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August 24, 2017
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New Battery Tech from Innokin Looks Revolutionary

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Jim McDonald

A document that appears to be part of a future press release promises a revolutionary e-cigarette battery technology breakthrough from vape manufacturer Innokin. Could it be a new box mod and vape tank, all powered by this new battery? It may be something that will be revealed at this weekend’s ECC 2017 event in Ontario, CA.

The document below was given to Vaping360 by Mountain Oak Vapors chief operating officer Dimitris Agrafiotis, who promises that he doesn’t know any more about it than anyone else.

Agrafiotis has had a long relationship with Innokin, first as a YouTube reviewer, and later as the organizer and Chairman of SEVIA USA, the advocacy group formed by the most powerful Chinese vape manufacturers.

"Our world runs on power. Technology innovation is the proof of evolution that changes how we do everything. From the beginning, Innokin Technology has been a leader in developing various vaporizer technology for tobacco harm reduction. After years of research, it has made a breakthrough that will truly reshape the vaping industry. This technological advancement will not only be for vaping, but it can be used in many other applications across other industries that utilize rechargeable batteries. Innokin’s battery technology will change the way we all vape. It is proven to be faster, longer-lasting and above all, safer. This is the Innokin Energy System. A power solution that will not only improve the core of vaping, but contribute to sustainable energy solutions. By pushing the boundaries of current rechargeable battery standards, it is capable of charging at a rate that is one hundred times faster than existing batteries. The battery is able to handle a high volume of power transfers because it has a uniquely built cell structure that is equivalent to the lifespan of one hundred traditional cells. This technology utilizes advanced chemistry within the cells, making them safer to use in sustained high-power applications. Sustainable energy is the heart of our new world. Innokin’s energy technology will help create a safer smoke-free future for vaping and more."


Charging 100 times faster and safer in high-power applications? That might be a game changer not just for vaping, but for all kinds of smart technology products.

We’ve seen recent research on batteries from Stanford that promises fireproof cells, and even more exciting news about the inventor of lithium-ion cells developing solid-state batteries. But what Innokin is suggesting might be the most important advance on the horizon in rechargeable battery tech for vape batteries.

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Jim McDonald

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Jim McDonald

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