Focusecig Wanko RDA Review

Focusecig Wanko RDA Silver and Black

Wanko RDA Intro

Focusecig, a Chinese manufacturer, often creates innovative (and sometimes wacky) designs in atomizers. After several months of looking at RTA designs that all seem the same despite different names, and yawning from boredom, I was thrilled to receive a package from Focusecig because I knew I would find something interesting and different inside. And sure enough I welcomed the unfortunately named Wanko, an ingenious new RDA!

A perplexing question I needed to answer for myself is, who is the Wanko RDA for? I have decided it’s for just about any vaper. Certainly this is the RDA beginners have been anxiously waiting for, as well as those who are nervous about building because, quite simply, it doesn’t get any easier than the Wanko.

The Wanko is also suitable for busy and lazy people as well; perhaps the business traveler will be thrilled by this time saving marvel. I can’t imagine a better RDA for people with arthritis or other hand related disabilities. Even an experienced builder such as myself can enjoy it, and be grateful for one less time consuming atty begging for my attention.

But…what is up with the name? If you are a native English speaker you are probably giggling or rolling your eyes, and wondering what Focusecig could be thinking? In Chinese, Wanko has quite a different meaning: amazing and incredible. A popular, trendy women’s clothing store in China is also named Wanko. So, can this RDA hurdle past it’s embarrassing name? Let’s find out.

Wanko RDA Gallery

Wanko RDA Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 Wanko RDA
  • 1 Delrin drip tip
  • 1 Spare parts bag containing extra clamps
  • o rings and screws
  • 1 Bag of Japanese cotton
  • 1 KA1 Wave coil
  • 1 SS316L Wave coil
  • 1 Clapton Wave coil
  • 1 Instruction manual


  • 22 mm Diameter
  • Postless and screwless: Wave coil is simple
  • easy and fast
  • Single coil design
  • Compatible with classical screw coil fixing system for user designed build
  • Available with Notch
  • Alien coil
  • Adjustable dual airflow control
  • SUS316 stainless steel construction
  • PEEK insulator

Notable Remarks

Machining/Fit and Finish

Focusecig Wanko RDA Silver-Black

My Wanko RDA arrived with a bit of machine oil, but I thoroughly wash all new atomizers before using them. Otherwise, the machining is excellent. The top cap is snug, yet comes off easily for dripping more e-liquid when needed. There are no machining marks, burs or scratches. The drip tip fits nicely, as do other 510 compatible drip tips. Likewise, the adjustable airflow turns freely, but remains where I set it. For a budget priced RDA, the Wanko is pretty impressive.

Build Deck and Ease of Build

Focusecig Wanko RDA Coil System

Here is where the Wanko truly stands out! The deck contains two clips similar to the type that hold glass fuses in electrical appliances. The user can simply pop in one of the three coils that come with the RDA, wick it up, and it’s ready to go. The coil sits directly in the middle of the deck, and receives airflow from slots located on each side, very similar to the NarDA.

It takes about two minutes to build. I will caution you to be gentle placing and removing your coils to save wear and tear on the clips as they may be fragile. Extra clips do come with the Wanko, and Focusecig plans to make them available for purchase, although I have not seen them yet at retailers.

Focusecig expressed to me that they did receive one feedback complaining there isn’t enough room for wicking. I disagree, and just feel it should be done differently than most RDAs, where the user often tucks the tails beneath the ends of the coils. Due to the coil clips preventing that method, I chose instead to split my wick tails and tuck them into the rounded areas of the well on each side of the coil end.

Since many readers of this review are likely beginners or reluctant builders, I am going to provide more detail of my wicking. I cut each wick tail approximately 1/4 inch past the outside edges of the deck. Then I used my scissors to cut each tail in half, to make a split down the middle.

Next, I tucked the left half of the wick tail into the rounded area on the left side of the well, and the right half of the wick tail into the rounded area on the right side of the well. I repeated the same procedure with the opposite end wick tail.

Available Coils

Focusecig Wanko RDA Coil Types

The Wanko RDA comes with three coil choices: a 3.2 mm inside diameter kanthal A1 coil rated at 1 ohm resistance, a 3.2 mm inside diameter SS316L coil rated for 0.6 ohm resistance, and a 2.5 mm inside diameter Clapton coil rated for 0.35 ohm resistance. All three coil types are available in refill packs as well; 10 coils for approximately $4-5, which makes the Wanko very inexpensive to own compared to many subtanks currently on the market.

One caution I must mention is I found the included coils to be dirty with machine oil! Unknowingly I popped one in and got that unmistakable, horrible taste and knew immediately what it was. To clean them, I let them all soak in 91% isopropyl alcohol for 20 minutes, gently scrubbed them with a child size toothbrush, rinsed them under hot water, and carefully dried them. That did the trick and I had very good flavor after that. I will immediately wash my replacement packs of coils when they arrive so they are ready to go when I need them.

I also recommend doing a couple of quick dry pulses and strumming before wicking to verify the coil is heating from the inside out. My Clapton was perfect, but the other two needed a couple strums with a screwdriver. Due to the end caps on the coils, you won’t be able to compress them with tweezers, but strumming made mine light up perfectly.

In addition, the clip system will also work with Notch coils which are available from many different manufacturers and retailers. The user will need to clip off the leads though prior to putting a Notch coil into the Wanko’s clip system. Morever, a thick Alien or Clapton coil can also work in the clip system with the leads cut off provided it is sturdy enough not to deform during placement.

The user may also remove the clips by unscrewing them and then using the screws to trap the leads of a user made coil. This allows new and reluctant builders to grow with the Wanko as they feel ready. It also provides advanced users a budget priced, easily available flavor RDA similar to a NarDA, which can be difficult and costly to obtain.

Juice Well

Due to the placement of the side airslots being in the deck, the Wanko does have a shallow juice well. Luckily the top cap is easy to remove to add more eliquid. The bone shaped design does provide space for wicking with the split tail method I described earlier.

Airflow and Controller

Focusecig Wanko RDA Airflow

The Wanko does have adjustable airflow, achieved by twisting the top cap. I do recommend you turn clockwise to prevent unscrewing the RDA from your mod. There are two slots, one on each side, that feed air to the sides of the coil through the deck. The airflow can be adjusted from a mouth to lung (m2l) to a restricted direct to lung (d2l) vaping style, and works well in all its configurations.


Focusecig Wanko RDA Size

With a 22 mm diameter and 20 mm height without the drip tip, the Wanko is a small RDA these days in a sea of 24 mm to 46 mm giants that have been hitting the market in recent months. It has two heat fins located near the top to prevent it from getting too hot. I like the four sets of vertical lines Focusecig added to jazz it up a little. And I’m most grateful that the logo of it’s rather embarrassing name is barely visible! I thought I might have to hide my Wanko in my house, a secret pleasure not to be seen by others, but no one will notice it unless they are looking closely at it. However, for those inclined, you could certainly run around showing off your Wanko, and enjoying all the masturbation jokes you and your friends can think of about your dripping Wanko!


Focus Ecig Wanko Wave Coils

I’ll admit, the Wanko has surprised me, and in a good way! Although I was impressed by the clever design for beginners, fearful builders, busy people and those with disabilities, I didn’t expect that I would enjoy it so much, but I really do. The flavor has been quite impressive and I’ve been vaping it a lot over the past few days. I had planned to pass it off to my disabled cousin, who really wants something more impressive than her starter clearos, when I had finished testing it and writing this review. However, I’m enjoying it so much, I had to order myself one so I can give her this one!

I found the 1 ohm KA1 coil combined with very restricted airflow is excellent for the mouth to lung crowd. I enjoyed it from 18W up to 25W with the tight airflow setting, and at higher power levels with the airflow opened up. Focusecig did use 24g wire to create this coil so less than 18W leads to very slow ramp up time and almost no vapor.

Likewise, the SS316, 0.6 ohm coil is also made from 24g wire, but SS does ramp up a bit faster than kanthal. This coil seemed to perform best for me with more airflow and created a nice cloud. I am a big fan of SS coils though when I’m not using kanthal Claptons, and I used this coil in both power mode and TC mode with excellent results. I am also a huge fan of Claptons so I enjoyed this coil this most.

It is a smaller inside diameter than the other two due to the thickness of the wire, (to fit in the clip system) and is rated for 0.35 ohm. The one drawback is that a Clapton directly beneath the drip tip can get quite spitty. To counteract that I replaced the short, included drip tip with a taller delrin one, and that made a huge difference for me.

The Wanko was enjoyable with all three coils, using a variety of airflow and power settings. I feel most vapers can enjoy this RDA, and find his or her personal sweet spot with a bit of experimentation. From low power, mouth to lung vaping to higher power, cloud chucking Clapton, I enjoyed all of my experiences. Obviously, being a single coil RDA it won’t hit very high power levels or win you a cloud comp, but if that’s your ticket you probably aren’t reading this review anyway!


  • Clever design the market has been waiting for!
  • Easiest build I have ever done!
  • Excellent flavor
  • Performs well in various settings
  • Flexibility in choices and ability for a beginner to grow into building if s/he chooses to
  • Budget friendly replacement coils


  • Coils were dirty and need to be cleaned before use unless you enjoy the taste of    machine oil
  • Clips may be fragile?
  • Name was a poor choice


Setting the name aside, the Wanko is an excellent choice whether you are a new vaper or one who has been around the block a few times. Absolutely anyone can learn to use this intriguing RDA, and it allows room to grow if you chose to. And if you don’t, it’s a pretty fine (and inexpensive) vape using the pre-built coils, too.

The Wanko is so easy to build, my companion parrots didn’t learn any new cuss words this week, which is a good thing really (they may outlive me, and their new “parronts” may not appreciate the saltier vocabulary). Get one for yourself, and extras for friends and family. It may be the perfect atty to get those smokers you know finally won over to vaping because (in my personal opinion) an RDA is a more enjoyable experience than most cigalikes or ego starter kits.

Audrey Saccogna aka "Roxynoodle" is a retired math teacher who enjoys art, music, and remodeling her old farmhouse. While she is devoted to her horse, dog and four parrots, she is also dedicated to helping others discover the miracle of vaping because she kicked a 35 year smoking habit.