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May 29, 2020
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Yocan Regen Review: A Hard Hitter with Great Flavor

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Dave Kriegel
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Yocan Regen

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The Regen improves upon the popular Magneto. Its coils are cross-compatible with the Yocan coil series including single, double and triple quartz coils.The battery life has been upped to 1100 mAh and the power is adjustable from 3.0 to 4.0 volts. It still features the classic silicone storage compartment.

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Product intro and specs

The Regen is a wax pen by Yocan designed for cannabis concentrates. It combines popular features from some of their best dab pens like the Magneto, which I happen to be very familiar with. The Regen vape pen utilizes a standard two-piece design which includes an 1100 mAh battery with a built-in hidden silicone storage compartment, and an atomizer compatible with a variety of Yocan replaceable coil heads. The kit includes both a dual and a triple-coil head.

The Regen shares a very similar compact rugged design to the Magneto at 110 mm tall and 19 mm in width. The device also now features three voltage levels for further customizing your vape experience. It even comes with a ring so you can hang it from a lanyard. Yup, they're bringing that back. Yocan has also made a few updates in the design department. Instead of the old rubberized coating, it utilizes a futuristic sparkly finish that’s reminiscent of a brand new car.

I'm not sure what a "Regen" is, but I have high hopes considering that the Magneto is one of my favorite dab pens to date, and it also happens to be made by Yocan Tech.

The Regen was sent for the purpose of this review from Vape4Ever.

Price: $28.99 (at Vape4Ever)

How to use

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The Regen features a design that makes it easy to use, even if you’re unfamiliar with vaping. The first step is to make sure your device is fully charged, the three LED lights near the button should be lit up blue. Next, turn the device on by clicking the power button five times in a row. To adjust your voltage setting, click the fire button three times in a row to cycle between the three settings. I suggest starting at the lowest or the middle setting if it's your first time, and if you are a seasoned dabber, you might want to try cranking it up to the highest setting.

To remove the top cap, just pull it off. It's held on by strong magnets, which was one of my favorite features of the Magneto. Make sure the coil is fully installed, and unscrew the coil cap. Using your dab tool, grab a tiny dab of wax, preferably less than 0.1 gram. You can always re-pack it, but overpacking can lead to complications and may shorten your device and coil longevity. The coil cap prevents the oil from splashing and splattering, which keeps the top cap clean. It still works fine without the coil cap, but it will be a lot harder to clean in the long run.

The atomizer portion of the device can be attached to a regular vape mod, which is pretty much all of them. You will have to play around with the power settings, and probably don’t want to go much higher than 20 watts or you might start to wear down the coil faster than necessary. The battery now has multiple voltage settings, and a built-in silicon storage container for dabs.

To sum it up, here are the most important things you need to know about using the Regen:

  • Make sure the device is fully charged
  • Click the button five times to turn on/off
  • Click the button three times to adjust voltage
  • Pull off the top cap and unscrew the coil cap
  • Unscrew the bottom to access the silicon container
  • Load a dab (up to 0.1 g) using the dab tool
  • Screw the coil cap on and pop the top back on
  • Hold the power button down while inhaling
  • When the flavor and vapor is gone, the session is over

Voltage levels

The voltage is indicated by three LED lights.

  • 3.0 V: one light
  • 3.5 V: two lights
  • 4.0 V: three lights

Yocan Regen coils

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The Regen comes with two different coils with the kit. I will be testing it using both QDC and QTC coil heads. It appears to be compatible with the entire range of Yocan Evolve Plus coil heads, which was also the case with the Magneto. In fact, I tested my favorite single quartz coil head from the Evolve Plus line that I use for the Magneto and it worked just as I would expect.

  • QDC: Quartz dual coil
  • QTC: Quartz triple coil

The kit comes with the QDC coil installed. I found that it works best on the middle voltage setting (3.5 volts), but I like to crank it out to 4.0 volts at the end of my sessions. The QTC coil is designed for bigger dabs, you can get away with packing a bit more than just 0.1 g. The coil caps help keep the device clean, and from my experience they do a good job at that. I’ve used the Magneto without the coil caps and I ended up having to clean the top cap more often.

There are a variety of other coils originally designed for their previous devices that you can try out with the Regen. Their elite single coils are perfect for conserving wax and flavor chasing using the lowest voltage setting. The QDC dual coil is nice on the middle voltage setting, but can easily be cranked out to the highest one for a stronger puff. The QTC triple coil is perfect for the highest voltage setting, but keep in mind it will vaporize your wax quick. Note that the flavor isn’t going to be as prominent with the QTC coil, especially when you crank it to the highest voltage, but it’s a heavy hitter! It does a good job simulating a real dab rig hit for a compact vape pen.


How does it perform?

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The Regen provides a smooth restrictive lung draw. You can’t adjust the airflow, but that’s not a big issue because I like the amount of airflow it provides, especially for a wax pen. It has enough airflow to get a satisfying hit, but not too much to the point where it mutes the taste. The flavor is crisp and clean using the dual and single quartz coils, especially at the lower voltage settings. You get a nice up close and personal taste of all those delicious terpenes. The triple coil delivers an intense hit, but I started to lose some flavor on the highest voltage setting.

Luckily, the performance can be tweaked based on your preference. It all depends on your coil and voltage configuration. I enjoy using the Regen mostly on the lower two voltage settings with the dual and single quartz coil heads, especially for flavor chasing. The highest voltage setting comes in handy for finishing my sessions, or when I want a more powerful hit.

The performance of the device is dependent on proper use of it. If you overpack the coil, you can start running into issues like popping, flooding and leaking. On the flip side, if you don't overpack and stick to around 0.1 g of dabs per session, the coils can potentially last you weeks or even months, depending on how often you use them. I have personally gotten over a month out of the single quartz coils when I was using the Magneto on a regular basis, so there’s that.

The battery takes about an hour to charge. The device came fully charged out of the box, and I was surprised at how many full sessions the 1100 mAh battery lasted for (at least 6 or 7) before I had to charge it. I find that the QTC coils drain the battery faster because they require more power to heat up. You’ll get less battery life out of the Regen if you always use it on the highest voltage setting. It also supports pass through charging, so you can vape while it’s plugged in. Just try not to use it on a low battery because it might not provide enough power to perform properly.

For the record, the battery does not work with most of the oil carts that I tried out due to the particular airflow design. Since it isn't made for that purpose, I can’t even fault them for that.

How to clean the Yocan Regen

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Cleaning the device isn’t difficult once you get the hang of it. If you’re utilizing the coil caps, you won’t have to do much cleaning that often. All you will need is some isopropyl alcohol, a small container or cup and a few cotton swabs. Here is how to get the Regen sparkling clean again:

  • Remove the top cap and unscrew the coil
  • Soak the top cap, coil cap and/or coil heads in alcohol
  • Remove them and wipe down with a cotton swab
  • Wipe down the 510 connection on the battery
  • Dry burning the coil on a high voltage can also help to clean the coil
  • Don’t ever let the coil get too hot, just give it a few pulses
  • You can also clean out the storage compartment with a cotton swab


Pros / Cons


  • Nice battery capacity (1100 mAh)
  • Three adjustable voltage settings
  • Strong magnetic top cap
  • Perfect amount of airflow
  • Variety of coil options
  • Good coil longevity
  • Built-in storage compartment
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Compact and rugged


  • Non-adjustable airflow
  • Not suitable for huge dabs (over 0.1)
  • Only one coil cap included



I pretty much knew what to expect when I first heard about the Yocan Regen. It looks just like the Magneto, performs like it, and shares many of the same features that made it one of my go-to dab pens. It’s hard hitting, delivers clean flavor, has a convenient magnetic top cap, and comes with well-designed coil heads. Once you get the hang of the device, it’s extremely easy to use. I have now retired the Magneto and will be starting a whole new era of dabbing with the Regen.

If you already own the Magneto or Evolve Plus, there aren’t a ton of reasons to upgrade to the Regen, aside from the ability to adjust the voltage. That being said, if you’re in the market for the latest dab pen that Yocan has to offer, this is easily one of the better options for regular usage. How do you feel about the Yocan Regen? Let us know in the comments section.

Yocan Regen

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