CCI BFDFT Preview & Interview

Cloud Chasers Inc. owner Kurt Loeblich talks to Vaping360 about the BFDFT tank.


Huge Size, Huge Flavor

At VPX Las Vegas, I caught up with Cloud Chasers Inc. owner Kurt Loeblich to talk about the BFDFT. The CCI BFDFT is a 30mm rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) that’s big in size and big on flavor. In addition to its atypically large size, it has a unique post-less deck and tremendous capacity. The end result is an RTA that holds an absurd amount of e-liquid while offering fantastic flavor. Check out my interview with Kurt above and keep reading for more details on the CCI BFDFT.

Mr. Loeblich Had a Farm, BFDFT

CCI BFDFT Post-Less Deck
CCI BFDFT Post-Less Deck

The BFDFT is more than just a big frickin’ diameter flavor tank. It also offers unique build possibilities. The post-less deck can accommodate coils with an inner diameter as large as four millimeters. The post holes can accept wire as thick as three millimeters. Since it has no posts, the deck of the tank is like a blank canvas that’s asking for exotic builds.

The glass used for the tank is two millimeters thick, making it sturdier than most glass tanks on the market. The capacity is, of course, ridiculous. The final version of the BFDFT will hold at least 12 milliliters of e-liquid and probably somewhere closer to 15 milliliters. The tank has a simple top-fill design, allowing you to easily dump an entire 15 ml bottle of e-liquid into it.

At the end of the day, the CCI BFDFT is a super-large RTA that’s easy to work with. It has a uniquely large shape and should offer exceptional flavor. What do you think of CCI’s latest tank? Have you ever seen a flavor product this large? Share your thoughts on this unique atomizer in the comments section.

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