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March 1, 2022

Press Release: Digiflavor Partners with Aston Martin Racing for the Asian Le Mans Series 2022

NOTE: This is a sponsored press release written by Digiflavor. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Vaping360.

On February 20, 2022, one of the most prestigious motorsport competitions, the 4 Hours of the Asian Le Mans Series, came to a perfect end in Dubai. The #95 TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage GT3 with Digiflavor livery finished the race with an impressive result.

Notably, as a sub-brand of Geekvape, this is the second time that Digiflavor and the Aston Martin Racing team have collaborated on a racing event. Last year, Geekvape debuted at the 68th Macau Grand Prix with a well-received pop-up launch, so what surprises did Digiflavor bring to this racing event in Dubai?

AMR Le Mans Asian edition unveiled to set the race alight

This time, Digiflavor brought us new Le Mans Asian sportcar finish products, Digiflavor’s Digi-uno Pod Kit, to the stage of the highly anticipated Asian Le Mans race. In addition to the exclusive finish with dynamic designs, this product has a bottom lamp ring that glows when vaping and an innovative sucking-setting to adjust LED effects. It also comes with an upgraded cartridge with a unique nipple-shaped drip tip. With an impressive 2 days of use, DF DU POD Kit spurts towards UNO flavor.

DigiFlavor: Jointly interpret “Breakthrough“ and “Victory“

Aston Martin has always been in the game as a winner. This “Breakthrough” serves as the inspiration for Digiflavor, which is constantly refreshing consumers’ perceptions of vaping devices and the company as a whole. DigiFlavor believes that the only way to strengthen itself is to transcend its own boundaries.

Potti Lan, Digiflavor said, “We’re delighted to partner with TF sports in Asian Le Mans, a team who share the same passion for Excellence, striving for victory in our own areas and conveying the concept of Breakthrough and Progress.”

This is a ground-breaking partnership between e-cigarettes and motorsports. The launch of the AMR Le Mans Asian edition isn’t just about reviving a century-old brand image. It also brings new life and vitality to the world of racing, paving the way for a new era of vaping brands.

About Digiflavor

The team is more concerned with flavor than with the cloud, and the idea behind Digiflavor is that flavor can be digitized! Vaping is one of the most pleasant things in the world. Digiflavor, a flavor chaser, is dedicated to delivering the most accurate and flavored vaping experience to vapors worldwide. Some popular vape devices by Digiflavor are the Pharaoh Mini RTA, Drop Solo RDA, and ETNA BF RDA, etc.

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