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October 22, 2021
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ZIPPIX Nicotine Toothpicks Review

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Jeremy Mann
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ZIPPIX Toothpicks

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ZIPPIX nicotine toothpicks review

ZIPPIX nicotine toothpicks taste great and are quite handy. You can use them anywhere unlike smoking or vaping e-cigarettes! ZIPPIX comes in six flavors: cinnamon, mocha, peppermint watermelon, sweet whisky, spice island clove, and sweet wood.

You can buy ZIPPIX in packages of 100 to 500, in multiples of 100. The 100 pack is around $20 and goes up from there, but with discounts for larger amounts and combo packs. ZIPPIX also has a subscription service to make sure you never run out.

Although ZIPPIX isn't the only nicotine toothpick on the market, they have one major advantage over many competitors of other oral nicotine products. ZIPPIX was founded in the early 90s. They might even qualify them as the only non-tobacco nicotine manufacturer to have a product grandfathered onto the market and not subject to FDA premarket authorization.

ZIPPIX flavors

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Not all nicotine toothpicks are created equally. I've tried some that tasted like they just sat in e-juice for a month. Which, by the way, tastes terrible!

ZIPPIX toothpicks are different. They utilize a high-tech vacuum infusion process to marry the flavors into the toothpicks. The toothpicks packaging will keep your toothpicks fresh, but do make sure to not leave them exposed to air for too long. If they dry out, the flavor could vanish.


A spicy cinnamon, reminiscent of hot tamales. If you like the mild burn from cinnamon, you'll like these. I'm a huge fan of the cinnamon sensation and these don't disappoint.

Peppermint watermelon

A flavor that I thought was strange... before I tried it. It's got that fresh and sweet taste of watermelon mixed with the classic taste of peppermint. I didn't know these two flavors paired so well.

Sweet whisky

Easily my favorite. They're sweet and they taste like whisky with that oak barrel aroma. It's pretty straightforward. Out of all the samples I was sent, I went through this one the fastest.

Spice island clove

Clove is about as divisive as cilantro. Luckily, I didn't have to try a cilantro-flavored nicotine toothpick. Either way, if you like clove cigarettes like Djarums, these taste exactly like those cigarettes right before they're lit.

Sweet wood

A decent flavor but not much for excitement. Luckily, the wood taste isn't too strong. Not my favorite, but I'd use these before the clove.
Having said all that, it has to be mentioned that my flavor preferences and those of a colleague differ a lot. While I loved sweet whiskey and disliked clove, my colleague is the exact opposite. There's definitely something for everyone!

Overall experience

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I really enjoy using these toothpicks. These will come in handy when on a plane and unable to vape. I can get the hand-to-mouth action I get with vaping, but without having to put my vice on display.

The flavor lasts close to 15-30 minutes, but that depends on how aggressive you are with gnawing and sucking on it. On average, I use about 3-5 of these a day but sometimes more—like if I'm driving with the family on a trip. Even though I'm not actually trying to quit vaping, I find myself vaping a little less the more I use these.

The nicotine in the toothpicks is either 2 mg or 3 mg. There's not a big difference between the two, so I'd recommend going for the 3 mg if you want the best chance to keep the cravings at bay. Neither 2 mg nor 3 mg toothpicks are strong enough to make me feel a rush like some nicotine pouches do, but they get me through those moments of craving.

ZIPPIX Toothpicks

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