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June 23, 2023
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Press Release: At the Double—Leading Vape Technology Brand FEELM Shows off Two Latest Advancements in Dubai


NOTE: This is a sponsored press release written by FEELM. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Vaping360.

  • FEELM’s two new ground-breaking advancements set to address major ‘pain points’ for the vaping sector
  • FEELM Max has been commercialized and boosted customers’ business success
  • Industry top executive says we must continue to invest in new developments to help on the journey to a smoke-free future
  • FEELM – part of leading atomization technology company SMOORE – exhibited two game-changing innovations, which have been developed to ‘raise product performance’ across the disposable vape category, during a major industry event in the Middle East.

    Presented at this year’s World Vape Show in Dubai, the brand’s FEELM Max’s ceramic coil and TOPOWER battery technology were created as part of a targeted effort to ‘level up the single-use sector’ and enhance consumer experience.

    The pioneering advancements both earned attention from the industry and are already appearing in devices from globally recognised brands. FEELM says each was designed to address a ‘pain point’ of the industry.

    FEELM pioneers the disposable sector with two breakthroughs

    In the UK, the capacity of vapes should meet the requirement of 2 ml according to TPD directive act. FEELM, as a responsible brand always compliant with laws and regulations, rolls out a groundbreaking technology with which 2 ml disposables showcase higher product performance.
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    FEELM Max’s ceramic coil has done away with super-absorbent cotton to reduce the amount of e-liquid that goes to waste and increase the puff count of TRPR and TPD compliant 2ml disposables in the UK by as much as 30% - a rise from 600 to at least 800 puffs. Thanks to this innovation, consumers can have an unprecedentedly better vaping experience while using compliant products.

    It also reduces impurities by 78% during the heating process, produces air particles that are 55% smaller than mainstream solutions and uses a ‘constant power engine’ that provides a vapour consistency of 95% and a 35% improvement in taste consistency.

    The second notable innovation is FEELM’s TOPOWER battery technology. This breakthrough increases the endurance of large e-liquid capacity vapes and can provide over 6,000 puffs without needing to recharge, which allows consumers to get rid of the hassle of charging.

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    Further, the compact power solution – which offers 30% more capacity – delivers a consistent output which FEELM says will counter the common issue of flavour reduction caused by voltage drop.

    TOPOWER also promises a longer shelf life, with 1% power attenuation over six months and 3% power attenuation over a year. This advancement effectively avoids the burn taste and assures a strong consistency of taste, which means every puff consumers take is pleasant.

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    Speaking on the developments, Rex Zhang, the Assistant President at FEELM, said: “We pride ourselves on being the brand behind the brands and believe our technology has become to vaping what Intel Core processors are to laptops. We aim to elevate the disposable category to a whole new level through innovation– our ceramic coils and TOPOWER battery solution represent two significant successes on this front.”

    Rex added that technology will be a ‘critical metric’ on which to measure the winners and losers of the industry moving forward. He said: “The vape category is fuelled by the desire to help adult smokers switch away from cigarettes – but it is built on innovation.”


    FEELM Max’s commercialization and admiration from European customers

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    FEELM Max has helped customers boost business success and earned high praise at the World Vape Show Dubai expo, with some leading brands commenting on the new developments.

    Since the launch of HEXA GO with FEELM Max solution in 2022, the sales of HEXA have steadily increased and HEXA GO has become dominant in the Belgian disposable market. Consumers generally give positive feedback on their products’ ‘smooth taste’, ‘strong consistency’, and ‘higher puff counts’.

    Mattia Sparacino, CEO and founder of KIWI Vapor, said of the FEELM Max ceramic coil: “It’s an amazing technology and I hope it will be accessible to all people one day.”

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    Commenting on the need for advancement in the vape category, John Dunne of the UK Vaping Industry Association said: “Our sector has made significant progress since the first devices hit the market and provided adult smokers with a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.

    “We must continue to capitalise on the innovative spirit of our community and invest in new and exciting technologies that can help on the journey to a smoke-free future.”

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