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July 21, 2022

Press Release: MOTI Stunned the World Vape Show, Unveiling Their Plans for the Global Market

NOTE: This is a sponsored press release written by MOTI. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Vaping360.

In mid-June, a feast of vaping attracted the attention of e-cigarette enthusiasts around the world. Not far from the tallest building in the world, thick fragrant vapor was rising. The World Vape Show 2022 has just come to an end in Dubai. MOTI, the renowned vaping brand, brought its brand new products to World Vape Show, with the team excited to interact with local partners, suppliers, and customers.

Receiving rewards is a recognition of the hard power of the product

The World Vape Show is the first international vape expo in the UAE that provides manufacturers with a unique opportunity to showcase products in Dubai to a global audience of retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and vaping enthusiasts.

During the World Vape Show, MOTI and its products received a lot of attention. The new POD MOD systems like MOTI X Mini, the latest released DTL max cloud product, were especially popular during the exhibition.

World Vape Show announced the Best Products Winners

MOTI adheres to longtermism in the vape industry which brings in steady product quality and continuity. The team presented to global vape enthusiasts a better vaping world, with innovative products to bridge different needs. MOTI is simply deserving of this fame: the BEST CLOSED POD SYSTEM. Another Pod system from MOTI, the MOTI K Pro, is very popular with vapers because of its fun design. Its original flip-the-fun switching design (switch the vaping modes between DTL&MTL) makes e-cigarette fans obsessed with it and has been loved by vapers from all over the world as soon as it is launched.

MOTI launched the MOTI K Pro in Malaysia earlier this year

The awarded MOTI X Mini, which is considered the first POD system with the largest cloud production ever, is born for the cloud chasers.


MOTI X Mini comes with a 29w/1150mAh large battery, which tends to make a single charge last longer. And its 29W high power output caped with an optimized mesh coil, guarantee a bigger cloud production. The honeycomb mesh allows for even heating, maximizing the release of the rich flavor in every single drop. At the same time, users are gathering because of its affordable price, and what’s more, the fun of enjoying the reproduction of large clouds and pure taste. According to the MOTI team, the high-end version of the MOTI X Mini, the MOTI X, is also compatible with the PODs of the MOTI X Mini, with better playability and continuity.

Efficient and stable product capabilities can bring users a higher-level experience

MOTI is an e-cigarette brand founded in 2018 with a vision to help people quit smoking. The MOTI team has been active in this industry for years and has developed many innovative vape products. MOTI focuses on product development, and improvement based on user experience to continuously provide products that are innovative and user-friendly. MOTI owns a high-standard manufacturer team. It also works closely with reliable partners such as SMOORE and VAPORESSO to promote the industry moving forward.

MOTI POP and MOTI PIIN 2 are also hot sellers among the MOTI disposable series. Cited from MOTI team, these 2 models have been most selected during the show, and these two models were also loved by users around the world.

“We have another high-end POD MOD system, the MOTI X with a big screen will soon be released to the public.” The Mini version of MOTI X has already gained huge glory, and it is believed that this MOTI X will also bring good results.

“Looking forward to the future, MOTI will continue to introduce better products to the world,” a source from MOTI shows. “we will focus on the middle east and African areas such as Dubai, Iraq, Saudi Arabi, Kuwait, Nigeria, and Morocco, as well as neighboring countries and regions, and we will continue to fit in the local needs to ensure the interests of every partner and consumer.”

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Mario Damas
Mario Damas
1 year ago

i have tried MOTI’s Xmini,really nice product.