Cloud Chasing 101


What is Cloud Chasing?

Cloud Chasing

In two words: competitive vaping. Some people have even called it “stunt vaping”. The goal is to see who can create the biggest vapor clouds humanly possible. Actual competitions are being held across the country and all over the world year round, with prizes ranging from free gear to thousands of bucks in cash! I seriously doubt that any of them are doing it for the money. I believe that these people are actually just chasing the clouds! Just like car enthusiasts work on their Hot Rods, Cloud Chasers are constantly rebuilding their atomizers to find that perfect setup that will blow everybody else’s away.

When automotive manufacturers first started out, they were not thinking about a sport to be called Formula One. You always have groups of people who are looking for excitement.

- Mr. Hon Lik on cloud chasing (The Henry Ford of Vaping)

There are going to be a lot of people that think this is completely ridiculous, and they are probably right, but even some Cloud Chasers can acknowledge the absurdity of this new-found “sport”. Some say these Cloud Chasers are raising awareness because it usually sparks a conversation with people unfamiliar with vaping. Cloud Chasers are sending out “clouds of awareness”, kinda like a bat-signal, telling smokers to surrender their stinkies. On the other hand, some vapers think that some Cloud Chasers are giving vaping a bad name by their elitist attitudes and most of all, their big-ass obnoxious clouds that they blow in public. Walk into any vape shop and I guarantee you will see at least one or two of these people releasing massive, nuclear bomb-esque clouds into the atmosphere. What a foggy life it would be if this was happening everywhere! We feel that Cloud Chasing should be limited to private spaces,such as vape shops.

iJoy Limitless XL Tank deck

There has been a huge spike in the amount of RDA’s and Sub-Ohm tanks that have been flooding the market. I feel like they drop a new Mutation-X version just about every week. They update that thing more often than iTunes! To me, this says that it doesn’t seem like Cloud Chasing is going anywhere anytime soon. As long as people keep buying ‘em, these companies are going to keep on making ‘em. Right now, as you read this article, vapers all over the world are buying gear and rebuilding it to hopefully one day create a cloud that is going to cover the entire northern hemisphere, raining unicorn blood upon us all…

The 9 Key Factors to Cloud Chasing

These 9 Key Factors are straight from Part 1 of Rip Trippers’ Cloud Chasing 101 series:

  • Battery Safety – Use the safest possible batteries possible e.g. – Sony VTC4, VTC5, etc.
  • Airflow – The lower the resistance, the more is needed. Too much can thin out your vapor clouds.
  • Juice – The higher the VG content, the thicker your vapor clouds will be.
  • Mod – The right mod is important for powering these extremely low-resistance coil-builds..
  • Atomizer – For competitive Cloud Chasing, an RDA is a must such as a Plume Veil or Tugboat.
  • Body Posture/Inhale/Exhale Technique – Takes months to perfect, just like any “smoke trick”.
  • Wicking – Very important factor in allowing the juice and air to flow to your coils.
  • Build – Different builds will affect vapor production, the lower the resistance, the bigger the cloud.
  • Genetics – Some people with more lung capacity are able to inhale more vapor without coughing.

Cloud Chasing can be straight-up dangerous if attempted without the proper knowledge! DO NOT attempt to do this without knowing the prerequisites on how to Cloud Chase. This includes Ohm’s Law and battery safety. Watch as many videos and read as much as possible on this topic. Please vape safely! Make sure you are of legal age to buy and use these products where you live.

Please read this PSA and thread before you attempt to recreate any of the builds I’m about to show!

They say “if you build it, they will come” and that is also true of Cloud Chasing. With the right build, they will. Cloud Chasers are constantly searching for that perfect coil-build that is going to “chuck the clouds”, as Rip says. Let’s take a few basic coil-builds that are “chuck-certified”. If you re-build it, they will chuck. If you are interested in turning your clouds into some popular vape tricks then head over to our vape tricks guide.

Basic Cloud Chasing Builds

In part 2 of Cloud Chasing 101, Rip builds a Cloud-chucking dual-parallel build with 24g Gplat.

Here he shows us how to do a Macro coil using 24g Kanthal for those “extreme vapers”

In this video, Big Lou shows us how to build some low-resistance coils that are “throwing mad clouds”.

Additional Techniques/Factors

Different Wire Types

Having the right amount of airflow is very important, however it is important to note that too much airflow can take away from the density of your clouds. This is where inhale/exhale technique and body posture play an important role. Another trick I have noticed is that many Cloud Chasers are ditching their drip tips. Last but not least, as we have seen, most Cloud Chasing builds are done with wire that is 24g and below. If you are Cloud Chasing with 26g wire, you might want to upgrade to 24g or try a parallel or twisted build. This will automatically lower your resistance significantly as the two wires work together as a big fat wire.

Recreational vs. Competitive Cloud Chasing

Uwell Crown 2 Aesthetics

It is important to understand the difference between just throwing a Kanger Subtank Mini with a .5 Ohm coil head on an iStick vs. using an unregulated, mechanical mod with builds on it lower than .1 Ohms. As long as you stay above .3 Ohms you can safely enjoy blowing out huge clouds all day long. If your starting off we strongly recommend using regulated devices with builds above .3 unless you really know what you are doing. If you have any doubts, just stop. Don’t be the reason why vaping gets shut down for all of us, you’re playing with fire! There are tons of devices on the market that will allow you to safely reap the benefits of Sub-Ohming, without any of the risks. Here is a list of some examples of great regulated E-cig/Box mods.

What the hell is Sub-Sub-Ohming?

It has gotten to that point already where .1 is just not enough for some vapers. We are now starting to see Cloud Chasers with builds that are clocking in at .09 and below! To some people, vaping has become a race to the bottom only to see how low they can go. This is like the aggressive inline skating of vaping.


Cloud Chasing is the most extreme form of Sub-Ohm vaping. It can be a ton of fun if done properly. On the other hand, and I cannot say this enough, it can be very dangerous! If you are going to be one of those people, do your homework first. Don’t just throw together a build on your Fast-tech clone setup, put it right up to your face and hit that power button unless you are 100% confident that you have taken all of the proper safety measures. If your device or battery ever gets too hot, just put it down and just walk away, dude. But seriously, read e-cigarette forums on How to Cloud Chase and watch as many videos as you possibly can on this subject regarding the safest possible methods and practices. Don’t blow yourself up.

If you want to chuck some clouds and don’t feel like all the hassle of rebuilding coils etc. then check out our best sub ohm tank page for some great sub ohm tanks with pre-built coils.​

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