attempt at vaping came back in 2009 on some of the first cigalikes to ever reach Europe. A couple of attempts -- and vaping tech generations later -- I managed to quit smoking in 2016, and have since then developed somewhat of an obsession with all things vaping. When I am not consuming vape reviews I am either tinkering my NBA fantasy teams or playing board games with friends.
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4 years ago

So quick question… In the dual alien build at .15ohms, were you running a single or dual battery setup, and what battery(s) were you using. I’m looking at running a dual coil setup on the Topside SQ with a single Samsung 30T, but I am a little concerned with a wattage around 117.6w from a single battery.