Apollo Solare DNA 75 mod review | A fairly priced high end mod

The Solare is a mod by Apollo that comes in a stabwood or resin finish and features Evolv's DNA 75 chipset. Apollo has come a long way from making little e-cigarettes...


Apollo Solare DNA 75 mod Intro

Apollo is a brand that you may not be familiar with yet, although they have actually been making e-cigarettes for a number of years now. Today we are looking at one of their latest creations, which is a rather high end-looking box mod that comes in either a resin or stabwood finish.

I was kind of shocked when I pulled this number out of the box. Apollo, how do you go from making little e-cigs to “high end” box mods? The market is changing, so we can’t blame Apollo for trying to adapt, but I’m curious if they pulled it off. Is this mod really worth the price tag?

If this was a year ago, I would say that $140-$250 is a steal for this type of device, but lately we have been seeing everyone and their mother putting out stabwood box mods for cheaper than ever before. For example the Kanger K1 which is actually $10 cheaper than the resin Apollo.

Nevermind the stabwood Solare, which costs $100 more than the version with a resin-finish.

Prior to that, it would have cost you hundreds of dollars for a high end mod with a DNA chip in it. Today we are seeing those prices drop, but $140-$250 for a 75-watt mod still isn’t exactly cheap. Let’s take a look and find out what is so special about the Apollo Solare box mod…

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Apollo Solare DNA 75 mod Gallery

Apollo Solare DNA 75 mod Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Resin or Stablewood Solare Mod
  • Resin Drip Tip
  • ‘Beauty’ Ring
  • 18650 Adapter Sleeve
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual


  • 2 Modes: Temperature Control + TCR and Wattage
  • TCR adjustment for different temperature control wires: Ni200 / Ti / SS and others
  • Compatible with atomizers as low as 0.06 ohm
  • Upgradeable Firmware using EScribe software from EVOLV
  • Adjustment lock (press and hold both + and – for 3 seconds)
  • Bright and clear real time display
  • Stealth mode
  • Dual Charging Options – Replace battery or USB Pass-Through Charging
  • Built in safety features including: 5 click lock / temperature protection / reverse battery protection / wide battery vent channels / over charge protection and low voltage protection

Notable Remarks


If you don’t know anything about the Evolv chipset, we recommend first reading our guide on DNA 75 box mods. The DNA chip has been known to deliver the smoothest and most enjoyable vaping experience since its creation. The Apollo Solare makes use of this excellent technology.

As soon as I turned on the Solare and saw the Evolv logo, I knew I was in for a good vape. I will be focusing on the actual hardware, since the chip can be found in many other great mods. So far, it feels very smooth, lightweight and ergonomic. It really has that “high end” look and feel.

The battery compartment is secured by a cap that threads into the device. It isn’t exactly hard to replace batteries, but it’s not as easy as a sliding magnetic door. The Solare is a bit old school in that respect, but at least you know that battery ain’t going anywhere once you adjust for rattle.

The battery compartment has a flathead screw to adjust based on the size of your battery. The Apollo Solare accepts either a single 18650 or 26650 cell.

Before I actually test out the performance of this device, I just want to mention how good the fire button feels. It has a rounded shape to it, unlike the wattage adjustment buttons, which are flat. Overall the buttons on the Apollo Solare have a nice clicky feel, without making being too loud.



The Apollo Solare performs just the way a DNA 75 device should, no doubt. If you have never vaped on a device with a DNA board, then you’re missing out. It puts out such a true and consistent flow of power, making the experience that much better, and the Solare is no exception.

I have been taking the Apollo Solare with me the last few days and it has been turning some heads. Even some of my non-vaper friends commented on how “wavy” this device looks. It’s been dependable, especially running at 50W, plus I’ve been getting very decent battery life.

I haven’t had issues with atomizers not making a connection, and I have already tried a whole bunch. The DNA board is functioning at its full capacity, all the safety features seem to be working too. I haven’t dropped the mod and don’t plan on it, but so far it’s holding up well.

Of course it is still a valid question to ask whether or not the Apollo Solare will stand the test of time. So far, it has been nothing but solid. The ergonomic design makes the Solare addictive to use. The smooth resin finish is making it hard for me to put it down and vape on anything else…


  • “Wavy” design
  • Comes with matching resin drip tip
  • DNA 75 chipset


  • Not cheap (especially the stabwood edition)
  • Battery door could use better threading
  • Lesser-known brand


All in all, I commend Apollo for taking a big leap into the world of vaping. The Apollo Solare lives up to all of my expectations for a DNA 75 box mod. Devices like this one are making the world of high end mods more accessible to a mass audience. It ain’t cheap, but it doesn’t cost $600 either.

There are lots of other great DNA 75 mods that you could consider, many of them cheaper, but they are not going to come with the beautiful resin finish of the Apollo Solare. If you’re looking for high end performance in this price range, the Apollo Solare DNA 75 is an excellent option.

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Dave Kriegel
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  • Vapeweazel

    How to produce a Apollo Solare? Pull off the “Legend VIIV” Sticker from a SBody Device and replace it with an “Solare” one. The mod itself, the device, the ‎accessories – everything is an exact clone.

    • Jeremy

      You are correct.