Atom Vapes Revolver Subxero Kit Review

Atomvapes Revolver
Atomvapes Revolver

Atom Vapes Revolver Subxero Intro

We take a look at the brand new Revolver kit by Atom Vapes. Atom Vapes have made quite the name for themselves in recent weeks with the introduction of their great looking devices as well as their unique Gold plated Clapton coils for tanks like the Kanger, Atlantis and Horizon. A review of all those gold Clapton coils will be coming soon.

Today we look at the Revolver Subxero kit, which includes a telescopic mod as well as the Atom Vapes Assassin sub ohm tank. The kit comes with two Bullet 0.2ohm clapton coils, so I am very excited to see how those vape.

There is also a limited edition Gold Revolver kit which costs $199.99. The normal Revolver kit costs a reasonable $79.99.

The Revolver kit was sent to us by Atom Vapes for review. A thanks to Sean for arranging that!


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Atom Vapes Revolver Subxero Specs and Features

Atomvapes Revolver Package Content
Atomvapes Revolver Package Content
  • 1x Revolver SUBXERΩ Pass-Through Variable Voltage Battery
  • 1x Assassin Tank (6ml Cap. & 22mm Diameter)
  • 1x Wide Bore Stainless Steel Drip Tip
  • 2x Bullet SUBXERΩ Clapton Coils (0.2Ω, 30-60W)
  • 1x Extra Pyrex Glass Casing
  • 1x Micro USB Charger
  • 1x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 1x User Manual
  • 3x Vinyl Water Resistant Revolver SkinZ
Atomvapes Revolver Assassin Tank Disassembled
Atomvapes Revolver Assassin Tank Disassembled
  • Assembled Dimensions: 182mm with 18650 battery
  • Packaging Dimensions: 57mmX79mmX153mm
  • Weight: 372g
  • Battery Capacity: Telescopic so can fit either 18650, 18500 or 18350 batteries
  • Chip Board: OCX 220
  • Voltage 3.8V
  • Charging: USB Cable
  • Recharge Time: 4-5 hours
  • Resistance: 0.2 – 3 ohms
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, copper components, Pyrex glass
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Charger Protection
  • Over Heat Protection
  • Atomizer Protection

Notable Remarks

Vaping the Assassin Sub Ohm Tank on the 0.2 Ohm Bullet Clapton Coils

The Assassin sub ohm tank that comes with the Revolver Subxero kit is a 6ml tank that comes with two 0.2 ohm clapton coils. Atom Vapes have been hyping these clapton coils of theirs and I have seen a lot of vape videos with people raving about them and also saw one or two videos that were not so positive. I was very interested to see what they are like.

Vaping the 0.2 ohm bullet clapton coils on the Revolver mod provides a fantastic vape. This is a tank for those who are looking for clouds. The air flow is massive and the drip tip also features an auxiliary air flow system. The coils chuck massive clouds as you would expect from a clapton build. In terms of cloud chucking it is up there with the best performers in the sub ohm tank category, if not perhaps even the best out of those with replaceable coils.

Clapton builds are renowned for flavor so how did these fare? I was expecting massive flavor from the Clapton coils and the flavor wasn’t bad at all. However, I think it could still be improved upon. From taking one coil apart I can see that a very high gauge wire is being used for the Claptons in these coils and perhaps using a lower gauge would achieve more flavor. In terms of comparing flavor, I’d say these are up there with the likes of the Atlantis 2. I’d say the flavor is good, but not quite on the level of the TFV4 or Crown (my two favorite tanks for flavor).

Vaping the Assassin tank on the Revolver mod, I had no wicking issues whatsoever and the tank produced a lovely warm vape with huge plumes of vapor. I then tried the Assassin on my SMOK X-Cube II. The perfect vape for me on the 0.2ohm coils is around 40W. They say they can go up to 60W, but with my max VG e-juice from Finlys, I could feel the vape verging on a burnt hit above 50W. The vape at 40W, was however, excellent and I love the look and air flow of this tank. The air flow is super airy and compares to the Atlantis 2 in that respect. The only improvement I could see for this tank is a top filling capability. Re-filling from the bottom was easy enough and the threads were all buttery smooth as well, but top fill would have been nice.

I like the idea of the Clapton coils and I think Atom Vapes have made a great first attempt at them. However, I would like them to carry on working on the coils and really getting some insane flavor from them, like you would expect from a Clapton build.



Atomvapes Revolver Handcheck
Atomvapes Revolver Handcheck

I think a lot of people buying this kit will be digging its looks. I think it will definitely appeal to the younger vapers (18-25) and I have to say I think the design aspect is really “cool”. The kit also comes with some “skinz” which you can add to your mod to change its outer appearance. Apparently Atom Vapes have worked together with a famous product designer and I think from looking at the kit and their other products, this really shows.


​The cloud chuckers amongst you will enjoy this kit and the Assassin sub ohm tank in particular. The Bullet clapton coil really does chuck those clouds!The air-flow is really good and allows for plenty of air through to the coil. Check out the Instagram of my brother blowing some clouds below to get an idea how much this thing can chuck!

6ml Tank Capacity

Atomvapes Revolver Assassin Tank
Atomvapes Revolver Assassin Tank

I love the 6ml tank capacity on the Assassin tank and wish other sub ohm tanks would follow suit. It is a good thing this has 6ml, as the clapton coils, aptly called bullets, really do kill your e-juice.

Good Amount of Accessories

Atomvapes Revolver Package Content
Atomvapes Revolver Package Content

The Revolver kit comes with a great amount of gear in the kit. You get a spare pyrex glass, two coils, a USB charger, instructions and some extra Skinz for your mod.

Fantastic Instruction Leaflets

There are two instruction leaflets, one for the tank and one for the mod itself. You also get a nice little warning paper that tells how to effectively prime your coil before usage. The instructions are all well written and come in many different languages, which is nice to see.

Battery Life Indicator

Atomvapes Revolver Battery Life Indicator
Atomvapes Revolver Battery Life Indicator

I liked the handy battery life indicator, as it allows you to see how much life your batteries have left at a glance.

Telescopic Mod

The Revolver is a telescopic mod, which means it can use a range of different sized batteries The battery type will determine the height of the mod. We used standard 18650s and the mod is then at its longest.


Variable Voltage Settings and LEDs

The Revolver boasts four different voltage settings: 3.5, 3.7, 3.9 and 4.2V.. This is good, but to change them you need to hit the fire button three times. The LEDs on the battery indicator then show you what voltage setting you are on based on which light is lit up. However, I couldn’t for the life of me see the LED position properly and as such couldn’t tell which voltage setting I was on. It seemed as though all the LEDs were lighting up every time. I think the LEDs could be stronger to make this more clear, as I struggled to work it out.

Plastic Cover for Mini USB Port

​This was the only area of the device that was at all flimsy. Otherwise the device was well built. The little plastic cover for the recharging port, upon being opened for the first time, broke off. Now I don’t mind not having it there, so it doesn’t bother me, but just be careful if you want to keep it attached.

No Top Fill

The Assassin sub ohm tank as discussed above, performed well and chucked out some massive clouds. We loved the 6ml tank capacity, but feel the tank could have had a top filling capability, as is now the norm with the majority of sub ohm tanks. The bottom fill is fairly easy to do and there is plenty of space for re-filling, but at the rate this tank guzzles juice, a top fill would be very convenient!

Do Not Use 18350s or 18500s with the Supplied 0.2ohm Coil Head

The Assasin tank comes with the 0.2ohm coil head. If you vape this coil head even at the lowest voltage on the Revolver (3.5v), it will exceed the AMP limit on any 18350 on the market. This is very dangerous and will make the battery susceptible to venting. You will also be pushing the limits on any 18500, so my recommendation would be to use an 18650 battery that is suitable for this type of low resistance vaping. Check out our article on the best 18650 batteries for vaping to help you find a good battery.

Please make sure if you are using other batteries that you use an ohms law calculator to make sure you do not exceed the limit of your battery!


Overall we really enjoyed vaping this kit. I think it is reasonably priced given what you are getting. I’d definitely recommend this kit to those looking for a awesome looking cloud chucking device. If you like the aesthetics of a tube mod, then you will enjoy the Revolver. The packaging and branding of this device was fantastic and it really does set itself apart from other mods.

In terms of flavor, I have to say I was expecting more from the Clapton coils. Having said that they aren’t shabby at all and I look forward to Atom Vapes working on perfecting the clapton coil inside these replaceable coil heads. It is the first time I have seen a clapton build in a replaceable coil head and I know other firms have tried in the past and not managed it, so respect to Atom Vapes for making it work.


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  • Luan

    i was wondering if there might be other coils out there which i could use on my assassin tank by atom-vapes. other then the expensive bullet coils.

    • Hey Luan, I sadly do not know of any other coils that have the same structure as the bullet coils. I will let you know as soon as I find some.

  • Stephen Cousins

    this thank is a piece of shit everytime i unscrew it to re-fill it leaks and is frequently very hard to seperate from the other piece DO NOT BUY such a waste of meney