Election E-Liquid Preview & Interview

Raven's Moon Vapor's Brandon Nelson talks to Vaping360 about a fun, political project called Election E-Liquid.


Vape the Vote!

It was fun catching up with Brandon Nelson of Raven’s Moon Vapor to learn about Election E-Liquid. It’s a fun and politically-driven vaping project based on the 2016 US presidential election. For $40, vapers get a 120 ml bottle of e-liquid that also casts a vote for their favorite candidate on the Election E-Liquid website. Check out my chat with Brandon above and keep reading for more details.

Your Election E-Liquid Candidates

Election E-Liquid
The Election E-Liquid US presidential candidates

There are currently three Election E-Liquid choices: Liquid Donald, Liquid Hillary, and Liquid Bernie. Liquid Ted was an option, but was dropped after Ted Cruz dropped out of the race. The bottles feature caricatures of the politician they’re named after, as well as a play on their slogans. Liquid Hillary has “E-Liquid For Us,” Liquid Donald has “Make E-Liquid Great Again,” and Liquid Bernie has “An E-Liquid to Believe In.”

All three Election E-Liquid flavors are the same — apple pie with ice cream. I asked Nelson if this was because all politicians are the same, but he said that wasn’t the case. The idea is that he wants you to buy your preferred candidate, rather than your preferred flavor.

As of this writing, Liquid Donald has a huge (pronounced “yooooooge“) lead over the other candidates. While it would seem that vapers overwhelmingly support Trump for president, I don’t believe that’s the case. I believe that vapers are buying Liquid Trump because his bottle is the funniest…but I have been wrong before.

After you’ve watched my chat with Brandon, kindly share your thoughts on Election E-Liquid in the comments section. If you don’t mind sharing your political leanings, please share which “flavor” you’d buy too.

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