Anyvape Segatank Sub Ohm Tank Review

Anyvape Segatank
Anyvape Segatank

Anyvape Segatank Intro

In this review we take a look at the top filling Anvape Segatank. The Segatank is a top filling sub ohm tank and uses Aspire Atlantis coil heads. It also comes with an impressive RBA section and extra pre-made coils and cotton.

The Segatank looks similar to the Kanger Subtank, but with the capability of being top filled and uses Atlantis coils!

We were kindly sent some samples to review by Oliver at Anyvape, so a big thank you to him for sending us those.

For more information on all the sub ohm tanks on the market checkout our comprehensive sub ohm tank article.


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Anyvape Segatank Specs and Features

Anyvape Segatank Kit Content
Anyvape Segatank Kit Content
  • 1 x Anyvape Sega Tank
  • 1 x Atlantis BVC Coil – 0.5ohm
  • 1 x RDA Coil
  • 1 x DIY Kit (screwdriver, cotton, coil)
  • 1 x eGo adaptor
  • 1 x Instruction
  • Price: $37.99
  • Wattage Range: 20-30W
  • Tank Capacity: 4.5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.5ohm Aspire Atlantis Coils
  • Wicking material: Ceramic paper wrapped in organic cotton (new Aspire coils I believe will be 100% cotton)
  • RBA: RBA section included in the kit
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the Anyvape Segatank 0.5 Ohm Coil

20W – Not much vapor and flavor at 20W
25W – More flavor and better vapor
30W – A much warmer vape and good flavor

I’d vape this tank and the 0.5ohm coil from Aspire at 30W.


Top Filling Capability

For me this is the stand out feature of this tank. Currently there are only two sub ohm tanks that can be top filled (that I am aware of), the Anyvape Segatank and the Crown Tank by Uwell. The Segatank top comes off really easily and can then be refilled from the top. This saves you having to take the tank off your mod and unscrew the bottom part. Often when unscrewing the bottom I will get a bit of e-liquid leakage, so having the capability to refill from the top, is very neat and a big positive. I can’t understand why more clearomizers don’t have this feature!

The Anyvape Segatank also did not ever leak on us, which was a positive.

RBA Section Included

Anyvape Segatank RDA Deck
Anyvape Segatank RDA Deck

So many of the sub ohm tanks we have reviewed recently have not had an RBA section included. It was great to see that with the Segatank you get that RBA section. This will no doubt be much appreciated by many vapers who like making their own coils.

The RBA itself, works great and the juice flow holes are a bit bigger than those on the RBA of the Kanger Subtank Mini. This means you won’t have too many issues with dry hits if you wick your coils correctly. The kit also comes with three pre-made coils for the RBA section, as well as a good amount of organic cotton and a mini screwdriver.

All in the all the RBA section, extra coils and cotton provided, make for a great addition to this tank and make it a stand out feature from the other sub ohm tanks.

Note: The RBA section unfortunately does not work with the Aspire Atlantis tank.

Vapor and Flavor

I am not going to go into too much detail on this, as the Anyvape Segatank uses the Aspire Atlantis 0.5ohm coil heads. The flavor and vapor on those coils heads is relatively decent. The older Aspire coils did feature this mystery ceramic material, which I wasn’t a fan of, but the newer ones are now 100% cotton. I have to say though, coming back to the Atlantis coils, was a bit of a shock. Having tried some newer sub ohm tanks like the Freemax Starre, Herakles and the Crown by Uwell, the Aspire coils are really a bit of a let-down flavor wise. I mean they are still pretty good, but not on the same level as those tanks mentioned above. I’ll be interested to see what the new Atlantis 2 coils with the 100% cotton have in store.

I am hoping the new Atlantis 2 coils will be backwards compatible and will thus fit in the Segatank as well, as this will add a wider range of coils to this tank. Currently there is only the 0.5ohm coil by Aspire, but they plan on launching a 0.3ohm and a 1ohm coil as well. This will provide vapers with some more options and a wider wattage range for the Aspire coils.


Air Flow

Anyvape Segatank Pin and Airflow
Anyvape Segatank Pin and Airflow

The air flow system is a bit different to other airflows I have come across on other sub ohm tanks, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The airflow itself actually works quite well, albeit doesn’t provide quite as much airflow, as some of the recent sub ohm tanks we have tested. The airflow instead of being on the side of the tank, is actually underneath it. The only issue I have, is that it is quite tricky to see what airflow setting you are on, as the writing at the bottom isn’t very big. The Roman numerals are written in quite a small font, so you have to look closely to see what airflow you are on. It isn’t anything major, but a little thing that could be improved upon.


Anyvape Segatank
Anyvape Segatank

This comes down to personal opinion and honestly I myself wasn’t the biggest fan of the looks of the Segatank. It isn’t terrible, but I would have preferred something a bit more sleek and elegant without the big writing on the top of the tank. Some people I am sure will like the looks on this one, but in my opinion it is a bit “love it or hate it”. I do have to say though, that the Segatank does come in a nice range of different colors, so you can get a nice pink one if you want!

Tank Came Dirty

This was a bit annoying, as I have read that this was also the case with one or two other reviewers. The tank itself came well packaged, but the whole tank looked quite dirty. I am not sure whether it is machine oil or something else, but we gave the tank a good clean before using it as it was noticeably dirty.

Tricky to Take Apart and Put Back Together

Anyvape Segatank Disassembled
Anyvape Segatank Disassembled

I found the Segatank a little tricky to take apart and put back together. The base at the bottom to grip when unscrewing the bottom of the tank, is not very big and difficult to get a grip of. Also when putting back on the top lid, we constantly had tiny gape between the pyrex glass and the top cap. I think this was down to the o-rings shifting slightly when putting it back together.

Also don’t screw the Segatank too hard onto the top of your mod. We couldn’t get our Segatank off the mod at one stage, as the bottom part of the tank was left screwed onto the mod very tightly and it was very difficult to remove.


I really like the top filling function on this tank and the fact that it comes with an RBA section and some extra coils and cotton. It vapes pretty well on the Aspire coils it comes with and the RBA section works well. However, I was slightly disappointed with the fact the tank came quite dirty and I found it a little tricky to take apart and put back together.

Flavor wise the Aspire Atlantis coils just don’t cut it for me anymore, having tried so many of the newer sub ohm tanks, which in my opinion provide much better flavor. I would recommend using the RBA section and making your own coils on the Segatank as this will provide better flavor and will give you more control over your vape.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced sub ohm tank, with top filling capability and that comes with an RBA section, then I can definitely recommend the Segatank by Anyvape. It is also a good choice for lower wattage devices such as the iStick 30 and 50W, as you will not need too much power for this tank, which is also another positive.

Be sure to also check out our Crown sub ohm tank by Uwell review, which is another sub ohm tank with top filling capability that fires at a much higher wattage than the Anyvape Segatank.


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  • Amanda

    If you guys think these are good… (tho can’t freakin’ WAIT to get my hands on that Uwell/Crown, c’mon U.S. vendors.. yeesh lol OH tho speaking of, one MAJOR feature you guys somehow missed, as seen on paperwork, box, coils site & esp front of pkging via their lovely charades like pictures…. the coils are MADE of S.S. Yup, I assumed it must be some mixup in translation, perhaps housing of, deck? Nope, confirmed IN a video by the maker… I believe someone’s video named “Don”.. something about D.C. in the title, if interested.. pics stand for coils being made with “food grade stainless steel”… After 4 yrs of vaping, my immediate reaction is, well… if they ‘could’ use that, why wouldn’t they be already, considering? But, idk… they seem to work incredibly well by anyone who has been able to get their hands on the thing.. ahem.. lucky ducklings! lol) Anyhoooo… if you like those tanks, FreemaxStarre, etc… tho I still love my SMOK-VCT-PRO (holy hell, the airflow.. for 100 reasons kicks the arse of the original smok-vct… Lots of sales now since it didn’t end up so popular w/ the flood-o-tanks, so check one out if given the chance, you won’t be disappointed!)…. another top fill, but MUCH easier/bigger… AND kick a$$ all around, be it coils… rba…. just WOW…. RUN, don’t walk… do not pass GO, do not even collect $200.. just go directly to whomever has ’em in stock for <$30 & get a UD/ZEPHYRUS sub ohm tank… a/s/a/p! Oh & feel free to send me ALL your spare Uwell Crown ones in the meantime (tee-hee)….. can thrown in some of those gorgeous Dazzling white Joyetech EVIC-vt kits too… Can't wait for those to come in, love it! (esp 4 yrs in… wonder if I'll ever stop wanting more/new gear? In any other World, that J-Evic VCT could potentially be anyones "One & done" type device, I mean…. it has it ALL… Even improved tank/windows/fill/coils.. ^ a new(er( 5pk (yep 5) of Ego One CLR heads… ALL intended to be easily rebuildable (so 5 pre built half ohm RBA decks..score!) with juice flow control too… like, huhh?!?! …… if only we could ever stop running out to buy the latest & greatest/ I swear, my bank account curses me out on a daily basis (& we won't even get startedon e-liquids, phew… its insane the many of hundreds I've bought online now.. a # I'd never dare count tho, 'cuz then I'd have to also admit to it.. $$ haha. What's unfortunate is that 98% of 'em (being generous) only end up in the, 'meh, pif, hell no…. overflowing waste of money pile…. Need more flavor, mroe sweetrness or most of all…. at the very least figure out a way to match their given descriptions already. The power of suggestion is mind-blowing.. of knowing ahead of time via reading a label or checking a website. 'Cuz I tell ya… mix up 10-12… completely cover their labels, grab some friends & some varied gear…. then get to vaping while keeping notes as to what flavors can be picked out & also guesses at its overall flavor profile or name. …………… pretty sure your mind… will be blown….. as liquids you've been vaping forever, suddenly tujrn into "hmmm.. fruity??? sweet? Oh… creamy? Maybe……. can't put my finger on it…. yep! It's nuts. Then I think, hell… even a 99 cent Chap Stick somehow manages to be 'cherry' however one knows that to be……. to anyone using it. No different than if I ever… went to a restautant, ordered up a nice warm slice of apple pie… but when it got to the table & I took a bite… it tasted as I can only imagine licking a perfume bottle to taste……… there'd be big problems, right? ….. well?? Exactly. =/ Just… one of those, things that make ya go, hmmmm… (♫) lol Well, now that my hands are completely numb…. =P Evic-VT could be a one & done (ego-ONE, that is.. har har) & the SMOK-VCT pro is a definite win….. while the new UD/Zephyrus…. is a must buy!!!! …. Will keep watching, in the meantime…. for a US based vendor to pick up that CROWN w/ its Stainless Steel freakin' beast coils……. as long as they are around (wondering now…. if maybe that's the holdup??) Oh well, we'll see. Thanks for the info on this site…. LIVE LONG(er) & VAPE ON! Amanda/IL

    • Hi Amanda. Thanks for your long message and all the info! I thought we had mentioned the stainless steel coils, but obviously didn’t, so thanks for pointing that out. I have added it into the Crown review now. I am surprised so few/no US shops are stocking the Crown, as its our favorite sub ohm tank so far. Can’t wait to try the SMOK VCT Pro and we have one on the way! We liked the Zephyrus a lot and the RBA is great, but ours leaked all over the place. Did yours?