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June 14, 20240

Press Release: Solving 3 Major Challenges - FEELM Aids the Industry Towards Sustainable Development

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This is a sponsored press release written by FEELM. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Vaping360.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates— June 12-14, REX Zhang, Strategy Director at SMOORE and Assistant President at FEELM, attended the Global Vape Forum in Dubai, where he presented FEELM's solutions for achieving sustainable development in the industry.

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Against the backdrop of increasingly stringent global regulations, compliance, youth protection, and environmental protection have become the 3 major challenges hindering the sustainable development of the industry. Particularly with countries like the UK and France planning to introduce bans on disposable, the vape industry is at a new crossroads.

According to REX Zhang, stricter global regulations are beneficial for the industry's development. However, while regulations make rules clearer, strict enforcement is crucial to genuinely block the circulation of "illegal" products. At the same time, focusing on youth protection and environmental protection, vape companies need to create more compliant and legal products through technological innovation and upgraded vaping experiences. Collaboration among brands, retailers, and regulators is essential to achieve sustainable development in the industry.

Building compliance capability is a long-term project. As a publicly traded company, SMOORE consistently adheres to legal and regulatory standards and continually enhances its compliance capabilities through increased R&D investment, helping more clients succeed in global markets. In 2023 alone, SMOORE invested 1.48 billion in R&D, accounting for 13.3% of its annual revenue.

Currently, SMOORE has helped numerous major clients' products obtain the FDA's PMTA approval, making it the manufacturer with the most PMTA approved vaping ENDS products during the Review Period. Additionally, adhering to the "customer first" business philosophy, SMOORE’s flagship atomization technology brand, FEELM, has introduced a series of solutions tailored for different global markets.


Rex Zhang believes that consumers in the global market are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the demand in different markets is more diverse. To respond to the urgent demand for environmentally friendly products in the European market, FEELM has launched the next generation vape pod solution, FEELM PRO, in the TPD market, which is environmentally friendly . This effectively addresses the current issue of disposable "use and discard" products. It is also simpler to assembly than similar products, it bursts power instant start and significantly enhances the flavor experience, offering a smooth and rich taste.

Additionally, through technological innovation and the use of eco-friendly materials, FEELM has rapidly improved atomization efficiency and battery efficiency, significantly enhancing the vaping experience while greatly reducing the raw materials required for production.

In NON-TPD markets, FEELM has also developed a series of new solutions, including the world's 1st  30,000 puffs disposable with four-sided surround screen and ultra-high solution Galaxy Display Quattro Mesh, the world's 1st 18,000 puffs multifuncyional modular design Off Charge, and the world's 1st 20,000 puffs double burst power ceramic coil solution FEELM Turbo Duo. These solutions have made technological breakthroughs in areas such as the screen, playability, burst power and puffs, bringing a new vaping experience to consumers.

Furthermore, to better achieve youth protection, FEELM has developed over 8 child lock solutions to meet the regulatory needs of different markets.

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"The continuous launch of new solutions is the result of our long-term investment in technological R&D," said REX Zhang. "This is just the beginning. We are confident in focusing on innovation in atomization technology and continually introducing sustainable and compliant vape solutions to meet consumers' ever-evolving demands for excellence and environmental sustainability."

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