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November 6, 2019

Are You Going to the Rally? We Want Your Pics!

As you probably know, vapers will rally in Washington, D.C., near the White House this Saturday, Nov. 9. The rally marks a moment when we enter an extremely challenging period that may fundamentally change the vaping industry and community (for better or worse we don’t yet know).

Vaping360 believes that the Washington rally will be historic—a milestone vaping event worthy of being documented so all vapers can have a taste of the experience. In the days following the rally, we want to publish a gallery of photos from the event. Since we don’t have a photographer attending, we need your help! If you’re attending, and interested in sharing your pictures, we want to see them—and hopefully publish them.

We’re not expecting professional work, just clear shots of the things you see—especially other vapers. Yes, images of famous (or “vape-famous”) people would be great too, but we mainly want to see all the vapers who took the time and spent their own money to demonstrate on behalf of vapers everywhere. The vapers are the real stars.

We’re also interested in videos of the event—preferably fairly short ones. We don’t have the ability to host videos, so we can only accept ones already posted to YouTube or Vimeo (because they can be embedded on our pages). If you’re planning on shooting video, create a YouTube account now!

Some ideas for great pics

  • Vapers holding signs, cheering, laughing, smiling, crying, or hugging
  • Vapers talking to each other, especially in groups
  • Public speakers, and people listening to them
  • Spokespeople being interviewed by reporters, especially with cameras pointed at them
  • Crowd shots
  • Vapers with the White House or Washington Monument in the background
  • People who aren’t stereotypical vapers—especially older people, vapers from minority groups, etc. These pics might especially good if they’re interacting with others
  • Interesting angles (like pics shot from the podium looking down, shot from ground level looking up, or wide angle shots of the crowd)
  • Selfies (with or without famous people) are okay, but we probably won’t use more than a couple, unless they’re exceptional or unusual
  • We are NOT interested in shots of any counter-protesters who may show up. Ignore them, please; they get too much attention already
  • We are NOT interested in pics of arguments between people, fighting, police searching people, or people engaging in any kind of illegal or stupid activity. We hope none of that will happen
  • We are not interested in shots of competition-style cloud blowing, although shots that include natural vaping are, of course, fine

Instructions for sending images and videos

    • Email images to [email protected]
    • Use the subject line “By [your name]” (So, if I sent pics the subject line would say, By Jim McDonald.) If your name isn’t in the subject line, I’m not going to open the email at all, let alone the attachments. Please double check that your name is spelled correctly before sending!
    • By sending them with your name you are representing yourself to be the sole owner of the images. Please don’t send anyone’s pictures but your own
    • Send LINKS ONLY to YouTube or Vimeo videos with the subject line “Video link attached [your name].” Please don’t email raw video files; they will be deleted without viewing
    • Horizontal images are the easiest to format, but we will consider square or vertical images too
      No weird filters, please. We’re not doing a collection of novelty Insta shots
    • Send the largest files you can—preferable nothing smaller than the “large” size on your phone (usually at least 500 KB)
    • You can send multiple emails—the more the merrier!
    • If you need to conserve wireless data, wait till you get home and send them from your computer instead, because…
    • …very small images are unlikely to be used. They simply don’t look good on a website
    • If the files you send in each email exceed 25 MB, Gmail will save to a Google Drive folder and send a link. This is fine. (Some email services may simply refuse to send files exceeding a certain size.) If you use an image service that works in a similar way, you can send a link to a shareable folder if it’s easier. But please don’t send links to folders that include non-rally pics, or require a password to view
    • Please don’t send links to Facebook accounts—or any other app that requires us to enter a password or request friendship
    • Don’t send messages, love letters, or offers to buy a Jamaican timeshare to this email address. I’m not reading them, just looking at the subject and the pics. If I need information about an image, I’ll respond. I don’t think it makes sense to attempt to identify everyone in all the pictures, so captions are not necessary
    • The email address will be disabled a few days after the event, so don’t wait too long!

Please read the rules, disclaimers, and fine print

      • By sending images with your name, you are representing yourself to be the sole owner of the images. Please don’t send us other people’s images!
      • Please don’t take or send images of people who object to being photographed, even though it’s legal. We don’t want pictures of people who don’t want us (or you) to have them!
      • By sending your images or videos, you are giving Vaping360 permission to use them in articles about the rally or vaping advocacy in general. We will not use them in product reviews or advertisements, and we will not sell them or give them to other sites to use. However, we take no responsibility if someone other than us uses them inappropriately or without permission
      • Please don’t send images you plan on also submitting to other publications or websites. If you have the greatest vape rally photo of all time, we may be interested in buying it—but most likely we won’t. This is meant to be a fun community activity, not an opportunity for professional photographers to sell professional pictures. (Of course, you’re free to share your images on your own social media, etc., even if we use them too)
      • We haven’t decided how (or if) we’ll credit the photographers, so if that’s important to you, it may be best to not send anything

Thanks for going to the rally and making it a huge success. From all of us who can’t be there…we can’t wait to see your pictures!

Smokers created vaping without any help from the tobacco industry or anti-smoking crusaders, and vapers have the right to keep innovating to help themselves. My goal is to provide clear, honest information about the challenges vaping faces from lawmakers, regulators, and brokers of disinformation. I recently joined the CASAA board, but my opinions aren’t necessarily CASAA’s, and vice versa. You can find me on Twitter @whycherrywhy
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1 year ago

This is awesome, I was hoping I’d be able to find someone kind of cataloging or archiving the photos. I’ll be taking some, we have so many talented photographers (I’m not one, total noob here) in this community I think the photos will be amazing.

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