Firefly 2 Preview & Interview

Vaping360 chats with the CEO and CTO of Firefly about the Firefly 2 dry herb vaporizer.


Better Vaping Through Technology

Last week I dropped by Firefly headquarters in San Francisco to learn more about the Firefly 2. Company CEO Mark Williams and CTO Sasha Robinson were kind enough to give me an overview of the product. The original Firefly was lauded for its use of convection heating and a glass chamber to offer an optimum blend of fast performance and clean flavor. The Firefly 2 features a number of improvements over the original and is one of the most technologically advanced and beautiful dry herb vaporizers that I’ve ever seen.

Better, Smaller, Faster, Stronger

Firefly 2 Vaporizer
Would you vape with her? I would!

Like the original, the Firefly 2 is capable of vaporizing loose-leaf herb and concentrates. Beyond that, the newer model is better in every way. The most obvious difference is its form factor. It’s 55 percent lighter and 33 percent smaller than its forerunner. In real-world terms, the Firefly 2 felt great in my hands and was comfortable to use.

The Firefly 2’s chamber is also greatly improved, featuring more air holes and glass than the one found in the original. The result is the ability to enjoy a more concentrated and cleaner vape. Sasha was quick to point out that maximizing the use of glass helps produce the purest flavor possible, while Mark mentioned that increasing the air holes from six to 55 dramatically increased performance. Since the hardware uses convection heating, vapers can enjoy their loose leaf herb and concentrates in a matter of seconds.

The Firefly 2 is a beautiful piece of hardware that offers exemplary performance. It’s powerful, yet quite easy to use and maintain.

As a tech nerd, I love the companion app the Firefly 2 uses. A number of settings are controlled through the optional app (available on Android and iOS), including temperature and touch-sensor functionality. Battery levels and device info can be gleamed a well. By putting this level of control on an app, the hardware has a clean and minimalist look that I adore.

The Firefly two comes with the base unit, two batteries, a charging dock, a USB 3 cable, and three concentrate pads. It’s available in black, blue, gold, red, and white. While all of the colors look great, I was partial to the white model. If you get tired of the color you choose, additional face plates can be purchased.

Beautiful and Powerful

Firefly 2 white
Firefly 2 white

I walked away from my visit to Firefly extremely impressed with the Firefly 2. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware that offers exemplary performance. It’s powerful, yet quite easy to use and maintain. The company did a fine job making its great dry herb vaporizer even greater with its sequel. Mark and Sasha go into loads more detail on the Firefly 2’s capabilities in the interview above, so please give it a watch. After you’ve done that, kindly share your thoughts on this loose leaf and concentrates vaporizer in the comments section.

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