Freemax Broncos RBA Tank Preview

Freemax's Broncos RBA is a two-ml tank with a unique hybrid ceramic coil system.


Broncos Buster

Vaping360 has enjoyed previous Freemax products in the past, so I was curious about the new Broncos RBA Tank. Freemax had it on display at VPX Las Vegas 2016 and I liked what I saw. Check out the video above to see closeups of the Broncos RBA and read on for more details.

[This section heading was inspired by the pro-wrestling move, specifically the way Maria Kanellis does it.]

Riding the Broncos RBA Tank

Freemax Broncos RBA Tank Coil
Freemax Broncos RBA Tank Coil

The Freemax Broncos RBA Tank has a 22 mm diameter and is 63 mm tall. It has an e-liquid capacity of two ml, making it TPD compliant. The Broncos RBA features an easy-to-use top-refill system. The tank has both airflow and juice flow controls. Aesthetically, I liked the tank’s design; it’s simple and clean, without any obnoxious flares or knurling.

Freemax is especially proud of the ceramic RBA section of the tank. The company claims that the ceramic tube used in the hybrid coil system enhances both flavor and vapor, while being highly durable. In a hybrid twist, the coil also has organic cotton, which can be replaced as needed. Freemax claims that the ceramic hybrid system is able to handle high-VG e-liquids that choke many sub-ohm tanks. Lastly, the top of the coil has a mesh screen to prevent spit back.

I was only able to vape on the Broncos RBA Tank briefly at the show, but I enjoyed how it performed. Obviously that wasn’t nearly enough time to form a meaningful opinion, but I was intrigued by the tank. How about you guys and gals? Are you interested by what the Freemax Broncos RBA brings to the table? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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