Atom Vapes Metropolis Sub-Ohm Tank Preview

The Atom Vapes Metropolis is a sub-ohm tank with a low price and an art-deco design.

Atom Vapes Metropolis

Atom Vapes Goes Retro

The Atom Vapes Metropolis sub-ohm tank comes from a company best known for its excellent third-party coils. With an inexpensive price and a distinct retro-chic design, Atom Vapes hopes to win the hearts of many vapers (and sell them some replacement coils to boot). At a glance, the Atom Vapes Metropolis brings a lot to the table for a very low price. Here’s a look at this upcoming sub-ohm tank.

Atom Vapes Metropolis Specs

Atom Vapes Metropolis Package Content

Before I get into my thoughts on the Atom Vapes Metropolis’ design and features, here are the official specs from the company.

  • Dimensions: 22 mm x 52 mm
  • Material: Pyrex glass, stainless steel components
  • Connection: 510 thread
  • Filling Mechanism: Bottom fill
  • Liquid Capacity: Four ml
  • Coils: Includes 0.5-ohm coil, gCeramic coil available upon request
  • Airflow: Large airflow prevents products from overheating
  • What’s Inside: 1 x Metropolis Tank, 1 x gClapton Kanger Coil (0.5 ohms), 1 x user manual

Inspired By the 1920s

Atom Vapes Metropolis Gold Side

The aesthetics of the Atom Vapes Metropolis were inspired by the art-deco style of the 1920s. The O-rings on the base and drip tip have bold lines, while the section above the airflow-control ring has beveled edges. While I generally prefer understated designs, I appreciate the looks of the Metropolis. It’s visually distinct without being gaudy.

Under the hood, Atom Vapes went to great lengths to ensure flavor purity by coating any metals that touch e-liquid. The silver model ($19.99 MSRP) is silver-plated, while the gold model ($21.99) is gold plated. This ensures that your e-liquid only touches glass or high-quality metal when vaping on an Atom Vapes Metropolis.

The tank is compatible with Atom Vapes gClapton Kanger coils, which are available in a number of resistances and materials. It also appears to have ample airflow. Between the variety of coils and the airflow options, it should be easy to find the right vape for you on the Atom Vapes Metropolis.

Coming Soon

Atom Vapes Metropolis Gold

The Atom Vapes Metropolis tank will be available before the end of the month. Considering its price and the materials used, it looks like a compelling product. The only question mark I have at this time was the decision to go with a bottom-refill system, which is seems a bit dated these days. While bottom-fill allows for a clean look, most sub-ohm tanks released in the last few months offer the convenience of top refilling. That said, I’m intrigued to see what the Atom Vapes Metropolis offers from a price/performance ratio. How about you?

Raymond Padilla
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  • Mirza

    Simple, easy to use, good flavor and taste. That’s how I see it (hope). But so much glass. Hope it’s thick. Bottom fil. No problem. People are just to lazy to unscrew the tank from the mod. I’d trade top fill for non leak and good taste.

    • For me, the concern isn’t laziness. It’s more about thread longevity. 🙂

  • Erik Brunson

    I love it but the all glass outer is a problem, broke the glass the first day I got it. Very fragile. Other then that creates great clouds.

  • Clem

    Broke the glass the first day, and it won’t stop leaking out of the vents. Idk what I’m doing wrong but other than that good flavor and nice clouds

    • Amdrew

      I feel the same about this amount of glass. I broke two in four days so as of right now I am not too impressed with this tank so far. It does give a nice smooth flavorful hit though. If the glass can be made to hold up better I would buy and use it again.