5 cheap e-juice brands to try on a budget

We look at how you can save money on e-liquids and also check out some cheap e-juice brands.



Are you an e-liquid connoisseur who enjoys premium e-liquids? You might want to look away now, as this article is dedicated to vapers looking for cheap e-liquid.

E-juice prices over the past few years have become more and more expensive with prices reaching, and sometimes even surpassing, a dollar per milliliter of e-liquid. It seems like every e-liquid brand these days has their own “ultra premium” line. Whilst some of these lines definitely warrant their price tags and taste fantastic, not every vaper is able to afford these higher-end vape juices. Whilst most brands have been focussing their attention on their high VG premium lines, there are still some great cheap e-liquids on the market that will do the job for those vapers on a budget.

Let’s not beat around the bush, cheap e-juice is affordable for a reason and won’t be able to compete with the premium brands on flavor and complexity of blends. You get what you pay for and many of the self professed e-liquid snobs will turn up their noses at some of the cheaper e-liquids brands. That doesn’t mean they can’t provide you with an enjoyable vape! We enjoy a wide array of e-juices and many of our team started vaping on cheaper e-liquids. If you are a vaper on a budget and are looking for cheap vape juice, we have you covered. Check out our tips below on how to save money on your monthly e-juice bill. After that we look at some of the best cheap vape juices we have tried so far.

Tips on how to reduce your e-liquid bill

Learn to make your own DIY e-juice

Making your own e-juice is probably the most cost effective solution if you are vaping a lot of e-liquid. It requires a lot of work and time, but can be a lot of fun. Check out our DIY e-juice guide for more information.

Watch out for flash e-liquid sales

Be sure to make the most of flash sales. US vendors also often have big sales for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day and Independence Day. These are good days to stock up on your favorite e-juices. If you have favorite online vendors, make sure to sign-up to their newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to be informed of flash sales.

Make the most of bulk discounts

Some e-liquid vendors will offer larger e-juice bottles or discounts for purchasing in bulk. It’s probably best to try a new flavor first before purchasing 120ml, but if you know you enjoy a certain e-liquid flavor, then why not buy bigger bottles and save some money.

Use coupon codes

Before purchasing any e-liquid online, make sure to check for coupon codes. Coupon codes are another easy way to make your e-liquid purchase even cheaper. Given their low profit margins, you might not always find a coupon for the cheaper e-liquid brands, but it is still worth trying!

Use higher PG e-liquid with a higher nicotine level

The recent shift towards sub ohm vaping and higher VG lines of e-juice, means vapers are now vaping far greater quantities of e-liquid. If you are serious about saving money on e-liquid you might want to revert back to a mouth-to-lung style vape with a higher PG coupled with a higher nicotine level. Instead of vaping through 15-30 mL a day using higher VG you could quote possibly get away with 2-4 mL of higher PG e-liquid (the theory is that doubling, tripling or quadrupling your nicotine per mL will have the counterbalancing effect on consumption.)

There are some fantastic new MTL devices and pod vapes on the market these days that all consume minimal e-liquid.

5 cheap e-liquid brands for vapers on a budget

Save 10%
  • 32 mL starting at just $7.49 and bottle sizes up to 102 mL
  • Great selection of different flavors and 8 different nicotine options
  • Extra flavor boosts available
  • Choose from 50/50 or max VG blends
  • Create your own e-liquid blends and mix your own flavors
  • Premium high VG lines and hardware available
  • Cons
  • Limited international shipping options
  • Vista Vapors is an e-juice brand that has established a fantastic reputation for cheap vape liquids. Their basic line starts off at $7.49 for a 32 mL bottle and customers have the choice of purchasing bottles up to 102 mL in size. You can choose from an incredible 8 different nicotine options and also add flavor boosts to your bottles should you wish to. For the creative ones amongst you, there is also the option to blend your own e-liquids with the custom blending tool. Customers have the choice of either 50/50 VG/PG blends for mouth-to-lung vaping or max VG for direct lung vaping. If you are looking for a cheap e-liquid line then the Vista Vapors range is a fantastic choice.

  • 120 mL e-liquid bottles starting at just $15 and 15 mL bottles for $3!
  • Good selection of nicotine levels
  • New flavors every month
  • Popular Vapors Anonymous line available for vapers looking for a more premium juice line
  • 100% American made
  • Cons
  • Lack of PG/VG options (all lines only 70VG/30PG)
  • Vape Craft has established themselves as one of the leading brands for cheap, great tasting high VG e-liquids. Their 120 mL bottles cost just $15 and feature a wide variety of flavors. Our favourites included OMG SO GOOD, Strawberry Milk and Nectar Custard. Vape Craft also has two other lines, Vapors Anonymous and High Class Vape, which are slightly more expensive and offer a slightly more complex range of flavors. Milk of the Gods from the Vapors Anonymous is a must try flavor. If you are looking for large cheap 120 mL bottles of high VG e-liquid then be sure to try the Vape Craft range.

  • 30 mL bottles start at $7.99
  • Famous flavors
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Great flavor selection
  • Good variety of PG/VG blends and nicotine levels
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Cons
  • E-liquid requires steeping for best flavor
  • With renowned flavors like Thug Sauce, Moo Juice and Hawk Sauce, Mt Baker Vapor will always be one of the first brands that come to mind when talking about cheap e-juice. Their 30ml bottles start at just $7.99 and orders over $50 are free. Mt Baker Vapor also deliver abroad, should you be based outside of the US. They are famed for their customer service and you’ll often hear stories on how they went out of their way to make a customer happy. Mt Baker Vapor are definitely another cheap e-juice brand to try if you are on a budget.

    Save 15%
  • Dirt cheap e-juice
  • Prices start at $3 for 50 mL of e-liquid
  • Cons
  • Flavors can be very hit or miss
  • Hangsen and Dekang are probably the two most famous Chinese e-liquid manufacturers. Their e-liquids usually consist of quite simple single flavors, but they are probably the cheapest e-liquids you can find. Prices for Hangsen and Dekang start at just $3 for 50 mL of e-juice. The flavors can be quite hit or miss, but we have had some very vapeable ones in the past. If you want cheap cheap, and don’t mind waiting a bit for shipping, then try some Dekang or Hangsen.

  • Cheapest price per milliliter for trying slightly more premium e-liquids
  • Choice of 3 different vape juice boxes
  • Choice of 5 different flavor profiles
  • Improved flavor palate system
  • Great community for trading e-liquids you don’t like
  • Over 2000 e-juice flavors
  • Deliver internationally
  • Cons
  • Brands sometimes relatively unknown
  • Zamplebox is probably the most well-known and popular e-juice subscription service in the US. Per milliliter, Zamplebox is the cheapest e-liquid subscription service available on the market. If you are looking to discover new e-liquid flavors and brands at a big discount to market prices then Zamplebox is worth a try.

    Zamplebox Subscription Boxes:

    • Silver: 3 bottles $19.99 (30-50 mL)
    • Gold: 6 bottles $24.99 (60-100 mL)
    • Platinum: 11 bottles $44.99 (120-180 mL)


    If you are a savvy shopper your e-liquid bill doesn’t have to be astronomical every month. Our tip is to find the e-liquids that work for you, as taste is very subjective. The only way to do that is by trying lots of different brands. Fortunately for cheaper e-juices this doesn’t require spending $25 per bottle! We recommend purchasing 15 or 10 mL bottles until you find some flavors you like. Some of the above brands might or might not be for everyone, the key is finding what works best for you. Whilst cheap e-juice might not be everyone’s cup of tea, some vapers might not have a choice. Hopefully this article will provide those vapers with some ideas on how to reduce their e-liquid spending habits. Which affordable e-liquid brands do you enjoy?

    • Jack Thomas

      OK, I get the rest of it, but Zamplebox? You mentioned reddit in the article about the tilted vape trick “study”. Anyone on ECR knows you don’t get your money’s worth out of Zamplebox, and getting them to cancel often requires calling your bank to get at least one payment back. Don’t make us not trust you by selling out folks who don’t know any better for money, man.

    • Tara Caron Antonuccio

      I’ve used Mt. Baker Vapor & Vapecraft. For the money, Vapecraft is one of my faves. They have a good strawberry milk and a yummy blueberry custard. I’ve lately been ordering from Ejuice Vapor (formerly Ejuice Mafia). They do 120ml for $15 also, and have a Blueberry Donut Cake that is similar enough to I <3 Donuts (my absolute favorite). They also have a good flavor called Blueberry Custard Cream. Only issue with them is that I'm convinced their nic strengths are not what is advertised on the bottle. I can vape their 12mg DTL all day nonstop, whereas with a true 12mg I'd be feeling some nausea. I wrote to the company, and they swore I had nothing to worry about, that their bottles were labeled correctly. Apparently my body is lying to me…not. But for $15, I just mix it 50/50 with Vapecraft's 12mg blueberry custard and end up satisfied.

    • Nick Jennings

      Respectable list and well written. If I may add to this already good list? How about Dominant Vapor? They are a really great eJuice company that allows you to customize your vape to order. Meaning, You can not only pick your VG and nicotine percentage but you also get to have your eJuiced tuned for how you vape…a selection for wether you drip or sub ohm etc…a section that allows you to select your wattage range…..a selection which allows you to select your flavor intensity. I have yet to see a company thats online allow this much customization.

    • Brian Kelsey

      good list, another good mention would be Humble Juice out of California. good flavors and with the BOGO deal, 240 ml for $24, hard to beat. most are 80/20 and most are pre-steeped 2 weeks. Vista is good but normally you have to let it steep for a couple of weeks. I currently have Pee Wee Kiwi and Berry Bloe Doe from Humble and love both flavors.

      • john hill

        U right

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