Evolv DNA 250 Capabilities & DNA 250 Box Mods

A look at the Evolv DNA 250 chipset, its new features, how it improves upon the DNA 200, how it's similar to the DNA 75, and DNA250 box mods.

Evolv DNA 250 chipset

DNA 250: Evolv's latest and greatest

The DNA 250 is the latest variable-wattage temperature-control eScribe-compatible chip from Evolv Vapor. The successor to the DNA 200 chipset, the new version features several notable improvements. Some of the features can be found in the DNA 75 chip, which I wrote about last month.

Some vapers will look at the numbers and think that the improvements made to this chip aren’t as significant as the improvements made between DNA 40 and DNA 200. While it’s true that the DNA 250 is more of an incremental upgrade, the chip does have many features that make it worth considering. To help you learn more about what DNA 250 brings to the table, I enlisted the help of Evolv president Brandon Ward.

DNA 250 features and improvements

Evolv DNA 250 specs

Check out the chart above for the technical specs of the Evolv DNA 250 chip. As you can see, in many ways it’s a more powerful version of its predecessor. Compared to the DNA 75, one notable difference is the chip’s efficiency (97 percent for the DNA250 vs. 85 percent for the DNA75). Even if the higher wattage isn’t something that appeals to them, vapers that want to get the most out of their batteries will want the DNA 250 over the DNA 75.

As for the new features, here’s what Ward had to say about them.

The DNA 250 features reverse-battery protection, a more robust fusing system, an improved temperature control system, 50 more watts, and two-amp charging. The two-amp charging is probably the most obvious selling point, but being able to reverse a battery without fear of damaging the board is a close second.

In addition to more powerful and superior temperature-control performance, the DNA 250 is safer than its predecessor. As someone that wants all of you to vape in the safest way possible, I love the inclusion of reverse-battery protection.

DNA 250, lithium-ion batteries, and modders

18650/18350 Batteries
18650/18350 Batteries

The DNA 200 was tuned for lithium-polymer batteries. While DNA 200 box mods that used 18650 batteries were available, many felt that they didn’t perform as well as mods that used LiPo packs. The lack of reverse-battery protection was also an issue for some users of 18650 batteries. These shouldn’t be issues with the new Evolv chip.

The DNA 200 was designed specifically for use with LiPo packs whereas the DNA 250 is designed for LiPo packs and replaceable high-drain 18650s.

The great news for vapers and modders alike is that the DNA 250 has the same form factor as the DNA 200. For modders it means that they can use and improve upon their existing designs. They won’t have to create new designs to accommodate the new chip. For vapers that already have a DNA 200 mod that they enjoy, they can look forward to the high likelihood that an improved version that offers DNA 250 performance will be on the way. These vapers willl be able to experience a higher-performing and safer chip in a form factor they already love.

From the modder’s standpoint, implementing the DNA 250 is simple. The dimensions, wiring, fixturing, button layout, and functionality are all identical to the DNA 200. It is a true drop-in replacement.

DNA 250 box mods

The release of the DNA 250 is relatively new and vape mod makers are still working on new products. You can expect the chip to show up from many of the same companies that created excellent DNA 200 mods. Here’s a list of DNA 250 mods that are available now. Keep checking back for updates to see the latest and greatest devices using Evolv’s newest chip.

Lost Vape Triade DNA250


An update to one of the most popular mainstream DNA200 devices on the market, the Lost Vape Triade uses three 18650 batteries to harness the full power of the DNA250. It has an ergonomic shape and a classy look. The Triade available in a number of finishes that use different leather accents. The cowhide and red leather models are particularly distinct.

Ginger Vaper Boxer Mod Classic


Fans of colorful mods will want to check out Ginger Vaper’s Boxer Mod Classic line. They’re available in two configurations. The LiPo version gets the full power of the DNA250 chip, while the dual-18650 version can reach as high as 167 watts. The Boxer Mod Classic’s body is made out of nylon plastic and available in nine different colors.

Protovapor XPV DNA 250


Protovapor offers build-to-order DNA250 box mods. The XPV line is made from anodized aluminum that’s available in eight different finishes. Different accent panels are offered, including ones made from Kirinite — a beautiful and sturdy material commonly used in gun and knife grips. The XPV is also available with a handy clip that allows you to secure the mod on a belt or in a pocket.

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